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Beware of Astrology Shops Astroamerica and American Federation of Astrologer

Beware of Instantly Making Internet Purchases to Astroamerica handled by Dave of Astroamerica. If your order does not show up after 14 days as promised. This book seller will actually give you a difficult time receiving your refund and don't be surprise if you receive discorteous and cynical e-mails from this book seller telling you he would rather manipulate at at time that is reasonable to him. The responses he give will hit you below the belt like the way he worth reviews critizes his book authors with sacasm and comments like why he does not have software developers who are interested to associate with him.

If this where a professional site the refund would have been instantly resolved if the order does not arrive according to the time advertise or promise by the website, however expect the book seller to complicate or delay or put you on hold with matching cynical insults to both you or your country.

Expect a similar egotistic discourtesy from the American Federation of Astrologer's Book Shop ask them about instances where they make room for refunds for shipments and after a long time they would not even bother to reply to your concerns.

Don't be too trusting with site's which carry fancy names, the fact their shopping site are obselete shows how poor customer service they have.

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Thank you for this all this comment regarding astroamerica , I am from France and I was ready to place an order to this shop online but after reading all your post, I will NOT order to this place !


Dave of Astroamerica appears to carry a sarcastic presence. I also would not buy myself.In his sarcastic comment on shamsey's review it only magnifies the story " if you are into ridiculously insane bookseller , astroamerica bingo this is the right place to go.


For Godsake, Dave Roel of Astroamerica ,spare the consumer protection active community the burden of your unwanted attention deprived whims. The whole story merely pointed about a grim possibiltity should customer make the mistake of getting involve with your site. The whole tribute to buying as far as consumers are concerned clear cut made to be in behalf of overseas bargain seller with door to door international free shipping. My feedback obviously nailed your insecurities about the competition to drive you to advertise your garnishment of scams on this consumer welfare page. For humanity’s sake give it a rest, the world is tired from hearing your psychotic babble of self- proclaimed and self- dillusions of grandeur. You don’t exactly hold the world by its neck. Its market is simply a minor limited group for the business hype. Anyone with as little as ten dollars can ship in over 50 countries. If its not clear enough to satisfy your cannibal confrontational whims internationally, then lets elaborate why you are also the ultimate household and office pest of the overseas online business.

Everything about astroamerica website, the lack of professional local and overseas courtesy, its poorly organized /poorly updated web design interface, the unexpected weeks of delay from your undeclared out of stocks you when pay for it you’re your credit card, the one man band time restricted customer inquiry, no secretary, the surprise excuses for restricting and unexpectedly changing customer protection guidelines screams “undercapitalized business”.

If you are a rich or poor book collector, Dave is unreasonably morbidly selfishly obsessed with time and money,cutting business cost that he cut-off the traditional office secretary required to attend to important in depth consumer inquiries. If you need the customer service he will just make you feel like a nuissance. Victor Bella is correct when he said this page is built to emphasize consumer protection not drag consumers to hear what works best for online site’s indiscriminate obsession with time and money. Consumers are simply cash cows or a casualty of means to an end for Astroamerica . It is for this reason he avoids providing immediate consumer responses with shipment failures and keeps changing it the last minute.” If you think he will protect you with no paypal , think again it is not an online site you can expect to sleep better at night or have more peace in your life.” He will just treat you like a pest .

In this regard since Astroamerica opened the topic of alternative suppliers, let me expand the consumer awareness to a cut throat level it will deeply suffocate Dave’s already ailing lower than cottage small industry. Its time to help people find other suppliers to get their money’s worth.

Search engines may lead you to wiser choices such as : or, -goes with free worldwide shipping and strong reliable consumer protection. Bookdepository gas occasional ten percent off and ships free international door to door delivery service.,,


and many other bargain sellers the first two have tested consumer protection security measures favourable to buyers. Foreign door to door shipping globally by the mentioned alternative supplier is a fact. Try to look for a pay pal account for extra security. Just avoid buying used books to insure satisfaction. You can also approach your local bookstore for special book orders avoid using credit cards. Some Publishers can also appear more reasonably price just know its publishers official site, it will have better customer security measures compared to Astroamerica which does not naturally ships door to door especially for overseas, what he is not telling you is that his flat rate is restricted to small pamphlet size of books only, Choose a major large size book like Planets in Transit by Robert Hand and any large good book the shipping cost flat rate is garnished to become twice the cost. Try making a price comparison , you will get the most reasonable rate even lower rate at monthly discounted price compared to its own publisher. Everything about dave’s site is a garnishment of unnecessary fees. If you choose astroamerica not only that you can end up shopping for books which are not really in stocks and wait for weeks without e-mail notice it is not available. Even worst you are losing money unnecessarily on its highest maximum price.

“So much offensive nerve to countries considering Dave/ Astroamerica own house is disorganized. Since he is using a government service, any country overseas can be held as a being pile of books in the interest of getting taxed.”

Dave’s site is misleading like the classic tale of “The Emperor’s New Clothes” there is nothing worth its trouble combined. Is this finally more clear enough for you Dave.

If Dave continues to make replies to this comment, he is an overseas cannibal at work. He has never earned a good character and selling reputation in his country and overseas. Before the overseas complaint began there was Accletic Forum posting reasons to avoid this seller. Stay away from astroamerica at all cost , The world is a better place if Astroamerica is not your supplier. If dave does reply expect us to raise the bar to cut of throat business competition even higher with a online posting of alternative suppliers as our response.

Dave Roel/ Astroamerica if you prefer to drag this consumer page in a lifetime of argument with your pyscho whims, start by answering the million dollar question? Why does the people in the united states and overseas criticize and hate you?

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Thank you so much for your very detailed review. I selected three books from this site but I was getting an error message so I thought I'd give it a day or come back later to finish my purchase.

I emailed a letter to the sales service but no one has gotten back to me yet. Anyway, you saved me the headache!


Tim Spears, USA hawai

With all due respect to Victor Bella and his family, his concerns about the problem are normal for any customer, given the complication I would also raise the same concern if my order starts paid with no stock from merchant itself and does not arrive. Since Dave received the money successfully and has no prelimarny issues from its source, Bella he has been more than reasonable and patient with Dave. The worst fault of Astroamerica is to put him on hold, cancel the possibility of insuring the books does arrive even, after the its has exceeded his shipping grace period for delay. Dragging a the customer in an offensive paralizing state of argument like a devious game of sport as to who quits first is very unprofessional. This is exactly what Astroamerica America wants to hear for a customer to quit and simply give him the money. The lesson of the story do not buy from Astroamerica is you don’t want unexpected stress in your life.

It is insane for an online merchant and show how its merely psychological toying and manipulating its customers.


I have been buying books from Dave for several years now. I completely rebuilt my astrology library with most books coming from him as AstroAmerica.

I've had absolutely no problems. Sondra

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Sondra's comment sounds somewhat too scripted and rehearse for a customer protection page. Its sounds too much like Dave of Astroamerica under there.


With all honesty if you are really into consistently collecting many Astrology Books, there is more than enough reliable and hassle free purchase priviledges from which has also tied up with

The people and prices are more civilized and more reasonable for a serious researcher. Unlike this site in which an updated anti-virus system warns to be unsafe, it does not happen with the mentioned site. The alternative site also offers absolutely free shipping to all countries. Its will also arrive to you faster as a free Express Mail and even be drop off directly to your door.

Unlike some book sellers ( if you get my drift) who will put you on hold when your book does not arrive, they have “a word of honor”. If it does not arrive, they will instantly reship or refund not put you on hold with a sarcastic blabber mouth of cynically insulting presentation of excuses. They will deliver the service which they as promised like the priceless promise or word of honor of a Japanese. Unlike some book sellers ho have an afflicted egostistic Sun, a bad Neptune (dillusions of grandeur considering the shopping site system is low tech) a blabber mouth Mercury with no decent filter for his mouth, a greedy Venus square Moon for a lack of epathy or patience, and worst of all a powerplaying Pluto square Mars, who will treat you with a “Sarcastic and Manipulative Whims”

The reviews for the book authors here in Astroamerica are also given a socially unethical sarcastic tone to many Book Author’s which are rudely below the belt and like the posted comments made for Kris Brandts, Mapping Your Future / Travels and Relocation for being describe as flabby.

It is not too flabby, I have a collection of all the series. They are not the best, but it is well presented in an reasonably refined easy to understand very organized writing manner, straight to the point to what counts the most since it does not waste your time. The same sarcastic comment or cynical tone is also given to the author of book which feature the “Huber Method” and similar to the way the author of the Key Cycle was presented in tone where the author was inspired to write this book as a result of being clumsy. When you actually get the unfairly criticized books they are fairly organized and even straightforward to what is practical and can be suited for beginners and advance practioners.

It is also not true Electional Astrology by Vivial Robson is the best, Joan Hampars version is far more advance and superior. Robson’s style of writing is too old fashioned and too awkward for the new generation and no author appears have updated it. You can even do without Robson’s Version since Hampar has even expanded the techniques to a lot of underestimated considerations. She really nailed the goldmedal for being the best because she has updated it to what the new generation of astrologer today prefers and that is a realistic and practical approach.

Robson I regret has even cancelled out techniques regarding gambling and investment , while Hampar revealed the secrets, Robson’s poor excuse is his clan prohibits it.

When I saw Robson’s version was reprinted by Astroamerica , it appears to be a hardsell marketing. Unless some booksellers learns to be more humble, he will never be the best.

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Shamsey gives the game away when he claims "alternative site also offers absolutely free shipping to all countries" which is flatly impossible, even with greatly inflated retail prices. He should be required to ship free to Pakistan, Mexico and Indonesia, for example. I ship everywhere.

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It is not impossible to get a free shipping for a huge volume of books, just visit the controversial site and compare. Free shipping is a trend in the worldwide web just search google for a freedom of choices.

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