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Avanquest - Serial no of fixit utilities is wrong and can't be read a35 something
com the product is fixit utilities pro 10 i purchased the pro software a year ago and never got back an answer your custumer call center never came back with a serial no. that activates the pro application the serial has a a35 no. i can't read I've been running a trial...
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No unpaid customer support , emailed 3 days ago, no reply, registry editor , fix it utilities does NOT install or work at all , Will not deal with pay as you go support at all Software is bogus *** do not buy software from this outfit All I see is complaints from consumers Do I really need 100 words What the *** is this, a punitive essay ? I'm not in elementary school now...... Shite caca doo doo dog dirt Eat *** and die avanquest...
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hi everyone please do not do the mistake i had done and bought (fix it utilities pro 15) from Avanquest I bought this software from ( what a mistake i did? I bought it on 24/4/2016 for 3 licences. I wrote three emails to technical support(what a...
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Anonymous This does not seem to be an issue with Purch Marketplace, but rather Avanquest.I was searching for reviews on Purch Marketplace, and this seems mis-categorized.

I didn't like
  • Everything
  • Being ripped off
  • No way to resolve their issue
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