*** Poor Business Practices

Took 4 qts. of trans fluid back to the dealer for a credit and was told it was past the 30 day limit. This is fluid that is used daily at the dealer and is stocked in great quantities. Not special ordered, not electronics nor out of stock parts. Just plain trans fluid. Approx. $23.00 per qt. I've worked at various dealers in their parts dept and know the return was out of the 30 day window but being that its a daily used fluid, it wouldn't put a burden on their inventory. After all its 4 qts. There isn't really any logical reason to not take it back, other than the parts manager being an *** Dealers always take back return parts. It makes for great customer service relations. It happens all the time. It falls in line with good community rapport and overall customer satisfaction. Not going to take it back? Fine, I'll do business elsewhere and so will anyone I know, thank you. But when I asked for the general manager, he laughed and stated that it was a family run business and his mom was the general manager? As if to say "you wont get what you want because my mommy will not go against my call"? WTF? How does a dealership run with this business attitude? How does anyone respond to that blatant unprofessionalism, to a customers face, in front of a lobby full of customers? It was like a spoiled little brat acting out? I went to the receptionist and asked to see the owner/general manager/assistant manager, anyone who has a speck of authority and was told all personnel was busy and none of the folks mentioned had neither an extension number, business card, email or phone number to contact. Remember... this is a family owned business. They could care less about their customers. Stay away if you can. Like me, you'll regret it.
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Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy
Irasema Sdo
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Used car rip-off in Corona, Ca

Their staff members know nothing about the cars; ie the features on the cars, we tests drove 4 of their 2010 camrys, one of which had a transmission problem, another had a brake problem, the semi decent one they wanted to finance me on but because I refused the manager got nasty and rude, I was already financed by my trusted bank, So I guess this is how they make their money, by financing unsuspecting individuals on damaged vehicles!!! If you happen to take the bate and buy one of their vehicles and find out there is a problem with the vehicle they will not refund or repair it for you! I WILL NOT RECOMMEND THIS BUSINESS TO ANYONE! Please take the time and read the disclaimer on their webpage,
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