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Cell broken under warranty. They wait for broken phone to come in, 3 months, then send you broken phone. Horrible policies for customer service.
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Butch Mr. Shih
I purchased this router based on the reviews that were on the web. The unit worked well for a while then it started to overheat and loose connection. I called tech...

I am not a game person so that is no excuse.I constantly have to be close all apps and I even factory reset yet to no avail. I am dissapointed indeed. When charging the phone it gets hot. Even with a portable charger it gets hot. After downloading several cleaner and battery coolers I am begging to think that I made a mistake. Customer service is unable to provide any useful help or advice . Honestly I am dissppointed. I love the brand so much...
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I have had the phone like 1 year and most most of time time it has been at repair centers, first because the phone straight up died after a software update, then I dropped the phone once after and stopped reading any SIMs. I expect to drop phone my Galaxy S4 has fallen downstairs and still works, but the last one was that I charged it and it would turn off. Zenfones have a lot of power but a poor infrastructure that cant handle it. If you live...
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