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We purchased a Victoria Ivory kitchen and once they were installed we noticed that the colors are all over the place. I now have a psychedelic kitchen. The doors, walls and filler are three different shades of ivory. When I spoke to cabinets to go, I was told that because I didn't call them within 30 days of receipt, they were no longer liable for any issues. It took more than 30 days to get around to installing them and we couldn't see the...
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I didn't like
  • Verbal promises
We paid for drawer pulls and knobs and never received them.Also we had a broken cabinet. I have made 50 phone calls and they won't return your calls or your emails. We finally talked to the salesman we bought them from and he said the service was worthless. They are very nice when you buy them but after words you are screwed, NEVER AGAIN............................. We had several people interested in purchasing cabinets from them but I will...
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I didn't like
  • No customer service
  • Poor service
  • Pathetic customer service
I started a kitchen in October 2015 with the Victoria Ivory cabinets from Cabinets to Go (CTB). From the onset, there was an issue beginning with the installation of the first anchor cabinet, which was damaged. This delayed my install more than 2 weeks. I am waiting on I think the 6th set of replacement doors (so many I'm losing count) and it is now October 2016. The last order for doors was made in June 2016 & I did not get them until Sept. Of...
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Anonymous According to most manufacturer's specifications, a gap of up to 3/1000th's of an inch is an acceptable tolerance for a door joint. I do not see what it is about these doors t...

I liked
  • No charge for kitchen layout design
  • Ease of installing
  • Michelle in customer service
I didn't like
  • Shoddy construction
  • Delivery time
  • Poor quality