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If you want to be one of the best hypnotherapists in the world, I highly recommend you train with Cal Banyan at the Banyan Hypnosis Center. I think it is the best hypnosis and hypnotherapy training around. One thing that I appreciated about their is how well the instructor Cal Banyan breaks down the content into manageable bits of information that made learning hypnosis and the techniques much more effective. Not only will you learn how to help nearly everyone that walks in your door using a systematic approach to hypnosis called 5-PATH and 7th Path Self-Hypnosis, but you'll also learn how to run a professional practice. I use the techniques I learned in this class in my practice nearly every day - including the 8-word Instant Induction, the 5-PATH induction, Age Regression, and a very powerful form of Forgiveness work. These techniques work - and Cal Banyan really is the authority on hypnosis that works. I can't say enough good things about them. Plus I made friends for life with my fellow classmates. Before I trained with Cal Banyan, I really wasn't confident about my abilities nor was I sure exactly what to do with each client. Then once I learned 5-PATH from the Banyan Hypnosis Center I started seeing clients right away and have been ever since. Thanks Cal Banyan and everyone at the Banyan Hypnosis Center, you're amazing!
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sounds liketheir marketing person wrote this with links to their website -

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Updated by user May 10, 2015

An ***face means a sexual release face.

Original review May 10, 2015
I enrolled in a hypnosis school in Tustin, CA for advanced hypnotherapy training. All students were forced to take the instructor's copyrighted form of self hypnosis which is really a form of hypnotherapy. After meditating, the instructor asks students to share. They cry and blubber telling personal information that I don't feel I had a right to be privy to. I sat for five minutes saying nothing and the instructor then threatened me by saying I had better say something or the opportunity to release negative emotions won't ever come again. He then said he could see the emotion on my face but that I myself didn't know what I was feeling. (It is impossible to know what a person is feeling by looking at their face. An *** face looks like the person is in agony). He then stated that I was dissociated from my emotions. This is a statement that something is wrong with me psychologically. THIS IS A DIAGNOSIS. Hypnotherapists anywhere are not allowed to make a diagnosis. It is forbidden by the National Guild of Hypnotists and by all state law. He chided me for not speaking as if something was wrong with me. He cannot force a person to engage in hypnotherapy! I gave no consent EVER to have a hypnotherapy session with Cal Banyan. With other students he said things like "And now you think...And now you know..." with a student putting an ending on the sentence. This is a hypnotherapy technique to reprogram peoples' minds! He also told me the day before when I was in a suggestible state that I hadn't expressed any negative emotions yet. I believe this was a hypnotic suggestion to cry or get angry. I feel he enjoys the drama and sucks people's energy from them like a vampire would suck blood. He also told me that he cares about me. When I told him I don't want him to care about me he said I don't have a choice. He then advanced towards me in the classroom and told me he thinks I am an intelligent woman. Holy. Harassment in the class! He expressed affection for me then stated a person subjective opinion about my capabilities. Is there a state authority I can complain to about this harassment? I felt unsafe and violated psychologically. Also, by doing hypnotherapy on the students as a group, without anybody's consent, the ones listening were traumatized and the ones blubbering, well, who knows what long lasting emotional trauma from public humiliation they will be scarred with for life? Some even said they don't want to embarrass themselves by disclosing...but Cal Banyan intimidated and threatened them, then reprogrammed their minds against their will. Cal Banyan also said to my face, "I am an important person! Don't you walk away from me when I'm speaking to you!" I have sent a letter of complaint to the NGH.
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Bad quality

I'm sorry to hear about your experience in Cal's classroom. I have attended two of his two week courses and in both classes he did not demand or intimidate or threaten anyone into disclosing their feelings or emotions.

At one point I did not want to share as did my neighbor and he respected our answers and moved on.

I also agree with the commenter below and find it strange that you would go to a hypnotherapy training and not want or expect to learn or even experience hypnosis? Experiencing 7th Path and watching others purge through their own emotions allowed me and gave me courage to help my clients purge their own emotions in sessions so they could start lving their life.

I am so grateful for Cal's classes and support he give for all of us trying to help and serve others.

I hope one day you find peace within your soul.


I was disappointed to see this review of the Banyan Hypnosis Center, as many of the specific concerns brought up in the review are precisely what made my training at the Center so valuable personally and professionally. When students attend classes at the Banyan Hypnosis Center, they learn 5PATH Hypnotherapy and 7th PATH Self Hypnosis.

These are advanced Hypnosis Techniques that have proven effective not only by Cal Banyan, but by all of the hypnotists who have trained under him (and who have trained under his Certified Trainers). These techniques work, and the best way to learn them is through experience in class. One of the ways that Cal teaches 5PATH and 7th PATH techniques is through students reporting back their experiences in self-hypnosis. This process of reporting back provides an opportunity to learn valuable tools for the student to help their clients, and almost as importantly, it helps the students begin processing their own emotional baggage in order to be able to help others in this manner.

Learning 7th PATH Self Hypnosis was life changing for me, and I have watched many students come through the program with similar life changing, positive experiences. It is true that this can be an intense process. It is also true that people can leave the class having never reported back in class, without sharing any personal information.

Cal is an excellent instructor and coach who will push his students to be the best that they can be, but I have also seen him stop pushing if the other party is not interested or willing to push themselves. I highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to be the best that they can be personally and professionally, especially those interested in the hypnosis profession.


I was surprised to read this review because my experience with Cal Banyan at the Banyan Hypnosis Center was completely different. First, I found the hypnosis training to be the best hypnosis training course I've ever been in - it taught me more about hypnosis and how the mind works than any other training I've been a part of.

But beyond that I found Cal Banyan himself to be a genuinely kind and compassionate person who truly wants his students to succeed.

I find it a little strange that the reviewer would attend a hypnotherapy training course, then be surprised that it included experiencing hypnosis? The review seems a little over the top, especially since it mentions that Cal "reprogrammed her mind" which Cal Banyan specifically teaches is not possible with hypnosis. I was never once forced to do hypnosis in the class and I didn't see any of my fellow classmates have group hypnosis forced on them either - but I was asked if I wanted to share my experience when I chose to do so.

Perhaps that is what the reviewer is referring to, and if so I found the sharing aspect of the class very helpful to my understanding of what we were learning in class, but there was absolutely no public humiliation or traumatization.

There was carefully outlined understanding of techniques and discussion on how to apply them in a real world setting.

I hope this comment helps readers with a different perspective on what I think was a great course.

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Sorry I am having a difficult time with your post. I am so sorry that you didn’t enjoy your experience, but I am one of Cal’s instructors and I was taught directly by him how to do teach a 7th Path class.

I have also gone through several classes with him. He has always instructed us that if people do not want to share do not force them.

As to them telling personal information he taught us to always tell our students that people do not have to share, and that we cannot guarantee confidentiality if they choose to, but most people share anyway because they want to get all they can from the experience.

Also Cal never threatens people.

That is not the way 7th Path is done. He may, however, have encouraged you to take the chance to get some release from your pain, while he was there to help you.

I am sorry you took it the wrong way.

Strong negative emotions can be very difficult sometimes. I hope you are feeling better by now.

Peace, Celeste Hackett

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