Bad Maine Coon Breeder. Don't buy from this cattery.

Bad Cat Breeders - Bad Maine Coon Breeder. Don't buy from this cattery.
Bad Cat Breeders - Bad Maine Coon Breeder. Don't buy from this cattery.
Bad Cat Breeders - Bad Maine Coon Breeder. Don't buy from this cattery.
Hi, I bought a Maine Coon kitten from a breeder, Shannon BALOGOUN (currently Bouhia) and paid her $1800 plus $400 for transportation by plain. The payment was done via money order which I sent using Priority mail I have all the receipts. I sent her three checks for the amount of $2,200 in total. First she tried to sell me a kitten with a problem with his ear. It turned out the kitten had a polyp in one of his ears. I refused to buy this kitten. She refused to return the money when I requested them. She said she can sell me another kitten but that I would have to wait for another litter. I had to wait for about half a year for another litter. Finally, she sent me a kitten but the problem is she sold me another kitten with a problem with his eye (this time), which I discovered when I received the kitten. This problem according to the several veterinarians, which I visited, the kitten got from his birth. I spent additional ~$1,300 for the medical expenses including a surgery and post-treatment, re-checks and medication. The breeder was supposed to either send me another kitten or pay for all the medical expenses. When I wrote the breeder on Facebook (which is the only place she uses to sell her cats (she most likely doesn't pay taxes), with the request to cover the medical expenses, she blocked me on Facebook and doesn't reply my phone calls and text messages. I am not sure how I can proceed now. Also, she said she would send me all the documents for the kitten once I neuter the kitten when he is 8 month old, but she doesnt reply all my messages about these documents after I provided the proof of neutering. What should I do? Any suggestions or recommendations would be welcomed. Thank you.
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Take them to small claims court. Also report them to the better business burea.

Report them to the irs and have them see if pay taxes on this breeding business. That should get the ball rolling and shut them down.


Multiple pictures have been stolen from multiple catteries by the following website. It is questionable whether this person even HAS kittens!

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Bad Cat Breeders - Bad Cat Breeder Site Review from Orange, California

One of my friends on Facebook liked a Bad Cat Breeders Page, and I started reading a article it provided. It disturb me, and made me angry. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and if you have a issue with a breeder, I believe you have a right to express your experience. But the admin of this page was extremely biased to Savannah breeders, and used misinformation about the breeding process. I am not a breeder, but own two lovely Savannahs, and am involved in many Savannah groups which also include breeders. Of course there are horrible breeders, and only motivated by money. But there are many who care and love their cats. This women, pixie bob breeder, and admin on this page, used out dated breeding information, to act as if the breeding of a serval and Savannah cat usually ends in thr death of one of these animals. That is not true anymore. Servals are raised in captivity, and breeders raise serval cubs with the queens and studs, whichever the breeder decides to use. Usually, the breeder will mate a serval male to female, because this creates most kittens. The breeders I know go above and beyond if a kitten is ill, or a mama is in danger. This is false information. She also stated, only boys are sold in early generation Savannahs because they are always used for breeding, this is also false. Females are more expensive, but it is not hard to find a early generation female. I know, since I own one. The entire article this lady wrote as if she had first hand knowledge, yet it is obvious she collected this from a animal right advocate site such as Big Cat Rescue, ALDF, HSUS, PETA or other groups that use deceptive means to paint Savannah and breeding them in a bad light. She also made it clear she did not approve of this type of breeding. I think the article she wrote was bound with jealousy, hatred, and anger on how much money these breeders are making. The tone is very negative, and sarcastic. Thus, I have a hard time taking any complaint a person may have about a cattery seriously. If you try and educate her about her inconsistencies, she blocks you or bans you. I do not recommend this site if you want to have your complaints taken seriously. If she cannot write a balanced unbiased article, how can anyone expect her to be able to properly advocate for anyone? Also as she is a breeder I find it more offensive she would use information from sources that would like to shut all breeding operations down. In all, this person has no business running a site like this.
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I'm not a breeder, but I've been doing a lot of research in order to purchase a Pixie Bob. I read the article the original poster is referring to, and it's fairly obvious what they're trying to do - deflect blame.

It is you that have the negative and sarcastic tone. Why would you be so defensive and angry unless there was some truth to the original article?

Bad Cat Breeders is a great resource; the owners are trying to educate the general public. I've learned a lot from them on what to look for in a reputable breeder.

And I agree with the other response - Servals are wild cats and should stay that way. There's a reason Savannah Cats are banned in many areas.


Servals should NEVER be raised in captivity. You are extremely cruel if you have these WILD cats in captivity. Disgusting.


Servals are bred many generations in America; they are not taken from the wild. You are a judgemental freak. As for that article it is not accurate and full of lies.

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Orange, California

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