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The customer is not right!

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We ordered a new backboard. We had no idea that the hoop did not come with it. We thought the hoop came with it and thought Jerry might mention something of that nature. If you look online for just backboards, you will see what i mean. Jerry said he will take no blame in this. I asked Jerry how much it would be for the hoop. He said $139 plus shipping, which would probably be around $30. He later texted me and said it would be $158, and he would cover shipping. Sounds “nice,” but i know what i heard, which is $139. He insists he said $158. He says he has nothing on the item list for $139, so why would he even say that. I even remember stating the cost back to him over the phone. Jerry seems like a great guy, until you disagree with him or point out something to make it better or have better communication. This is his area of expertise, and as a customer, i was expecting the backboard and rim combo.
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Poor customer service

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map-marker Mountlake Terrace, Washington

Jerry springer rude

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This guy almost hit me on freeway. I sent him this email and this is the response back... My email: > Driver with this Washington license plate Hoopxtc. Got off at exit 175 cut in front of me with no blinker, almost hitting my front end speeding ahead to only pass one car to get back into the right lane and get off at exit 176. This occurred at 2:50pm today 9/25/2014. I do not want to ruin anyone's day but your logos decal is all over this vehicle and this is not a good way to get the name out there for this company. On top of that had I not slammed my breaks there could have been an accident. I hope the driver slows down and uses his blinker in a company car. This was his email back: Hello, I was the one driving and I own the company. I had to make the quick lane change to avoid a driver who was coming into my lane from my right. I saw you the whole time and I had no time to signal. You seem to me to be exceeding the speed limit. Furthermore I exited at 220th and not 175th so maybe you have me confused with another car. Anyway I don't remember us hitting or you spinning out so I would suggest you try to get over it and get on with your day. Jerry SpringerJerry@***.comBasketball Hoops Unlimited888-836-**** All I can say is this guy had no apology. Terrible for a company to email this out.
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Stop speeding in moms car in the slow lane son. I love this business owner standing up to this whiney hipster.

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Ridiculous review

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map-marker Seattle, Washington

No customer service hoops unlimited rip off

Our glass shattered after 6 months. Lifetime warranty is a joke. Jerry yelled at us, hung up the phone like a baby, verbally assaulted us on several attempts to have this company make right. He fabricated a story of vandalism and now he doesn't have to pay. We played basketball, next day we found it shattered. The shatter starts from the square on the backboard. We live in a private gated 10 home community tucked against a forrest. No theft ever in our community. It was a cold night, obviously our glass had got compromised while playing and then shattered overnight. I have never been treated worse than from Jerry.
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This is a bogus complaint most likely posted by one of our competitors. You can tell it is made up because they stated "cold weather" as the reason for the shattered backboard.

Cold weather has zero affect on tempered glass otherwise car windshields would shatter by the millions every winter. Plus every basketball manufacturer sells glass backboards and we would all be out of business if backboards were shattering due to the cold.

We have a stellar reputation and although claims are rare we have NEVER denied a legitimate warranty claim. Please call us at 888-836-**** if you would like more information.


Basketball Hoops Unlimited's Horrible Customer Service

I think the public should be aware of a recent experience I had with Basketball Hoops Unlimited. I will also preface this review by telling you that I have witnesses to my phone call. Two people were present during my speaker phone call and can attest to my questions and what the Basketball Hoops Unlimited rep said during the call. Upon the purchase of my house, the existing attached basketball goal was removed by the prior owner. Our realtor offered to purchase us a new one as a replacement. My realtor purchased a new basketball hoop online from Basketball Hoops Unlimited. My realtor forwarded the purchase order confirmation to me and told me the basketball goal will ship within 24 to 48 hours. The order was placed and confirmed on Friday, October 4, 2013 at approximately 2:50 pm. Since the goal required mounting to my house, I needed to schedule a contractor to assist me with the installation. In order to schedule the contractor, I felt it was important to contact the Basketball Hoops Unlimited toll free customer service number (888-836-****) on Monday, October 7, 2013 to check the status of basketball hoop order #BHU-23787. According to the written statement on the order confirmation from the dealer website, the basketball goal was to be shipped within 24-48 hours. When I called the number a man answered the phone and did not give his name. All he said was Hello. I introduced myself and told him that I wanted to check the status of a purchase order for a basketball goal. I also gave him a brief explanation of how and why the order was placed (by my realtor). The man said he was not at his office and did not seem to be prepared upon answering my call. After a delay from apparently trying to search and find my order, he said the order was entered the evening of Friday, October 4, 2013 (the confirmation was sent to me at 2:50 pm by my realtor on that same day). He then told me the order would likely be shipped on Wednesday, October 9, 2013. I then asked about the 24 to 48 hour statement listed in the order confirmation. He was not happy with this question as his reaction was defensive in nature and questioned my expectations. I mentioned that I have hired a contractor to install the goal and my realtor had told me on Friday, October 4, 2013 to expect the goal today (10/7) or tomorrow (10/8). I knew this was not going to happen because the 24 to 48 hour claims were just "ship out" statements and not arrival claims. The sad thing is, I was actually OK with that, all I wanted was to get an idea of the arrival date based on the 24 to 48 hour ship claims listed on purchase order confirmation. The representative then proceeded to tell me I "might be able to get it this week." I then asked him about the 24 to 48 hours ship statement which to me did not apply here if he was going to ship the goal out on Wednesday 10/9 or 4 business days since 10/4 @ 2:50 pm order confirmation. When I raised this, he literally went off on me. His rude behavior so so shocking that I asked him for his name and then he followed that up with a response of successive expletives and such poor customer service that it was flat out revolting. He told me to *** off and he was cancelling my order. He then hung up the phone. Stunned, I then had my realtor call him since he placed and paid for the basketball goal order. My realtor was able to get his name, Jerry, and Jerry confirmed that he was in fact cancelling the order and then proceeded to lie to my realtor and tell him that I, the customer, cussed him out. This is a flat out lie and absolutely reprehensible behavior on his part. This man (Jerry) is a complete liar. Was I upset when he went off, yes, and deservedly so, considering his appalling behavior during our conversation. To say that I am upset with Basketball Hoops Unlimited and Jerry is a MAJOR understatement. The sad thing is, my realtor did the right thing in reaching out to buy this basketball goal, and by the way, the goal is not for me, it was for my 16 year old son. You see, my son's one ask when we were considering the new house was the basketball hoop in the back of the house. When we arrived at the house after close of escrow the prior owners took the goal. My son loves hoops and he was really upset that this happened, especially since it was attached to the house. If Jerry is not capable of handling a "routine" customer service call (which this was on my end and I do have witnesses) where a customer needs clarification on the approximate ship/arrival time, I would highly recommend that he find someone else to handle customer service issues. I also think it's important that you know that when he answered my call, he was not prepared for the business day. He even said he was not at the office. As a business manager for over 25 years who knows a thing or two about customer service, I can tell you his behavior was awful beyond comprehension. As a consumer, this is by far the WORST customer service experience I have ever had in my life. Period. In the end, I ended up ordering the basketball goal from First Team Sports who exhibited stellar customer service.
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I live on Long Island, New York and have spoken to Mr. Springer several times about delivery dates and with general questions about the product he sold me, a 60" inground system. He has been consistently patient, courteous and helpful.


Basketball hoops unlimted is just a one man operation that works out of his house. Jerry Springer is the owner and he just operates a website from the basement of this house.

Once an order comes in he calls a real company to have it shipped to the customer.

The term is called a "middle man" or "order taker".


This is a bogus "anonymous" complaint posted by competitor. We have been in business online for 15 years with tens of thousands of satisfied customers.

You can't believe everything you read online. Call us yourself to see how helpful we are, 888-836-****.

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John T Hhq
map-marker Chicago, Illinois

Basketball Hoops Unlimited riped me off

I ordered a basketball system from Basketball Hoops Unlimited which included a free basketball with every system. I called after I received the system without the basketball and was told it ships later. Waited 3 weeks and called again and they told me I did not qualify for the free basketball because the system I bought was on sale. When I complained they told me I found a loophole and they will send be a basketball. Loophole??? Every system sold gets a free basketball, EVERY SYSTEM. It has been 2 more weeks and still no basketball. I e-mailed again and was told that I was a *** and would get nothing. Web site said every system sold gets a free basketball but not me. I sure hope I don't have any problems with the system. Can you say no warranty.
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Another bogus complaint most likely posted by a competitor. Don't believe everything you read on the internet.

We have been in business online for over 15 years with tens of thousands of satisfied customers.

Anybody can post anonymous complaint about a business. Call us and see for yourself how helpful we are, 888-836-****.


Extremely rude person! I called for a small problem I thought I had with Bison's customer service and got the rude factor increased by 10!

He was downright insulting! The more I tried to explain what I was frustrated about, the more insulting he became even about unrelated details. Take your problems out on someone else besides your customers! I was not blaming you for the problem, just thought you might have a suggestion for a solution or want to know what was going on if you have had other customers with the same problem.

Evidently all of us are so *** we can't figure out which hardware goes where. It couldn't be that some of it is actually missing.


I too has horrible experience. I was speaking to person on phone asking about discount with buying multiple units.

This guy proceed to try and bait and switch me to another deal by Knocking off 50$. As soon as I said I was just trying to inquire some information, he began to barage me with insults as to why I was calling and "not ready to pull the trigger". I am glad I was able to find out what is likely a lone person operation ran like before losing money.

STAY AWAY. Be warned.


This customer bought a customer return system off our clearance page that did not include a free basketball, the page clearly states that. We have thousands of satisfied customers.

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The worst customer service on the planet. Period end of story.


Wal* has basketballs from $8.49 to $54.00. Quit whinning like a pro basketball player does.

You didn't get a FREE basketball - guess what - you didn't lose any money. I'm waiting for you say that the place is racist and because of their uncaring attitude, your 5 yo kid won't have a proper birthday.

It seems to work for others...... :cry

Next time be sure to read the fine print and the whole ad.

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