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So I did audition america when I was 15. And I literally just wanted to take a shot at it and see where it went. Well I ended up winning a "contract" and I paid $150 dollars for the pictures that they took which now that I look back at them were horrible! And then they told me that if I wanted to continue I would have to pay $300 for a portfolio! Right there and then I got the feeling that this company was not a legit one. I honestly dont regret... Read more

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I paid for my disk and never got it never got information about my performance and they wouldn't answer there phone

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I paid over $400 plus paid for my sons modeling cards and now no one will answer my calls or emails in regards to the next step. Even after he supposably won the 1 year contract, still no call back. No one answers the phone at any of the offices. It's totally a scam. Pissed! Read more

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This company is a fraud. They use little kids to get money. LA was suppose to take my 3 month old pictures since she claimed to be a professional photographer. She did not even show up the day of his photo shoot, so I want my 150 dollars back. I'm sad and pist off because I missed an important milestone in my baby's life. This company refuses to take responsibility for there inconvenience. Further more they have faulty equipment and don't show... Read more

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Ok so I recently auditioned for america audition and I applied last month and when they called a couple days ago I even asked do I have to pay? Lady said no so I went. Did my audition was the last person with two other femafemales and I made the cut but I noticed EVERY BODy made it so I got happy but edge then the guy added with 3 payments of __ and seriously all my red flags went up. I have took many theater classes yyou are NEVER suppose to... Read more

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The people running this company are scam artist i wish i would have researched them before paying them my money. They are unprofessional I heard several individuals on along with me requesting a refund. The guy that claims to be the photographer is rude i overheard him telling one contestant parent and a couple of the teen contestants no one would want to work with them due to their attitudes. He felt they should not give him attitude although... Read more

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i wasnt to pleased how they treated me, i told them i didint have much money, to come up with in two weeks, took my 100.00, and said see you in two weeks, i was unaware of the situation, told him the girls phones were turned off and still sent the receipt to the phone, wanted to know if i can get my 100.00 back,dont have any money right now, there shoot date is schuduled for march 1st and we decided we cant do this right now, if i can get a... Read more

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What real talent agencies have a sixteen year old kid as a judge? Really!!! This is a scam. $395 for pictures? And you can't use your own. This is a scam that prays on young kids and their parents. They tell the kid how great they are and the parent feels obligated to spend the money to send the kid through the bogus program. It's a perfect set-up, the parent doesn't want say no and hurt the kids feelings. Legit agencies do not charge up-front... Read more

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I would like to refute the report as Audition America being a scam. My kids had an awesome time at the event. They even won contracts and have done work from the event in TV, Print, and Film/ Each day, I am able to apply for jobs that are already listed with my agency who Audition America linked me to through their event. I am very greatful for the wonderful opportunity! I am including other testimonials from others that took part in the event... Read more

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my child was soo very happy they told him he had a future no doubt and asked him to come back and intern and then they set him up for a conference call that made no sense but making us believe this was a huge deal! my son believing this was true was so excited and posted things on facebook about the good things that weere gonna happen and now that people found out about this company being a joke...he is going through ***!!!! People are making... Read more

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