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This Guy Edward is a fraud he does talk a good game over the phone but when it comes to the actual work it sucks most of my information was used and not changed in a creative way as explained to me if he would have gave me $300 back then maybe it would have been worth the wast of my time spent over emails complaining for at least a month and a half 7-10 days my *** his company is graded F. if i didn't involve my attorney the last email we had before he submitted that *** of a RFP he would have took a lot longer.
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map-marker Morrow, Ohio

BankReady Plans did a great job with my business plan!!!

I had a good experience with Edward and BankReady my business plan was flawless and professional I don't know what happened with other customers but I would recommend their services!!! I had no problems at all. BankReady worked with me every step of the way. The ability to communicate is very powerful. If I had a question or concern BankReady was always there with an answer. BankReady can charge 10x as much for the quality of work they provide. My business is located in Michigan and Edward kept neighborly contact with... I will recommend him anyday! T.Buckley 10/4/2012
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shehzadhabib m
map-marker Brooklyn, New York

Bank Ready is Ok

The company is ok. I guess they are overloaded with stuff that's why sometimes they can delay your project but whenever I speak to the owner, he is always trying to catch up on things and wants to do hand over the project. They have done my business plan but I guess there was misunderstanding between us and them so we had some issues but they are trying to work on it however it just takes time and he always lets me know that he will try to do whatever it takes to finish the work properly and satisfy me.
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Did you ever talk to anyone besides the owner? He seems to be the only employee there?

He is the sales team, the marketing team, the writer, the accountant, and the webmaster.

No wonder it take 8 months to get a business plan created from him. 8 months is just a guess since he won't take my calls or emails.

shehzadhabib m
map-marker Los Angeles, California have been in touch with me since we complained about me and is much more than willing to solve out issues however I am trying to remove their complaint from this website and it would not work. I think I went far too much in my expression of their services. I was displeased however they tried to resolve my problems. I don't like to hurt other peoples businesses and I guess my complaint has hurt these guys a lot and I wish that I can take these complainst off. anyone who wants to do business with them just talk to them first before you take my compalin into consideration.
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shehzadhabib m
map-marker Los Angeles, California

Bank Ready Plans

This is shehzadhabib. I had previously submitted a complain against that they left my work undone and did provide proper customer service. After that I recieved a call from one of the owner's saying that he tried to get in touch with through several means at several occassions but could not get in touch with me. However, he will try to resolve all of my issues. He also told me that he was thinking about even giving me my money back. So far he is satisfying me. Once they finish my job, I will come back and post the results.
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Like some comments about Bank Ready Plans, I noticed a similar trend. When you make the first enquiry they will call you daily to get you to commit. (It's business so I probably would too).

However, it took a lot longer than estimated and we have to follow up many times.

Even after we were given a firm date, it changed again and again.

The plan I will say was better than I could have written, but I don't write them for a living.

Most people who are getting involved with business plans for banks etc. are looking for investors.

The figures were not accurate, and so I had to manually recalculate the spreadsheets so they were consistent with our own projections.

This is where you need to understand people will try and entice you to spend further money to get you investment funds.

I was told initially by BRPlans don't use you own funds to set up a business, and if they were to help you their fee would be built into the backend of the project.

As my plan was being complete I was then told that they could put me in touch with a consultant who charged between $1500 and $5000 for his services (upfront) because nobody works for free!

At the end of the day some of the format of the Business Plan was an asset for my statup business, however I now know that a major percentage of demographic stats can be found at

Don't know If I would recommend the service, No - probably not but elements of the plan were required so its wasn't a complete waste of money.

I am still awaiting a response to a question about figures as I had an imporatant bank meeting last week. They did not get back to me, and unless I continue to pester them they will not respond unless they can smell more money


shehzadhabib, i would like to get ahold of you, to verify that you are actually who you say you are. I am an investor who is extremely interested in contracting out to this company.

I am keen to spot the fakes on these review sites, and im more then sure they are from the competition.

please e mail me at


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