Attorneys that continue to advertise how they are Personal Injury Attorneys. We were involved in a traffic crash, which another driver ran a red light. Barnes and Cohen have great reviews, so I thought I would try and get them to represent me and my wife. I called their office and was transferred to a legal clerk. I gave detailed information to the clerk and was told one of the attorneys would get in touch with me. A week went by and no...
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Anonymous Your lucky for them not to take your case. They took my cut m dry case ,and and didnt represent me in the mannor my case deserved. They were very unprofessional the entire tim...


Anonymous Thanks for heads up.....

Short Review for February 16, 2017

I worked for them approximately 2 1/2 months in St. Mary's . They charge 40% and the paralegals do not return calls. I would not recommend them this is why i no longer work there I dont like them taking advantage of my County of Camden County. All the employees are from Florida and new attorney is from Statesboro. Walk away 40% is to high

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