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Last year i was informed Bayview holds my mortgage now. I have been trying to get payments lowered but only could do that if I agreed to another 30 yr loan. Single mom who is disabled, i agreed, now i can't reach any one at the Co. On the Web or by phone. Smh they'll gladly take my money but not my calls? They wouldn't be in business without ppl like me who pay regularly. Did I mention i did not originally sign up with this company? I was... Read more

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Bunch of jerks at Bayview, if you don't pay on the 1st, they start calling 4 to 5 times a day even when you aren't late!

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Update by Homeowner: Bayview let the insurance lapse and so many days beyond that, the insurance company (State Farm) had to get some waiver. But the best part is yet to come! I was informed in November our mortgage payment was now to be increased $120! When asked the reason, they said it was because they had performed an escrow analysis. That was a FUBAR I was at a loss to address. I asked why an analysis when one was done in August. No viable... Read more

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Worst mortgage company ever!! My list of the things this company has done would fill an entire office. Please do not do business with them. Every time you call you get a different representative, and they have no idea what the previous rep did, no notes, and they cant do anything that the last rep promised. If you send in documents, they can never find them. JUST a Joke of a company So you waste days, weeks and months, trying to resolve an... Read more

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This process actually started out with CW. who gave me the runaround. Then Bank of America where the same thing happen. Never had the same account Manager, etc. Then I got sent to Bayview Loan Servicing. I have not been in Loan modification with them for 3 years. Sending them the same paperwork over and over and over again. Every few weeks a new account Manager asking for the same information. I finally got an in-house modification because... Read more

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I sent 3000 dollars additional to pay down my principal. when i got my statement that applied those funds to the next months statement and not against my principal. the amounts on the statement for the following month were incorrect from what the woman told me on the phone and also from what the automated amounts were told to me. "Mistake" was the word that the customer service person told me and she "didnt know why that happened" basically... Read more

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We are really trying hard not to lose our kids home Read more

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Bayview operate's consistently with ANYONE, regardless of length of time, AMOUNT PAID, to accelerate foreclosure .NOT ASSIST CLIENT'S. Read more

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Chase Bank sold our mortgage to Bayview Loan then we received a forclosure notice. What puzzles me is we are still getting mortgage statements from M & T Bank. We saw a judge to get a stay on the sale to be denied. Came home and we had in the mail a notice from M&T Bank giving us a totally different amount to pay. Needless to say the sheriff's sale is in a few days and we are homeless. Don't do business with this co. We don't understand... Read more

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No wander this company has sooo many complaints alright i have a complaint this company had taken over from selene finance to this my name is on the deed but my exboyfriend name is on the morgage ny house is foreclosure they would not talk to me because my name is not on the morgage which the call it third party if i want to make a payment i want to be able to talk to them my ex will not talk to them for me to add me on this if they want a... Read more

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