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WWW.BALDTRUTHTALK.COM & WWW.BALDTRUTH.COM by Spencer Kobren are fraud !!! Potential patients and advice seekers beware !!!

This man uses his forum and radio to promote and profit from health dangerous drug called propecia, as well as advertising and gaining profits from hair transplant procedures. First time patients are falsely advised to use propecia - with a claim of how safe this drug is and how it works for everyone. This drug is dangerous and now officially reported as dangerous by professors, MDs, top 2 US studies - Boston and Washington, Dr. Traish and Dr.

Irwig. FDA also says that risks of propecia are very serious. Merck's website is closed and lawsuits are on their way. Please beware of this website and forum.

To protect his financial interests, this man Spencer Kobren uses heavy censorship on his forum and I personally was banned only for stating the truth about the dangers of propecia. Propecia promoters, most likely paid by Merck are the main members on his forum, they are welcome and even their personal insults towards other with different opinion are completely tolerated. Beware of this forum - and - They should be closed down for false advertising, censorship and promotion of hazardous substances. Spencer Kobren's forum The Bald Truth and his radio show Bald Truth are based on false advertising, lies and are profit only motivated.

Customers beware !

Do not put Your health in danger by taking advice from Bald Truth Forum or Bald Truth Radio by Spencer Kobren. I am here to report and expose his fraud.

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Agreed, Site is also listed on Rip off report. Apparently money is their priority, not the health of their members.

With the language that is used and finasteride pushing, I'm not sure how minors could be members. Alot like a cigarette company starting a smokers club for minors.


I can confirm censorship to anything being said that is outside the narrow box of what IHARS can profit from. The site is a joke, and the fact that minors are allowed as members, on a site that pushes pharmaceuticals on anyone willing to listen is nothing less than disgusting!!


I really wonder who is paying who? merck is paying spencer to advertise popecia. or these guys are getting paid by the lawsuite filers to frighten people from tking this drug.

Dyami Szs

Sadly we can also confirm the comments below. Having just had a negative post removed from regarding my clients primary occupation being cosmetic surgery in Prague including Follicular Hair Multiplication - on attempting to correct the post which indicated my clients services as "must be a scam" we now realise it was indeed an excellent piece of misinformation witch no doubt boosted the older hair transplant techniques that their current surgeon uses.

We hope we have helped clarify the inappropriate behaviour of the site indicated in this thread.

Flick - Europa International Software Developer


Thank You for reporting Your story Mr. 4000,

we should all stand up and expose Spencer Kobren and his criminal organization. Justice should be our priority for the sake of all people who were victims of his hair advertising fraud. Spencer Kobren is a criminal, fraud, both him and his IAHRS criminal enterprise organization should be shut down and thrown in jail. I hope authorities in USA and worldwise will react and bring this man to justice.

I am sorry to hear about Your horrible experience and worst of it all that we are not protected from immoral doctors, false advertisers and scam people like Spencer Kobren and his IAHRS.

IAHRS as organization has no genuine reputation whatsoever, its created as marketing scam, led by hair scammer, internet advetiser, and surgeons who join it pay him 'protection fees' like in mafia environment... that way he takes anyone and anything, its thousands to millions of dollars per year, and in return he does 'protection' for IAHRS criminal enterprise by filtering everyone else, by banning all attempts to expose the truth and most importantly he and his organization are creating criminal monopoly that profits from imposing skyhigh prices and no gurantee or safety for patients.

Its very true that he is also behing big pharma hazardous drugs, like Propecia, which is now fully exposed by FDA as health hazard. Spencer Kobren uses his networks and promoters to promote this dangerous drugs and so do his 'doctors' in IAHRS.

I agree with what You said, people should beware of Spencer Kobren and his selling scams. We need justice, and I hope the government will act to prosecute this criminal and close down all of his many criminal websites and advertising schemes, like, and many many more !


I couldn't agree more, He is a total fraud and filters information to promote the organizations he is in bed with (IAHRS and big Pharma). He is a total sellout.

I had a horrible experience with Dr. Alexander in Arz. I went to the hairloss boards to educate patients on this horrible person and doctor only to find myself getting a ban from all the major websites.

I was told to contact him and tell my story and he never responded to emails or phone calls. He is not interested in a story that bashes a doctor that is a member of the IAHRS. Which is a joke of an organization to being with.

I went to report this doctor to the IAHRS and received no response. They had a list of ethics on the website and encouraged reports, but the minute I did they took that part of the website down.

The industry is a joke, and Spencer is as big or the biggest joke.

You are a disgrace Spencer. You are a total fraud. DOn't listen to a word this guys says. He is selling you, because he already sold himself.

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