I have been doing business with Atlantis Solar for over four years in our South American office and have not had any problem with products or the delivery. Atlantis Solar’s newest Atmospheric Water Generator and Solar Air Conditioners are cutting edge and keep our company coming back for more. As far as the previous posts, you really need to understand the laws for Customs and complications of not following time lines...
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Anonymous This post was originally started to recognize Atlantis solar for its outstanding service and customer relationship that has grown over the years with our company. I did not jo...


Anonymous Please is there any news again you can share please......

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Mr. Kriss Bergethon 31580 Shoshone Way Oak Creek, CO 80467 877-774-3730 F: 970-692-8313 Solar Sphere, LLC online store a mom and pop store, is exactly that from what the owner Mr. Kriss Bergethon says when you get the answering machine 90% of the time. Atlantis Solar has rejected offering products to Solar Sphere, LLC in 2010 before entering any orders with them, due to their method of sales, and Solar Sphere, LLC...
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Last year my wife and I did research online for purchasing a solar system to generate electricity for our home (solar panels, inverter, batteries, etc.). Our research led us to We purchased a complete solar system from Atlantis Solar November 2010 for $11,743.00. Michael Becker representing Atlantis Solar promised to ship merchandise within 6 weeks of payment. However after 6 MONTHS we still have not received our...
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Anonymous For anybody interested in serving or legal notice to Atlantis Solar LLC, and/or Steven R Rahl, and/or Michael Becker from Naples Florida, there are 3 courts processing them f...


Dios Mio Check out pissedcustomer reviews with The Better Business Bureau, and United States Consumer Affairs, Rating is F, and this site judges people and their business. This site is...

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