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I have been wearing top-of-the-line Audibel hearing aids for over five years, and have upgraded once during that time. I have gone from total unawareness that I had a hearing problem to near total reliance on my hearing aids both professionally and quality-of-life wise. The sophisticated technology of these tiny little things is amazing, and when I don't have them in my ears, I am still shocked at how my world shrinks. I learned to respect my...
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I liked
  • Customer training
  • I love audibel and the staff
  • Quality of the aids
I went in for a cleaning with a working hearing aid and left with my right one not working. They told me to have it repaired at a cost of $200 and I refuse to through good money after bad. What a lousy piece of workmanship! They were only worn 50% of the time and I live in Las Vegas where it's not humid at all. Never, ever, again will Audibel get any money from me. If there is a way to let people know just how bad their product is, please...
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Sandy TOBIN HEARING CENTER, Las Vegas...8/12/16
0 rating...$7000. hearing aids 12//10/5. Actually used maybe 6 hours TOTAL. Case cracks and breaks. Returned to factory 6 times an...