Serial Company Defaults

Insolvency practioner ditches serial liquidators Neill Stuart Malcolm John and Clair Honeysett now own a new printing business incorporated November 2016 Even though****/hiatus-over-houseprint-situation their liquidator ditched them The number of their failed companies is now more than 20 with name changes within many of these to avoid their legal responsibilities. The insolvency serice are well aware of the list of companies owned but do little to prevent another com-pany being opened by them They look around the world seeking out weaker subcontrac tors and leave these unpaud althuogh they have taken the money from the consumers.
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The Printing House Ltd, HousePrint Ltd, Atlas Print Group..

Mr Neill Stuart Malcom John, Kevan Charles Eveleigh and Clair Rosina Hunnisett, Michael Clifford are fraudsters! The previous trading names related to these individuals are; The Printing House Ltd, Houseprint Ltd, A Printing Company Ltd, Universal Printing Corporation Ltd, TPH Printing Ltd, Universal Printing Ltd, Tyson Media Ltd, Tyson Colour Ltd, Eutopia Press Ltd, Online Printing UK Ltd, Britannia Press Ltd, Swane Ltd, Ambeck Corporation Ltd, Masterclass Associates, Dragon Press Ltd... The list goes on! Neill Stuart Malcom John runs as a shadow Director with Clair Hunnisett for The Printing House (Houseprint Ltd), they are known for dissolving companies and re-opening them with a brand new name leaving many of their previous creditors out of pocket. We are a small family run business and had placed an order for 5000 catalogues. They had asked for full payment upfront, we fortunately declined this and instead, made a deposit of £1200 and agreed to make a second and third payment after we had seen the catalogues and once they were being delivered. At the time I was speaking to a "Stuart" who was a "Sales Rep", he never stated his full name. He told us that the Director of the company was a Mr Paul Cummins who met with us and promised us these catalogues. After doing some extended research ..Paul Cummins is NOT a Director of the company or even related to the company in any shape or form and I still have no idea why he met with us in person and made these promises on behalf of this fraudulent company. Long story short... Clair Hunnisett is the actual Director, Neill STUART Malcom John is a shadow Director and together they lied to us and scammed us of £1200 and we still have no catalogues. We have won two small claims cases against them, we were then told that the company is going into liquidation and will be dissolved... we are most likely not going to get our money back and within a few months.. they should open a brand new shiny company with a clean slate. My advice to businesses is to do a thorough check on the company using Companies House and really do your research before making any sort of payment to anyone. Also get their full names so you can check online for any complaints, disputes on them and lastly get everything confirmed in writing.
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You can take out a County Court claim against Neill Stuart Malcolm John personally for breach of contract, as it was he whom you dealt with, while he was passing himself and Paul Cummings off as the company. Do not use a solicitor as this is a user-friendly enough operation to be done by yourself online.

NSMJ will use a solicitor @ £200/hr, which generates a legal bill for him. A point will come in the exercise where it will be more cost-effective for him to settle with you than continue to pay his solicitor, who will send you a 'get lost' letter at the start, but simply persist.

It runs up NSMJ's legal bill and the truth is on your side. A number of successful claims have been made against NSMJ this way, as he has been associated with dozens of past failed companies with a similar modus operandi:

Company Incorporation Date Status

Britannia Press Ltd

(0670****) 17/9/08 Dissolved voluntarily 12/10/10

Swane Limited

(0590****) 9/8/06 Struck off 9/3/10 Online Printing UK Limited (0534****) 25/1/05 Struck off 5/1/08 following CVL 27/4/06 Pure Printing Ltd (0530****) 2/12/04 Dissolved voluntarily 6/2/07 Genius Marketing International Limited (0470****) 19/3/03 Dissolved voluntarily 14/2/06 Training Solutions Ltd (0422****) 30/5/01 Dissolved voluntarily 1/7/03 Marketing Solutions Wales Ltd (0422****) 22/5/01 Dissolved voluntarily 1/7/03 Media Solutions Wales Ltd (0422****) 22/5/01 Dissolved voluntarily 1/7/03 Internet Solutions Wales Ltd (0422****) 22/5/01 Dissolved voluntarily 17/2/04 Mailing Solutions Wales Ltd (0421****) 17/5/01 Dissolved voluntarily 4/11/03 Dragon Print Ltd (0421****) 17/5/01 Struck off 29/9/10 following Compulsory Liquidation 22/2/05 Active Print Media Ltd (0396****) 7/4/00 Struck off 6/10/07 following CVL 23/3/05 Netresults UK Ltd (0352****) 17/3/98 Dissolved voluntarily 24/2/04 Swiftsure Consultants Ltd (0339****) 20/6/97 Dissolved voluntarily 23/9/03 1st Class printers Ltd (0246****) 12/2/90 Struck off 22/2/04 following CVL 5/12/02


If you need to know any information on this company or their practices- I believe I can be of help. I was once employed by them and unwittingly became part of their scam. It was only when I saw what they done to clients and other printing houses than I left the company.

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Atlas Print Group t/a Ambeck Corporation

We're a small business and also appear to have been the victim of this fraudster, to the tune of £1,500. The debt collecting agency we used have been pretty useless too. This whole experiences just leaves me feeling completely disullisioned. You have (1) Fraudsters deliberately taking your money, who can get away with it. (2) Insolvency Practitioners deliberately aiding them to get away with it. Let's face it, IPs wind down a company knowing fully well the directors will do exactly the same thing next time found. I have since discovered that Neill John and his associates have a long list of companies. (3) Debt Collecting Agencies who are also making a money out of these guys, with no guarantee of really helping you to get your money back (4) Small Claims Court of no help at all because the company has been wound down. What the *** is anyone supposed to do. We're decent folk trying to make a decent living. Perhaps we should just give up, and become lieing, thieving, *** artists too?
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Atlas Print Group t/a Ambeck corporation ltd - fraudsters

Update by user Jun 08, 2012

If anyone is still chasing orders - please beware they are now changing their name to SPAUDA UK - same dodgy company - same company registration number and registered address etc etc - Keep hassling Neill John and his associates Vytenis Rumisa and Clar Hunnisett & Kevan Charles Eveleigh - it does work!

Update by user Jun 08, 2012

If anyone is still chasing orders - please beware they are now changing their name to SPAUDA UK - same dodgy company - same company registration number and registered address etc etc - Keep hassling Neill John and his associates Vytenis Rumisa and Clar Hunnisett & Kevan Charles Eveleigh - it does work!

Update by user Jun 08, 2012

I have been adding minimum weekly updates for those of you suffering with this nightmare company!

I have also been emailed directly from customers who prefer not to write on this site - my advice is to keep hassling Neill John and you may to be lucky like us and get your books.

Original review posted by user May 08, 2012
Please please please don't use this company. We are a small business and we have just been ripped off by over £1000. Placed a book order for a 1000 books, paid the 50% up front fee (by bacs) (unfortunately) as required in the t&c's 8 weeks later still not book!!! Started to do some digging around online the director a Mr Neil Stuart Malcolm John and his associate Mr Kevan Charles Eveleigh have been involved in 11 other companies in this line of industry all for 12 months at a time - funny old thing all dissolved - now am going to have to try to perusue this matter through the small claims court! In these tough economic climates we small business can ill afford such fraudulent behaviour!!!!
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#1523928 I have an idea that might work


Just when I am really busy - a plea from the latest victim of the current company - a Croatian printer owed big-time!

I can hardly believe his ...

and have made an appointment for 1st

July ... after which I hope to report back!

Ki Publishing (again)


6th February 2015

Third solicitor in two years. Wonder why?

So said the anonymous e.mailer who sent in the details below


Neill John's latest solicitor

Tonner Johns Ratti 48 Walter Road Swansea Glamorgan SA1 5PW +++++++++ Original Posting 2014: Neill John's (now ex-) solicitor in the Cardiff area of Wales is Morgan Cole.

Please look on the Ki Publishing page on Facebook if you want more details. We know 2 people who have actually obtained a substantial partial refund


Thank you to whoever sent me this ...

"The link from The Insolvency Service says that 19 (yes that is not a reprint) companies were formed by these directors. I have only ever found 14 so would assume that some must have been based abroad."

Britannia Press Ltd (0670****)

Swane Limited (0590****)

Online Printing UK Limited (0534****)

Pure Printing Ltd (0530****) Genius Marketing International Limited (0470****) Training Solutions Ltd (0422****) Marketing Solutions Wales Ltd (0422****) Media Solutions Wales Ltd (0422****) Internet Solutions Wales Ltd (0422****) Mailing Solutions Wales Ltd (0421****) Dragon Print Ltd (0421****) Active Print Media Ltd (0396****) Netresults UK Ltd (0352****) Swiftsure Consultants Ltd (0339****) *st Class printers Ltd (0246****) Ambeck Corporation Ltd (0771****) Masterclass Associates Ltd (0710****) Dragon Press Ltd (0694****) Trade Print Europe Ltd (0547****) ......

I did not know of 3 of these but I do know 3 companies associated with these directors that were set up and dissolved in the 1990s and were operating in the Florida Time Share Market.

There is a Ki Publishing blog entitled Cowboy Printers where you can follow this further ... Oh, by the way basic company details of companies registered in England and Wales can now be referred to on-line for free at Companies House.


This is my fault! In the comment posted 5 minutes ago I had meant to write Neill Stuart John. My apologies!


This is not correct. NJ is still at 4 Pioden For, Barry Island.

He is the shadow director of the eponymously named A Printing Company Limited.

At one point he changed his company's name to pass himself off as a Canadian print house. In fact, many of his company names in the past have attempted passing off


I could not reply to the person above directly as I could not find a name or an e.mail address. This person might well be correct. But so am I.

My information, comment below, came via a publisher I know who did not initially receive his order from The Printing House. When he complained the publisher was sent a solicitors' letter telling him to stop making trouble!

The person who instructed the solicitor was definitely John Stuart Neill. He could well have 2 companies (not illegal) in operation at the same time


I really do need to spend 2 or 3 days updating all the printers (another from Croatia has contacted me recently) and companies that I know this group of swindlers have been involved with. By the end of February please look at the Cowboy Printer on Ki Publishing blogs.

These postings do not allow actual links to be posted.

However, the real point of this post is to let everyone know that Neill John is back in busines of not paying his subcontractors and sending out his work and the company he has set up in called The Printing House (TPH) London and it has a Facebook page.

While talking about Facebook I know that around 4-5 years ago Neill John posted a Facebook photo of himself and his (then) new Ferrari outside his house in Wales. I have written confirmation from swindled people who saw this. I did not see it myself as it was quickly taken down.

However, if anyone, by chance, still has the link to that picture we might be able to find it and post it up ourselves in some way! Yes, that is a longshot, but longshots do sometimes pay dividends.

The last thing I want to say at the moment is that Neill (who now uses his middle name of Stuart) now has a co uk company and the rest of the domain name is tph printing


Hello Ki publishing,

Please can you give me your contact. I would like to talk to you. We are an other east European printer having problems with this guy called "Stuart"

thank you


Today Companies House is to make all of its digital data available free of charge.

Use this service and pass on that it exists. For the link which was not accepted here see Cowboy printer on the Ki Publishing blog of that name!


This is a useful alternative way of ensuring others also know not to use any of John Neill's companies. If I can not link it here is is called Blacklisted dot com. Details on our Twitter or Facebook pages and on the Cowboy Printer Ki Publishing blog.

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