map-marker Pensacola, Florida

Car arrived with front/rear bumper damage

Automotive Avenues sold me a 2006 BMW 325i with 52,xxx miles. Pics were nice on Ebay, promised to be clean inside and out, no damage to exterior. Car was delivered WELL after dark by GLR Shipping. When I inspected it, I saw why. Damage estimated at $600-$1200! WTF? Both companies went back and forth on responsibility. Was ultimately told I would have to take the shipping company to small claims to get money. They of course maintain they picked it up like that. So pissed off that I got token for a ride(no pun intended!) Don't trust either GLR Shipping or Automotive Avenues, NJ.
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This isn't 1985, I can't believe neither of them took pics at the shipping point. Sounds shadey.