Georgette E Zuh

Disrespectful agents

Updated by user May 11, 2020

Not one person in that building acted as if my business mattered. Not one person said let me look into it and I’ll get back to you.

They blocked me when I tried to talk to the owner. Only corporate talked nicely until he “investigated” and then he had the same attitude as the others.

Original review May 11, 2020
The agent was informed by me that I was in a far bay and should have been next in line. He started yelling, “Ya’ll are going to have to wait. We are busy.” I had been waiting and was next in line. He went inside to get a ticket and talk about how inconsiderate I was. Upon returning, he walked past my window (I had my head bent texting my daughter) and he said, “ a..hole.” I got out and asked him if that was how they speak to customers there. He denied it and all of the other agents inside did as well. He called later to apologize and said his mom taught him better. I accepted. However, the corporate called later in the week and practically called it a bogus claim. They said it was my word against his and there was nothing they would do.
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Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution

User's recommendation: This company has some pricey cars but I chose to buy local and American. Don’t allow that to sway you. Research and buy from someone who cares about your business.