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We purchased a 7' tree only to discover that the tree was defective.Specifically, the upper section would not light dues a defective connection. My wife and I attempted to reconnect it multiple times before calling for an exchange. We were unable to exchange the tree since they were out of stock, so we had to buy a larger tree for an additional premium. We requested a discount on the replacement tree, since we really wanted the original 7' tree...
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We opened our $600 Silverado Slim this morning for our elderly parents who can no longer deal with a 100+ lb. tree in hopes of getting it decorated before their Thanksgiving guests arrived. When we plugged in section 2, only half was lit, so we plugged in the top section and it lit perfectly. We called customer service hoping that they would just send us another section 2 next day so that we could have decorated the tree Wednesday. I was...
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