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AA used to be the best on the web. I had bid on a 14 ga reloading tool, and completely forgot about it. About two weeks later I get a phone call from the seller. I apologized profusely and offered to pay on the spot, about $20 total. The guy kept saying "people don't just forget" and " Manny is a close personal friend of mine". The guy didn't want to settle up, he wanted to lecture and berate me no end. After about 20 minutes I bid him farewell... Read more

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Buyer BEWARE if you are keeping that safe queen that you won on AA you may have to send it to lawmen when it comes up stolen in the future. I am now the named victim in a court case on the East coast owed restitution because about 5 buyers ago my pistol was sold hot. Auction Arms says they have never had a stolen gun sold on their site. I find that hard to believe. Even if you did everything legal and went through an FFL you can get stuck with... Read more

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I sold a 1911 to a buyer with an FFL in Bedford TX. BAD- unprofesional, maybe for texas they shine but not anywhere else. No return on emails from either the buyer or the FFL dealer until I got action arms support to call them. I dont chase kids around- apparently auction arms cant screen or insist their customers act like adults. I had to chase these buyers and dealers plus auction arms arpund like they were my sisters kids. And the auction... Read more

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This site used to be a great place, but now, even it's OWNER is breaking his own site's rules against shill bidding. Manny Dela Cruz, the site's owner, uses the buyer's ID of AuctionArmsCeo on the site. He ALSO has the SELLER'S ID of He ALSO runs the sales for the NRA as seller ID NRA Firearms For Freedom. He is using his AuctionArmsCeo bidder's ID to bid on and run up prices on both the GunLiquidator auctions and the NRA... Read more

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This site USED to be the best on the web. A few years ago it started to decline, and has done so to the level of only about 31,000 listings now, a quantum leap BELOW their competition. I USED to sell there and have a few thousand sales to my credit. We got a massive concentration of deadbeats a while back, and while we got relist credits for the FVF, we did NOT get credit for all of our extra cost listing fees, like bold colored title etc. When... Read more

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This site says they support the 2nd amendment but they have no desire to support the 1st admendment... I was put on a "time out" for telling the owner to F*&k off because of his "better then everone else" attitude and his constant do as I say not as I do. Up until today I have not visited the site in about a year since my "time out". this site still does not work correctly! I can not do a search and browse through the pages of items with... Read more

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Bought 3 guns from AA, none were as decribed.On 4th winning auction I called seller. Ad stated excellant condition. Gave seller addresss and mentioned exclnt. condition. He said NO, 70%. Told him to keep and I will save return costs. Bought another, seller,in my state, said he never recieved check. After 2 months, stopped pay. Seller would not let me send MO.,cashiers check or take cash. He made a complaint to AA. I really wanted gun 6th gun,... Read more

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I have used Auctionarms on several perevious occasions. I was recenltly high bidder on an 1881 pattern US Army dress helmet which I paid for using Gunpal, which I had just signed up for. When the item wa snot recieved I contacted the seller who state the item had been sent to an address supplied by Auctionarms, notmy address. The empty box was subsequently returned without the $160 item. Auctionarms refuses to return my calls but did send an... Read more

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