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I have put in about 4 sets of interior from Autoberry. Last order was 'custom' as it had contrast stitching (only). When the order arrived, it was the wrong color and did not fit correctly. The leather was also not as nice as previous seats. I called to complain, and asked for a refund. David, the manager, claimed that because it was a 'special/custom' order, they offered no return policy. They simply will not back any order that they deem...
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I informed Autoberry right away that I had received the wrong year. I own 1983 Fiat this boot would fit my old Fiat that was 1974. They would not even consider that I was correct. Just kept saying that it was 100% correct and I didn't know what I was doing. They never offered any assistance telling me this product didn't come with instructions. The only thing they offered was that they would take care of it if I took it to an upholsterer and...
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I purchase a replacement convertable top from this company on ebay, and when I received the top, I emailed them (within the return period) that it was clear the top was too short.They responded it was CNC cut and it was not possible. (BS on the face. Operator error, or mis-marked packaging is always possible) They said to put it in the sun to stretch or bring it to a professional installer to do it right. Well $350 later, the professional...
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ElGordo similar story here. They don't honor their warranties either.