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The result was they said we needed a new air conditioner, left it leaking and said he would call on Tues with price of new AC. That would be 4 days later! Unbeknownst to us another company came in on Sunday, found the drain pipe outside clogged, cleaned it out, fixed the problem! And stated we did not need a new AC. We want our money back from Aztil as they did not fix the problem. They just wanted to sell a new AC. they have never...
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We live in Valencia Shores and thought we had a leak in the roof because the ceiling was yellow in spots We have a service contract with Attila and they came over right away and remedied the problem We think Aztil is an excellent service We took out a 5 year contract with them and have found them extremely reliable. They come out within hours after our call. We had ECM in the past and they don't compare with Aztil Our problem involved going up...
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I was misled to believe that a Preventative Maintenance Agreement meant those words.They do not. They rather mean that a charge is made at every time there is an opportunity. As the Agreement states that the charge cannot be for labor, the company makes its money on the parts that are "required". I had a problem that could have solved with a part under warranty. Although I thought there was no charge for labor, the actual word on a bill for $275...
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I didn't like
  • Being given false promises
  • Dishonesty
Please beware!Aztil is VERY fraudulent. They sent out the first repairman ( Juan ) who showed up at 7:00pm and is actually a salesman forcibly trying to sell their expensive maintenance plan. He never got my AC fixed but instead said that the unit needed two parts. The unit is only one year old!! He said that they would send another technician the next day with the two new parts and that if I sign the 2 year maintenance agreement the repair and...
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My mother got an expensive contract with Aztil. They damaged the wiring on her AC unit. They sent a technician who could not fit in the service area. They sold her mold remediation unit but never hooked it up. They told her there was a hole in the freon line but there wasn't. They refused to honor the last six months of her contract and won't refund it. She asked to speak to the manager but to date he's not gotten back to her. Run away from this...
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Anonymous We both know that this is not what happened. Telling the Truth is very important. I DEAL IN In facts. Now the right thing to do is call their office and ask for Analisa 561-43...