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99 PC cleanup for my Windows 8 desktop. Got it on sale for $19.99. It never upgraded/updated from the free version so basically I paid $20 for junk software that didn't do what it advertised. I just let it sit idle doing whatever it did for free til it expired. Didn't feel like chasing a refund. A year later, today 12/20/16 I get a charge on my debit for $43.69 for 39.99 auto-renewal + tax. Apparently there is a little tiny radio button that you...
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Bought the basic $39.99 software last year for my computer, it never updated from the free trial version so the computer I had it installed on never got upgraded or updated.So for me, the software was complete junk even though I'm running it on a 2 year old desktop for work that gets babied all the time. Thought that was a waste of money & had no idea I was set up for auto-renewal. Received a $42 charge today & tried to call the customer service...
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h.kitchener The free version of Avast works just fine. I have mine set to not auto update and just do it every couple of days myself. No reason to actually pay for anti virus software now...

on 10/20/2016 purchased cleaning apps for 2 computers as listed above .2 days later wifi, desktop ,laptop, and new printer became virus infected and destroyed the printer.HP refused replacement of printer unless they could clean both computers removing all avast apps which included newly purchased orders 10147548606 & 10162183206 at a cost of $39.98 . Please give me a refund for these orders once my contract Mafee through HP expires I would...
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Avast Software Cleanup Utility Software Review

I paid for the Avast Clean Up program and all I got was a product key and info about my purchase. No download link to install the program or nothing. When I called customer service, the guy tried harder to sell me the complete fix it package for almost 200.00, as opposed to helping me install the product I purchased and didn't get yet. Now comes the fun part of getting my money back
September 14, 2016 was charged an automatic bill for their computer clean software that did little for my computer.When I called to cancel was told to call 952-908-4150 which I assume was a outsourced company in-charge of delivering refunds. I was then given and told to go to the web page and enter order and push submit to get my refund. Alert!!! google URL does not work! I had to call the company back and tell them about all the...
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I didn't like
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