Annoying phone calls - how to stop them

You need to ask them to be put on the do not call list. Then it takes up to one week to actually be added to the do not call list. If they call again and you answer the call you have to start over again. If your answering machine picks up it resets it as well. So in my case I had to unplug my answering machine. I also got calls from "Capital Education" it is the same telemarketing outlet. Very concerning because there doesn't appear to be an easy way to removed your number from this loop! Good luck
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Atlanta, Georgia


We are on the " do not call " list and continue to receive calls from this outfit , now they call multiple times a day and then hang-up . It is very disturbing to us as my wife is disabled and can't get to the phone. If you read the other reviews you will find that this boiler room operation is just another attempt to scam you out of your money. Why can't these sad people get real jobs that are actually productive ? Oh it's easier stealing from unsuspecting people. Give me a break .....I'm calling the FTC but I don't know if that will help
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Yes, I am experiencing the same. They are crazy.

They call my home no. at least 4 times a day, and when I answer they do not speak.

So their intention is to only harass people. Wonder if a legal action is possible!


The FTC will probably get you nothing. Change your phone number; have it unlisted.

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Renton, Washington
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Annoying phone calls

I have never heard of "Babytoobee" until last week when the phone calls started and haven't stopped since. I don't have kids and don't plan on it. I'm on the "Do Not Call" list and shouldn't even be receiving calls anyway. You call me seven days a week, starting at 7:00am up until 9:30pm and the calls don't stop in between. I've reported your name and number to the "Do Not Call" complaint list. I never plan on doing any business with you and never will, only because of the annoyances you've caused. STOP CALLING MY HOME!!!!!
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These *** will be going down. Im calling the better business bureau and various radio stations to complain. Messed up *** story.


yea, they called me too D:

and i'm in high school, never signed up with anything and they called my dad's house. now he and everyone else think i'm pregnant D:

and they claim that I signed up through some free stuff online thing, which I DIDN'T!!! D:


I wonder how may other numbers they call. :?


Same situation with me. Cut it the **** out, illegal marketers.

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Lexington, Indiana
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Call 24/7..i cant stand it

I need you guys to take me off of your baby to bee I can't stand your calls that you make 24/7 to my phone. I am at work and you guys are calling me.So please take me off of your baby to bee I don't have time to deal with your calls any more.If this happens again with the phone calls I am not gonna be happy am already not happy about them. You guys call me every five to ten minutes in one single day and that is how it is every other day.
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Binghamton, New York

Yup. it's a scam.

i wish i had googled it beforehand. this babies to bee is a way for telemarketers to get your info (phone, email) and call to try to sell you stuff. i knew right away that something was fishy. make sure you tell them NOT TO CALL you OR EMAIL you and to TAKE YOU OFF THEIR LIST. my husband made sure i did that as they are legally obliged to do so if you explicitly state it. just hoping that i'm not going to have endless calls from other telemarketers now that they 'know i'm pregnant'. so frustrating...
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Dallas, Texas
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Un-nesseary Phone Calls, evry hour on the hour !

I wanted to let my voice be heard. Yes its a voice of concern and disappointment. I feel that I am not being taken for real when I speak to the individuals who call non-stop to my home in all hours. I understand that calling is all part of the business but its board-line harassment. I am very upset with this website/company. I do not need to have non-stop phone calls every hour on the hour, every day. This is harassment and I am not excepting this behavior. I want all the phone calls to STOP! I will come to the website when I deem it necessary not have you pressure me. I am a working mom with many contacts that I have already suggested to visit this site. No I am thinking about resending my effort of support and also letting my family and friends know that way I have been treated by this site. Please do not call me anymore or I will report you . Thanks and have a great day.
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My husband is getting calls from this place. We have no idea how they got his number at all.

Never heard of the company, never signed up for anything.

They called us at 8 am this morning on the one day we had to sleep in. I'm reporting them to the do not call registry, we've been on the list for years, they are in violation.


They are very *** annoying - 11 times called so far today alone

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Tempe, Arizona
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Baby to bee coupons - a scam

I tried to sign up for coupons through baby to bee from a 'start sampling' email. Start sampling also never offered any free samples, just tried to get you to buy magazines,etc... But the baby to bee site wanted a bunch of personal information and then when I hit submit, it ended up saying I was not eligible... Nowhere on the original form did it indicate that you might not be eligible for the coupons. And then they spam you with Disney Vacations and trying to get you to sign up for online colleges. A waste of time, do not fill out their forms.
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They keep calling our home and asking for my daughter who did not visit the web site nor sign up for anything. Also, she is not pregnant and I told them to remove them from her list NOW!!!!!!!


i think that site is really bad the same thing has happend to me, and no we are just mothers, who care for their children, being junk -mailed by companies like babytobee.


sounds like you think to be eligible you must act like baby. Guess it did not work that way.

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Dallas, Texas

Constant sales calls on my CELL phone!

I saw that you could get a "free" Bugaboo stroller. Well, you have to fill out at least 2 surveys for other companies (and buy products from them)in order to get your free stroller. So, I read the terms and agreements for the other products and if you don't like them you have 15 days from the time they send it out to return it or your CARD WILL BE CHARGED. I said "no thanks". Now I'm getting swamped with spam in my email and constant sales call on my cell phone. There is NOTHING free from Baby to Bee. Not worth the headaches, extra charges on your cell phone and constant spam!!!!!
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You dont get something for nothing.


best advice change you phone #, never give any info to baby to bee, crooks from ***. They have ruined people lives!!! The biggest scam I've ever seen and the fact that they use families w/young children or expectant parents pissed me off to no end.


This is the funniest story I have read here in a long time!

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Burbank, California
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Don't sign up for Baby To Bee

I thought I was getting a good deal by signing up. Instead I got a email box full of junk mail ranging from online schooling to finding love. I didn't use any of their coupons and was charged $39 for nothing. They will not refund my money even when haven't used anything from them. They guy that called me was slick I should of said no in the beginning. If you're trying to find deals this website is not the place to find it. They actually sell your info. I am really upset with this company because they prey on pregnant women.
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Don't sign up for babytobee or work for Contact Centers of America..

Babytobee, the managers are horrible drug addicts... That includes Chris & Steve ..... The team leads are okay.... The manager of the center Joey is awesome...

But the owner of the company (Joe) is a major racist... He called all his employees "crack monkeys"......

They trAin the employees to be *** artists.....

Don't get the Disney, Dr.Suess, US weekly magazine offers or any credit card offers.... It's a trap.......


I see a lot of complaints, so maybe this will help some of you dealing with this.

I went to their privacy page and wrote a strongly, yet politely, worded reminding them of the Do Not Call List to INFO@***.com

By law, they MUST stop contacting you or providing third parties your information - BUT YOU HAVE TO ASK/DEMAND IT, as listed on their website privacy page.

On purpose, I left out my name and phone number and information in my initial email so that they'd have to respond with an address, and a name. Even if it's a fake name, the company has responded and acknowledged your email. Don't just "send and hope". Establish a trail.

Their privacy policy, if you care to quote it, is at the "privacy policy" portion of their website.

I asked them to respond, and they did. I even now have an email address of the person who I spoke to, should I need it for future documentation. I'd post her email here, but instead, I encourage you to write the INFO email and let the customer service people contact you directly.

In fact, they got back to me in less than an hour.

I was responded to by someone with the initials S.L., who very politely requested that I send her my phone number to "remove it from our system". I'm very sure that this will end quick. If not, I'll be back to update my progress.

But instead of complaining on a website - and it's good to do that too! - make sure that you ALSO take action, hold the company accountable, and make it unquestionably clear that you wish to not do business with them or their third party companies. That IS YOUR RIGHT. But it MUST BE EXERCISED BY YOU.

It really torks me off when people call my house and then aren't transparent, or hang up. It's instant suspicion, and is a poor display of a company's ethics (or at best, poor hiring skills), and a surefire guarantee that I will never do business with that company.

EVER. And I tell them that. And also mention that I'll be writing about my experiences on the Internet if things don't change. You'd be surprised at how efficient you can be without ever cursing or using a direct threat. It's quite beautiful.


i just got off the phone with them and they didn't sound like they were professionals who can we make them stop :( :(




I started getting a magazine: Siempre Mujer, without subscribing. I called them and asked where they got my information and they said it was shared by BabyToBee company.

They didn't even have my name right anyway.

On their website is no information on how to remove your info from their databases. Thank G-d they don't have my tel number!


Here's some *** to be sure! These people have been apparently caling my house everyday and now I'm having issues w/ my wife thinking I'm doing something and have some secret family somewhere! How do I get these people to stop calling and how did they get my number in the first place?


i am 56 years old i cannot have babies any more so why do they keep calling me?


Like others I do not know how they got hold of my cell # and oh my god.. these *** have been calling me every 30 mins y'day & today and when I pick up I hear another phone ring on the other side & nothing happens.

Finally I was able to call them back & ask them to take me off the list..couple of minutes ago. Ba$tard$$$$!!!!


i just got off the phone with them, and now im reading all this stuff about them!! UGHH!!


To all you people receiving babytobee calls - I urge you to file a complaint with the FTC to get Contact Centers of America shut down (they are the company who basically is Babytobee as that is their sole call purpose) - in trying to find employment, I answered their add on Craigslist - after a 2.5 hr cmptr test, which included typing, geomotry, word asssociatian, etc, I was thinking "gee, I am not going to get this job" - and then they hand you a script. The worse thing is people, they are not only scamming you but their employees as well - when you go in for training they hand you about 30 pages and tell you to just go thru them and initial and sign because the trainer tells you the first hour "will not be paid because all you are doing is filling out employer/employee paperwork" - as no one has time to read these documents as they are initialling and/or signing, we are assuming that we will be retaining these or get copies as in other companies with regard to wages/policies, etc and on break several people state they will file complaint if they do not get paid for the first hour..........wrong - I personally only worked a total of 4 staggered 4 hour shifts, one nite, because they had not bothered to give me an entry card, I could not even enter the building, yet keep in mind, the entry key card they finally gave me, they then failed to de-activate after my

termination the fourth day.

I was hired to start on Jan 31 and was terminated by they claimed by "Babytobee" not Contact Centers of America because "Babytobe wanted me to have 450 in 'sales' points" and they were not the ones terminating me. Ok - then i get my paycheck and it is for 16.76 hours - I call and say what happened to the day of training (8 hr) pay - they say, well you don't gt paid that because you did not work until Feb 14 -- well as it turns out, one of those papers among the 30 others that you never get a copy of states that you will not be paid for the day of training if you resign or are terminated prior to working a full two weeks, and we terminated you on Feb 10 so we are not paying you. I have worked the last few yrs in call centers due to lack of work anywhere else and I thought Nielson Media was bad when they terminated all their mangagers and supervisors when a gentleman from Pakistan bought the company and made them re-apply (about 50 percent of Nielson employees some being there over 20 yrs lost their jobs) but this by far out does them. I had to fight tooth and nail, calling the Wage and Labor Division, and researching the FSLA laws and finally advised their main office in Orlando, that they were, by their actions forcing me to file suit for wrongful termination and liquidaty damages.

After numerous emails back and forth, on the day I was returning their equipment (oh yes, the equipment you need in order to do your job (headset and entry card), you have to pay for yourself - it has yet to be seen if I will get a check or if I will actually get a check for the 8 hours of training (I did make sure I kept the phone recording stating that the Orlando HR received "exception ok" that they would pay me.

When I was hired, their operating hours were from 9am to 11pm - they only offer 4 hr shifts - their were many people struggling and taking this on as a second job that signed up for 6 - 10 and 7-11 shifts - two days later they posted a paper on their sign in sheet (true, there is no official clock that actually proves you were there as a sign in sheet can be altered by management of Contact Centers of America to suit their needs), so all these people were terminated also through no fault of their own.........the list goes on and on and I cannot fathom how many people they have done this to as they just started another ad for employees needed after they just terminated a batch. I personally have made copies of every single page under Contact Centers of America, their sole owner, and all the complaints from the forum and will be sending them to FTC, my congressman, governor and I am even sending to White house who so wants to create employment......let them all see what goes on in Florida which is one of the highest states for unemployment......I am on your side me out by filing formal complaints.

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Mchenry, Illinois

Wont put on there do not call list

I did not sign up with babytobee. I asked not to call me. They are still calling me. They call every one it starts at 8 am until 10pm. They are sending me useless emails. Creating spam in my inbox. I called them back the guy that answers does not tell his name at all. He is chewing gum. tr One day my daughter answered the phone. They started to the offers with her. I was very upset. I told them she only 11 years old. I am on the do not call registry. They just wont listen to me at all.
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Freeland, Michigan

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