Manufacturer: Bay Area Pool Service Category: Cleaning Service Clear all filters (2 of 2 reviews match)
In June 2016 I contracted with BAP (Bay Area Pools) to service my open pool every week. They came out and accessed my pool and equipment. They forced me to put in a brand new filter $325 which was done immediately upon their request. Then BAP did now show up for weeks. My pool accumulated so many leafs and debris it went green with alge. The debris stained my pool. When I called they stated they made a mistake and only had me scheduled for once...
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They don't care about your pool. We were with them 5+ years and service deteriorated sharply. My experience: We changed to salt on their recommendation and it was good for the first year. We would have a service tech visit 2x per week (one clean, one chemicals). Eventually they began leaving our gates open, quick clean and get out. The pool began to experience small black spot and we requested help on this. They got worse. We had visitors coming...
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I liked
  • Personable technicians
I didn't like
  • No return calls
  • Poor results of salt system
  • Dirty pools are embarassing