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Ordered 3 weeks ago, still haven't gotten my order, no update, but my money was taken immediately out of my account. Not impressed!
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Order processing issue
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HEP C infection caused by Athenas By-Olivia dirty adult toys

Went to Athenas By-Olivia party. Husband bought a *** it looked clean and still in a package...sort of. They explained that they had bought used inventory from another Athena's sales agent who was going out of business and that this was standard practice. Then I contracted HEP C from the ***. I was furious. How dare they abuse my trust. What seemed like good natured adult fun has become a living nightmare. The fact is they make their money selling packages to recruits. They don't care about the level of service or customer satisfaction. They take advantage of naive people just trying to make a buck.
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This review is so far beyond reality its actually really sad... sounds to me like someone was mad her husband cheated and decided to blame anything but her actual issues...

and second, I have been to quite a few Athenas parties, most of which by Olivia and she is THE BEST at what she does, and would NEVER leave a single customer unhappy!! Its simply not her, and not something I've seen OR heard from any other consultant with this company. Think about it...

she wouldn't be the TOP consultant in the company if she had unhappy customers!! This lady needs to re-evaluate her personal problems but there is absolutely nothing wrong with Athenas OR Olivia, shes simply amazing and so is the company she represents!!


This review is beyond ridiculous. Athena's Home Novelties is an extremely reputable company that specialized in the highest quality products AND consultants.

An Athena's Goddess would never do this type of thing, not to mention that the claim that you could contract a blood-bourne disease through an in-package product is not even possible. The Customer Service department at Athena's is top-notch and concerns should be addressed to them. Athena's is an amazing company and its distributors are incredible, talented and receive the best training in the industry.

This review was obviously written by someone who was just trying to slander the Athena's name. If you have been to an Athena's party before you know how amazing they are and how they pride themselves in high quality products, entertainment and enlightenment!

Kaan Mmu

This post is completely untrue.

Firstly, as a Sexuality Educator, I can tell you that Hepatitis C is contracted through contact with blood, and mainly between intravenous drug users. Here's some information for you all to educate yourselves on before you continue to spread misinformation:

For this poster to contract Hepatitis C, it means that they used a toy with *FRESH* blood on it and they also had an open wound.

Honestly, this is highly improbably and I'm assuming that this poster would SEE *FRESH blood on a product.

I would encourage this poster to question their husband on their past, and even then there is a low risk of contracting it through sexual contact.

Furthermore, to state that Athena's makes money from selling packages to recruits as opposed to customer sales is just unfounded! Considering that Maine has one of the HIGHEST sex toy sales per capita (****.html), proves that the sex toy industry is huge and provides a needed service.


This is take directly from the HEP C info website:

There is a lot of confusion as to how hepatitis

C is transmitted sexually. First of all, it can be transmitted sexually but the information we have now tells us that it doesn’t happen very often, especially in long-term monogamous straight relationships, where, if anything, it is considered uncommon.

The important thing to remember is that hepatitis C is spread by direct blood-to-blood contact.

In order to transmit or become infected with hepatitis C, HCV-infected blood must get into someone’s blood directly from another person’s blood that is infected with hepatitis C. The most common ways you can get hepatitis C are from sharing needles and the works used to inject drugs (needles, cookers, cotton, ties, water, etc.). The other common ways you can get hepatitis C are from a blood product and/

or a blood transfusion you received before 1992. People who undergo hemodialysis treatments (blood filtering) are also at risk.

Hepatitis C can also be transmitted from an HCV positive mothers to her baby, but this doesn’t happen very often. The ways that hepatitis C can be transmitted that don’t happen very often include sexual transmission, tattoos, piercings, straws to snort drugs and sharing hygiene items such as toothbrushes and razor blades.

Kaan Mmu

This is fear mongering and completely untrue.

Firstly, as a Certified Sexuality Educator, I can tell you that Hepatitis C is contracted through the blood, and mainly by intravenous drug users.

Here is information from the CDC:

For this person to contract Hepatitis C from a toy, means that they used it knowing it had *FRESH* blood on it and the had an open wound as well. Honestly, this doesn't sound plausible because I'm assuming this person would notice *FRESH* blood, and perhaps this person should check with their partner's sexual history instead.

Furthermore, to state that the money is made from selling packages to recruits as opposed to customer sales is naive.

Considering that Maine is one of the states with the HIGHEST sex toy sales per capita (****.html), this post is completely unfounded. Again, this sounds like a lot of fear mongering, petty, and uninformed attacks.

If you have a real issue with this company, you should actually contact them because you will find that their customer service is top notch. If you're STILL having issues, then report it to the Better Business Bureau instead of anonymously on the internet.


Absolutely NONE of this is true. This is the owner of Athena's Home Novelties.

We run a warehouse that stores over a million dollars in inventory that is purchased directly from the manufacturers.

It is NOT our business practice to sell anything used EVER.

Olivia has been our top seller (and she is among hundreds of women who are part of our profitable business opportunity). We receive dozens of compliments and thank you letters about her every year from her satisfied customers.

We do NOT make money on our kits, by the way.

Every person who purchases a kit from us gets DOUBLE the product they pay for and then $99 back when they sell $1K within their first 3 months. We also offer hostesses the option to earn their kit for FREE).

I challenge anonymous to contact our office and discuss this matter with our staff rather than posting a review on the internet. Anyone can say anything on the lies and inaccurate information.

And as for these comments - we DO NOT encourage anyone to DEMONSTRATE at our parties.

EVER. We are professional business women and this is false. None of these "former reps" are willing to put their names on their posts. And have NO proof to back up these statements whatsoever.

We are not a scam as mentioned here... This very well could be a thread started by a competitor or disgruntled person to make our company look bad. We were recently recognized at the STATE HOUSE on the FLOOR OF THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY for our good work. We were chosen as a DISTINGUISHED BUSINESS in our state.

I have proof of these things. I have thousands of happy customers who write me letters about how our parties and our products have improved their relationships and lives.

I challenge any one of these anonymous people to provide a shred of evidence that support these ridiculous claims. I would hope that any reasonable and educated person would see right through this farce.


Its just a scam. Wife tried it. She made more money delivering pizza.

Kaan Mmu
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Like any business, you get back from it what you put into it. But this type of business is not for everyone.

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Your wife must not have found her journey here! It's impossible to not be successful in this company unless you don't do anything yourself!

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ToyMaster207, Athena's is far from a scam. It is a REAL job, you have to WORK towards your financial goals, WORK towards building clients and WORK towards building a thriving team of successful business women. This isn't a "job" where you can just "show up", but being a successful business owner is not a task for everyone.

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