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Worst customer service, refused to fix what they broke!

I went to audio excellence to get my aftermarket halo headlights and fog lights installed. The first 30mins they did absolutely nothing then four hours later they call me to come back, to a $400 bill. I can say the one installer who put in the headlight did a great Job but the other ones suck! They saw how upset I was because I knew I was completely getting ripped off. They offered to put in led lights under my dash board inside my car for $60. I thought it was a great idea, so I went ahead and did it. The guy set the led lights to go on with my headlights, when I told them I wanted it where I was able to control. That night when I turned on my car, the headlights come on and so were the led's, making it hazardous for me to drive that night. I went back the next day for them to fix what they did wrong, and the guy in the front was telling me that don't have time me. After finally convincing them to fix my car, I can't drive with LEDs on for another night. I had to come out of my own pocket to buy a switch to manually turn the LEDs on and off, and pay an extra $50 to put the switch in. When I got the car home that night, after the led's being fixed, I noticed my remote start and alarm wasn't working. I have had this alarm and got it professionally installed for over 9 months and have never had a problem until audio excellence starting messing with my car. I contacted the owner of this place and she took my side of the story and then spoke with the person who installed it. She called me back stating the her technician said they had nothing to do with the alarm breaking and she would not be fixing my alarm, she even became rude and hung the phone up on me. This place broke my very expensive viper alarm, that had absolutely no problems with, and then refuses to fix it or pay for the damage. Their customer service was horrible and one of the worse experience I ever had!
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