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Our AC broke down on Friday just prior to a record breaking heat spell in the Northeast.Unfortunately we called Atlas who promptly send a guy named Bob to check out our unit. According to Bob there were multiple problems with our unit (even though it is only two years old) and told us he "had to order parts" before being to fix and that those parts would arrive until next week. Then he mentioned that even with those parts, he wasn't sure if the...
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Anonymous This company is a bunch of crooks and tell you that you need tbis that n tbis n say since doing that might as well replace this. Which all the above was all wrong with anothe...

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My ac was having some condensation on the side of the .I called Atlas and they sent a guy named John. He said my condenser needs to be replaced and the coil does not match and also needed to be replaced. He also said that the heater, which was working fine, was old and also needed to be replaced. He did not even open the cover of the coil to be sure that it was not clogged up. He was insisting that if he was going to do the job, all 3 needs to...
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