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ROLEX MERCEDES BENZ S500 BAKER MOTOR CO MERCEDES BENZ (WEST ASHLEY) The following is my opinion of what I believe happened while my car was in for service. I want my watch replaced...a new one is $47,000 & a pre-owned one cost approx. $27,000. Baker Motor Co has just ignored my concerns in my opinion. I feel they condone such poor behavior. I Am Looking for my ROLEX that was stolen from my Mercedes Benz S500 at BAKER MOTOR CO MERCEDES Dealership on February 5, 2015. between the hours of 1:30pm & 4:30pm. I was at the dealership waiting on the car....The watch was left in car [hidden out of site in a secondary console] while they changed the oil and washed the car. BAKER MOTORS has NOT done anything to help me recover this watch. They have been very unresponsive and acted like it was no big deal. Yeah, I know I was not the brightest bulb in the box to leave the watch in the car, but with BAKER MOTOR'S stellar reputation, I was just too trusting. It did not cross my mind to remove it before turning the car over to them for service. I trusted BAKER MOTOR CO.....but that was my mistake. The watch was NOT running & that was why it was in the car......I needed to take to have it serviced/repaired. A Police report has been filed with the Charleston Police Department & they are working diligently on this case........much more than BAKER MOTOR CO is doing or has done. I am still shocked about how cavalier BAKER MOTOR COMPANY has been about the just appears to be no big deal with them. The people who wash the cars do not even work for BAKER MOTOR CO.....they are a contract company hired by BAKER MOTOR CO. I am offering a reward for the return of this has great sentimental value to me. This is my opinion on how Baker Motor Co is handling this. I was even told by the GM that it was my fault the watch was stolen. I am entitled to my opinion about Baker Motor Co & I am protected under free speech. I would never recommend Baker Motor Co to anyone for sales or service. In no way are they worthy of the Best of the Best Award just given to them by Mercedes Benz in my opinion.
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