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Ripped off.

Bought into this company believing that by selling trips I would receive a commission. I sold the trips, was promised the commission but never received it. Phone calls and emails were not answered. Stay away from this company. Read the reviews. I wish I had done more research.
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I did the same thing when it was the Travelbridge branded company. We paid a few thousand dollars to get into the travel business.

It never met the claims & we continued paying yearly dues. This company has become a part of the ongoing scam and I don't recommend this company for any reason. I just found my old I.D. Card.

Which is why I am sharing this with you. The card is going through my shredder in a few minutes.$$$/wasted!!!/=××××

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Mary Branum
Mary Branum

Mary Branum is a vacation rental expert, owner of Galveston Island and President of STROAG.