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Como puedo conectar su producto Audience acoustics

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After reading these past reviews I can't believe I fell for this scam...if I ever catch his A$% in the streets it's gonna be a misunderstanding!!!!

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Ok, I live in Laurel Maryland I had two guys one white and fat the other black and skinny. The black guy said," hey do you want to buy a theater projecter" so I looked at him and said let me see it, oh by the way I was at the ATM, anyway I told the guys let move in the parking lot so I can see it. So we pulled to the parking lot oh by the way they were driving a green van. Anyways so they told me the same story that they got to many of them and... Read more

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I would like to be contacted by the company for a couple quick questions about the product and possibly upgrading mine.

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two guys one black one white in a white beat up van. Stopped me on the street in Washington DC. said they were installers of the system and said two many were ordered and they wanted to sell the extra one. I don't know what I was thinking. Well I guess I thought I was getting a good deal since they had the items boxed with nice graphics, a web site and a large ($3000 MSRP) price tag. He asked me to make an offer so I offer $500. Since I would... Read more

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They have no contact point forcudtomer service or techy help, the box idoes not say you have to buy an applifier to make it work, I still can't figure out how it works by the ywo page psmlet thst comes with the hd-A6250S package. The only wiring diagram (after I purchased an amp for it) showswires to the speakers....dvd input output but no where does it have a plug for the amp to get power tothe unit and no one to ask how it works. Oh *** what... Read more

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Audience Acoustics brand speaker systems/sound bar for televisions are absolute junk. Nothing more than a simple wood box with cheap speakers that can not be hooked up to a modern tv. You can make one in your garage for under $25. Do not be misled. They will not answer emails to customer support.

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