In shock of what happened to me at Banfield!

I purchased a little Yorky Puppy back in Feb 2014. I had heard about a free puppy wellness exam given by Banfield and decided to see what it was about. We took our Kookie there for well care/ immunizations. We have a vet we use for emergencies or health issues but the wellness plan was much cheaper for her puppy shots. We had already seen our vet and knew she had a open fontanel but other wise very healthy. She was a tiny one at 1/2 pound and we chose to wait a few weeks to start her shots because of how small she was. No problems no issues. Well we were considering purchasing another baby about 3 months after and took her in to get looked at for the free exam and was told she probably had worms, was a little anemic but her fecal was negative. She also had a place in her inguinal area that I was concerned was a hernia, but vet said no. The broker we were buying her from was with me at the visit. The Broker explained that the puppy was wormed just 2 days prior with strongid. With vet telling me that she looked healthy with items said before were nothing to be concerned about. I purchased the wellness plan on our new little girl, Kati. Vet wormed her again, gave her first set of puppy shots and was told she needed heart worm protection and we bought revolution. Was told to start the revolution the next morning. This was about 5 in the evening. Next morning she isn't eating well and I was concerned. I called and spoke to a tech who says its best to wean her to new food but if she'll eat the new one, that eating is most important. Well she ate a few kibbles and the little belly that was bloated before swelled up big time. I called Banfield back and they said its fine and I asked again about revolution. Told again okay to give, this is about 3:30 On a Sunday. This pup is 1 pound! That night She started diahreea and then passing blood and we immediately took her to an over night emergency clinic. They ran a few test, checked for parvo and it was negative. Did a fecal and it came back 4+ round worms, 3+hook, 3+coccidia and later tape worm. Said she was infested with parasites so bad that her blood volume was less than half of what it should be! We were told that she may NOT make it through the night. They gave her blood transfusions and supportive care till morning and then transferred her to our normal vet at VCA. He confirmed their test and gave her more blood. Ran some liver studies on her and continued the supportive therapy. He was shocked that I was told to give her the revolution after just being wormed on top of possibly being wormed just a few days before! It was just too much for her little system. We don't believe the breeder actually wormed her or she would NOT have had worms so bad, but she still got the strongid from Banfield and then revolution a day later. We purchased in full the wellness puppy package and only used it the first day when we were told she was okay. We spent 1000's on making Kati well. VCA did NOT want her getting more than one vaccine at once nor did they want her having any LEPTO or Corona virus. Having Kookie there we knew they did NOT break up the shots so we opted for VCA and our normal vet to just take care of any and all of Kati's needs. ESP since we had just spent so much money saving her. I have called and made sure Banfield was aware of what had happened to our Kati Bug but they honestly act like they could care less! They don't even seem concerned, they have NEVeR even called to ask for an update or offer to schedule an appointment for her wellness plan. That's okay because VCA is taking care of that but you would think since we paid her plan in full they would at least call and see how she is? Anyway I'll talk with Banfield regarding this soon. I also need to note that I've not yet spoken to corporate yet as we played phone tag today. I was given this website after I had a horrible expierence the other day and posted in our Yorkie Group. Apparently I'm not alone in what happened to Kati or Kookie! I don't feel Banfield is used to treating very small dogs less than 5 pounds. Well here is what happened on Aug 12, 2014. Kati had a follow up for her first rabies shot at our VCA vet. I had both dogs there and our vet looked over both since they both were there. Kookie has her baby teeth and they will need to be removed next month. I also had an appointment for Kookie for her next Puppy appointment which was just a check up and no shots at Banfield. I was told by my vet at VCA to make sure I let them know that we had wormed Kookie when Kati had her issues as a precautionary measure so she wouldn't need it again at this visit, also he didn't want her to have the Lepto or Corono Virus. Kookie's appt was at 5. We were taken back to a room and I explained to the vet tech when she came in what I was supposed to let them know. She weighs her and tells me she needs to draw blood for her heart worm test. I don't like my dogs being taken away from me for minor things or anything for this matter. I DONT understand why they can't weigh, give shots, or take blood, trim nails with me there in room. They have an exam table! I asked and I'm told that is just how they do this the vet will look her over and be in to talk to me. I ask the vet same question when he comes in. Why do you have to take her back there and not do what needs to be done here in front of me? He explains some people are squeamish and it just works better that way. I explain I DONT like that and our vet does everything right there in exam room. I also explain to him that we don't want her wormed, or No Lepto, corona. I explained to him that our Kati was infested with parasites and we wormed Kookie as a precautionary just few weeks ago. He's very short explains about her teeth and importance of getting them out and I kindly explained to him that we had just left vet with Kati and he had looked at Kookie too. That we were waiting 1 month for her teeth before removing them. He says everything else looks great still has open fontanel. Leaves room. I hear my dog yelping and whining causing great anxiety with me not knowing if she is actually being hurt or being a drama queen. Another reason they should do procedures in room if asked to. Then I would be able to see what was happening. They finally bring her to me after what feels like 20 mins. The check in lady comes in to and starts giving me my check out papers and tech leaves. As I'm looking at my check out papers I'm reading that they wormed her! I immediately ask did they worm her? Was told YES! That it was done after doing a fecal. I explain I had told them NOT to worm her or give Lepto or Cornona! She then says well it's confusing when there is more than one vet involved! What the *** does it matter if 50 vets are involved? I the pet owner told you DONT GIVE HER WORMER, LEPTO, CORONA! How is that confusing? I don't understand? The ONLY thing that is required by law is rabies! She has had that! Realizing that I was being attacked for having more than one vet and not knowing why they didn't listen to me I asked to speak to vet! She goes to the back to get them and in the mean time I'm calling my vet to see if I need to be concerned! He specifically told me to have them NOT give the 3 things and I did what I was told but it didn't matter! We just paid 1000's for Kati because she was wormed too much, along with not being wormed properly by her breeder! The vet tech comes out and hears me on phone and says "no we did NOT worm her because you told is NOT too" so Ibhang up with my vet at VCA. The tech then proceeds to tell me "we must chart that it is given so that it takes it off your plan". I ask again so you didn't give it to her but you charted you did? To which she replies "yes that's the way we have too, but I added a note at bottom that says you didn't want" she then proceeds to tell me that even if they had given her the wormer it wouldn't hurt her! I told her yeah and you said the same about Kati who almost died! I left furious and still wasn't sure if they wormed her or NOT? I am being told yes by one and No by another but if they did it wouldn't hurt her. NO one apologized! They just walked off like they didn't care on way or another. In her mind she really thinks it's okay to worm these little 1-2 pound guys within days. I hope someone educates them that these teeny tiny guys are at greater risk of overdose than a normal size dog! It's obvious by all the comments in this complaint section that there are many issues within your company. How many dogs and beloved family members must die before changes are made? I understand that the wellness plan is only for the items outlined in your plan, that any illness, meds, other diagnostic test aren't covered by your wellness plans. But I can assure you, that if I had any clue that your vets weren't competent enough or not had any prior expierence with teeny tiny dogs then we would have paid the extra money and stayed with our vet for well care as well. We hve 2 other senior dogs and your plans for them are great too! We were considering adding them but after our expierence 8/12/14 we won't be adding any more wellness packages! We paid both wellness packages in full the day we bought them! Sadly Kati's won't be used, Kookie's was used but I had planned on using the wormers over the rest of the plan because they are on revolution and it covers heart worms and flea's but not all of the parasites. We were going to worm every 3 months to make sure they were good. To follow up with wormer that we weren't sure was given. Remember vet tech said she didn't give just charted it, well Kookie has had loose stools all day today which is what she does when she is wormed so I'm pretty certain they did worm her! Let's pray it doesn't hurt her like it did Kati! I am hoping the corporate office for their customers can help me. I'm waiting to call them again in the morning. Tried today after they called me, so I will update status once I hear from them. For now guys if you have a small dog, please please use caution when having Banfield treat your furbabies! I'm not alone on the care and service I received. A lot are upset that the wellness plan doesn't cover illness or sickness, I understand that it's not supposed to but if they do something they were told NOT to and my babies get sick, then I hope they are ready to pay my vet bill for another vet!
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