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So they wanted to charge me to fix the faulty laptop they sold and didn't bother to repair the first time. I sent it in again and have not gotten a clear answer. According to FEDEX tracking they got it on the 19th. It is now the 4th and they still have not sent it. I was told last week that it was taking so long because they were giving me a new one. Today I was told that they decided to repair it and it MAY be shipped back this week. I have...
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Anonymous Thanks for sharing and confirming I'm doing the right thing by refusing to send mine in!

I didn't like
  • Faulty product and the lengthy repair time
I sent my laptop to Asus facility to get it repaired because of hardware issues/broken keyboard. After delivered my laptop, Asus sent me an email asking for a following payment. The link DID NOT work and I end up trying several times and contacting support. They said they will send me a new link and it still didn't work after several attempts. Distressed by this, I have no choice but to send the payment by mailing. I even contacted them saying...
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Anonymous I experienced the same exact situation, but I didn't pay because I was told by ASUS customer service I would not need to pay for the return and rebuild of my laptop. The inco...