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Auto Haus Mr. Hohlrieder This company took advantage of a women and charged me $2200 for work that was not completed Yorktown Virginia

This is the letter that I wrote to the owner on Nov 2, 2017 after my engine was still on after paying $2200 Good Morning Mr. Hohlrieder, I need some type of resolve to my engine light still being on after I spent $2300 to get it matter completed. In the last week I have spent over $3000 dollars of my hard earned money between Auto Haus and Grafton Collision and I still have a car that is running like a volkswagon. I came in to get an oil change in February and the service team gave me a laundry list of things that needed to be fixed on 2/27/17 which I included in the following attachment above titled booklet. I went to a trusted mechanic thats been working on my car since I bought it from AutoHaus. This young man used to work for Acura and he completed the entire laundry list for me. Since this time I have relocated to the D.C. area and maybe a month ago my engine light came on and I went to Acura in Waldorf to get a diagnostic and the service department explained to me it was a misfire and the cost would be $350. Instead of going with them I decided to drive all the way back home and have Autohaus do a diagnostics test and Eric gave me a laundry list of things that needed to be fixed in which I explained to him that many of those things have already been done and why should I repeat them. Eric stated because it appeared to have some oil leaks. I stated well the mechanic just replaced the platinum spark plugs so that should not have to be replaced. He stated if they look fine then would use the ones I just paid for so this should have been subtracted from my bill but it wasn't I paid $2300 and change and they did use the plugs that were just purchased. I stated to him just make sure that all my lights are completely off and everything is taken care of. Now I don't know where you come from Mr. Hohlrieder but where I come from $2300 is alot of money and especially in this day and time. Now many would ask why did I drive all the way back to VA when I could've dealt with Acura in Waldorf and spent way less and had my service backed by Acura. And it boils down to Trust! I just sent my last child to college on an academic scholarship and relocated to the D.C. area and I don't want to be on the side of the road because my car was not serviced correctly. So when it comes to a peace of mind then their is no price tag. However, I don't have a peace of mind because I've came back on yesterday and spent the whole half of my afternoon trying to resolve this issue when this is now becoming a continuous matter. I pulled off the lot and not on the highway not 10 minutes and my car is riding rough and the engine light is on. Stop off the highway and turned off the car and turned it back on and it sounds like its out of breath. I'm supposed to be back in Maryland right now and I'm still in Va dealing with something that I don't want to deal with because thats what I pay for service for not to be back in this situation. After picking up the car I decided to go to Advance auto to get a engine diagnostic and it came back Exhaust Gas recirculation and battery malfunction. Now below is what was supposed to be serviced during the week of October 17th Repair Services: JUSTIN.B-6 - 1. ignition coil 2. oxygen sensor 3. replace valve cover gaskets 4. replace front brake pads/rotors Now I want to work with your team so I don't want anyone to tell me at this point that my car is a 2005 Acura with 216,000 miles and yada yada yada because that should have been told to me before I paid my monies. At this point I need my car to be fixed properly and I'm not paying another red penny. I trusted your team to fix it properly and thats my expectations or I will call my bank and tell them that those services were never rendered! So you decide what needs to happen next...I need someone in leadership to contact me today to come up with a solution. I filed a dispute with my Bank Bank of America and it was only after I filed this dispute did they want to call my phone. This company is full of crooks. Look at the letter that I sent my bank whom they have yet to fight on my behalf Bank of America Dispute Resolution Services P.O. Box 53137 Phoenix, AZ. 85072 December 25th, 2017 Ernestine A. Combs 8775 Fairground Rd. Bel Alton, MD. 20611-**** Dear Dispute Resolution Services, This letter is in regards to the following claim number # 171102****86 in the amount of $2,218.72 for account ending in # 3261. I was advised on 11/20/2017 the following message from Bank of America (Thank you for your assistance as we process your claim. We value the information and/or documentation you have provided). (We have received your important information and are continuing to work on your claim. In the event we need additional information we will contact you). So I was waiting to send the additional information but to no avail I only got a message that their had been a decision made without further input from me whom is your client. On 11/1/2017, I did some research on my car and the Kelly Blue Book valued showed it worth only $3742.00. Now before I filed this dispute I sent a letter to the owner of Autohaus in which I will include again to get a resolve on the matter. When I took my car to be fixed at Autohaus I specifically told (Eric) whom was the service guy I spoke to in reference to my automobile that I was moving to the Maryland area and I just spent over $1400 with my mechanic Galvino Green phone number (757) 818-**** fixing numerous things on my car and my engine light was still on. And my main thing was that I did not want take this car to Maryland where I had to drive on a day to day basis in a busy metropolitan area in which my car would break down. Answered Complaint: The General Manager Garry Stace was the one who disputed the charge back stating that the car had extremely high mileage, and that they repaired the rough running of the car and the primary concern of the customer. My Rebuttal in regards to his answer is following: When I first took the car to Autohaus I explained that my primary concern was to run an engine check on the car and to repair the items that were displayed on the engine check report. The Diagnostic Report stated the following: Coil Pack Electrical Sensor Valve Cover Gaskets Spark Plugs Tube Seals Brakes Front Pads & Disc Engine Filter Oil Change I explained to Eric the service advisor that I had already had all these things done in August 2017 by my mechanic minus the brakes. He assured me that my mechanic did not do these things and that it was reported on the engine diagnostics. He never once mentioned that because the high mileage of the car that their would be a possibility that many things could be wrong with the car. At this time when the diagnostic report was done there was no indication that a catylic converter was needed. Now at this time I never ask to see the diagnostics report but I trusted them as the experts and I just wanted to get the check engine light off. Upon me picking up the car and driving it over to their body shop because I was having some body work done on the vehicle as well which is located maybe 1000 feet from the location I noticed that the engine light was off so I thought they had resolved my concern. But upon me picking up the vehicle from the Body Shop and driving less than a mile from their location the engine light came back on and maybe it was riding really rough. I called Eric the service advisor the next day and I explained to him that my engine light was on again and that I could not go back to Maryland until this situation was resolved. When I came back instead of fixing the things that were never completed obviously because my engine was on I was informed that I needed to spend another $2400 on something a catylic converter. My question is this…..I paid $2200 for the first problem to get fixed and it never was resolved so why would I spend another $2400 dollars with a company that doesn’t back the work they set out to do. I took my car and I had two other people to look at the car: Advance Auto ran a engine diagnostic test and it came up that their was something wrong with my gas A copy of the diagnostic test will be included once again in this packet Hall Acura of Newport News examined the car and determined that it could be that their were two different types of valve covers on my car: Two were Honda parts Two were Non Honda parts I called my mechanic that did all this work before Autohaus touched my vehicle and asked him what brand valve cover he used on my car and he stated to me that he used Bap Geon parts. The Conclusion: That they never ran a real engine diagnostic test and that they might have tried to clean up maybe what the other mechanic did and put two new Honda parts and left everything else in tack. When I wrote to the owner I wanted to know why they charged me for spark plugs when they used the ones from my mechanic. He responded that they forgot to take it off the invoice. So if they were unethical about the engine diagnostics because clearly they just replace two valve covers and left everything the same. And if they were unethical about charging me for spark plugs when they used the ones I had already up there then what else were they unethical about? My car is worth $3700 and if I had wrecked the automobile in a car crash the insurance company would cancel it out as being a total loss when you have to spend more on the car to fix it then what it is worth. As a consumer I expect to get expert information when I spend $2200 dollars on a repair and the engine light has remained to stay on. I tried to resolve the situation when writing to the owner and when the Manager called me stating that in order for them to fix my car that I would have to spend more money. The end results is that they were unethical and nothing can be trusted. I was not going to put one more $ dollar in my car because it was not worth it and this was communicated in the letter to the owner; so after I got no answer from the owner but a manager calling me with a bad attitude suggesting I spend more money with their unethical company I filed the dispute my bank Bank of America and I parked my car from Hertz rental car until I could buy me a new car. In which I purchased a 2018 Hyundai. Receipts from Hertz are included as well as the purchase of my car. I expect as my banking institution that you reopen this dispute and review all the facts involved. Respectfully, Ernestine A. Combs Eventhough I have proof that the engine light is still on and that Autohaus tried to charge me another $2400 and that I took it to another mechanic Hall Acura which showed the work was not completed they have yet to credit my monies permanently . I have had to rent cars and purchase a new car because I can't rely on the Acura.
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Reason of review:
I feed violated because this company took advantage of a women

Preferred solution: Full refund

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This matter has not been satisfied. I will have to take them to court to receive justice.