Lost money and job

Dear Andrew Smart owner of Aste Shipping. Kindly return my money 15000/- uk pound Kindly I am requesting I have to pay my kids school fees they already disturb a lot bc of u When u free from jail kindly atleast pay my money Ahmed mansoor dubai
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Reason of review
Problems with payment
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Aste shipping rip offs

I lost all my possessions many thanks to Andrew Smart and his director fiance Helen Elizabeth Miller also known as "Milly". I paid for a shipment to France as that is where I was relocating. I never received my belongings and the shipment was never paid for, all I got was fraud documents saying it had been shipped. I spoke to Helen Miller numerous times on the phone and all I got was lies and excuses. After doing some research I found out that Helen Miller was working with her fiance at Aste for 2 years and they were both directors and both stealing peoples money. Helen Miller was also claiming benefits at the time and using a bank account to have the benefits paid into, I believe it was her mothers bank account. Working and claiming benefits what a fraudster!! Andrew Smart had a breakdown just before Christmas 2012 and Helen Miller stole over £10 000 of the employees wages and went on a shopping spree for her home. Disgusting thieving woman I hope you both get what's coming to you. We will make sure you both go to prison for what you have done to me and all the other 25 victims!!!!! Miss Miller was a director of HOME-START SEDGEMOOR 29 Brigg Close, Bridgwater TA6 3SH
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Mr Andrew Smart was released from prison in March and is currently residing at: 5 Radford Hall Southam Road Radford Semele Leamington Spa CF31 1FH Email address info@***.co.uk He works for J.Murphy and Sons , Welsh Road Southam Hopefully some of you will be able to claim back the thousands he stole from you!


Sounds like a personal hate thing, went a bit heavy and knows too much ''personal'' info. Discredit this review!


Thanks Graham.......I appreciate that


And although it says anonymous......it's Milly. I have nowt to hide x


Here is another company Helen Miller and Andy Smart were directors of, perhaps before Aste. Redstar Services LTD company number 0702**** dissolved 31 January 2012.

Wonder why it was dissolved?

Thick as thieves the pair of you!!! Joke LMAO...


Here is another company Helen Miller and Andy Smart were directors of before Aste Shipping. Redstar Services Ltd 0702**** dissolved 31 January 2012 https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/0702****/officers LMAO Thick as thieves if you ask me!!! Joke....


So, ***, (andys fat gf) by putting my address on here.......what are you hoping for? For someone who is after Andy to come to my home and take it out on Jasmine?

As that is what is going to happen now you have published our address. I will have to ensure that I keep my baby girl safe from the monsters that can't get to Andy as he's inside. How I can do that now, I don't know.

Not sure how I'll be able to stop them but if anything happens to us, be it on your conscious. As a mother, I'm surprised you have done this

@Klay Fnj

Just an update, I re-read what I put and realised I typed conscious instead of conscience. I'm usually a good speller but think I was mad to read these lies and was not concentrating.

I feel the need to add a few more details before I forget about all of this rubbish and move on with my life (which you don't have obviously - see number 8 below)

1) Had the CPS (that's the Crown Prosecution Service by the way, as I am sure you aren't aware what that stands for) thought that I had anything to do with Andy's fraudulent activities then I would never have been able to testify AGAINST him in court.

I would have been charged as well as him. All of the evidence that the CPS saw showed that he was lying and trying to blame me and others - he had 25 people testify AGAINST him and only his mother on his side - what does that tell you!!!!! No friends to back him up, none of the rest of his family. He has noone!

2) IF you were a real client and had actually requested shipping then you would have spoken to a member of sales team at Aste shipping.

You have not mentioned any of the sales team on here - just me. Therefore, this is just a personal vendetta against myself which is due to you being a pathetic, jealous ***. Note to yourself ***, when you do this in future - try and find out the names of people who worked in the sales office so that you can blame them as well as me, then it won't be so obvious who you are! ;-)

3) 12 out of 12 members of the jury unanimously (you may need to look that word up and you will need something called a dictionary) found him guilty of the 26 charges.

No one can argue with that! THEY were the ones that heard every teeny, tiny detail for two whole months and came to the guilty decision! They saw all of the evidence and saw through all of his lies.

4) If the CPS thought that Andy should not have been taken to court due to lack of evidence then the trial would never have taken place as it costs tax-payers so much money - we are talking about hundreds of thousands of pounds OK - can your silly little brain take that in? 5) He never had a break-down, he does not have epilepsy - as you heard in court on that Friday - there is NO evidence to support this apart from your word and Bernadettes which means *** all!

You aren't medical professionals. What you have seen is Andy have a 'moment' due to too much alcohol. Judge Horton said about his problem with alcohol or were you too busy scribbling *** on your notepad! 6) IF you were a real client then why were you not in court testifying against him?

7) Had you bothered getting your fat *** to court you would have heard about what went on with that £10,000. I have evidence regarding all of it. Judge Horton, the Prosecution Barrister, the Jury and the people involved all know about it - and you will never know as, again, you didn't bother going to court like you should have done to support your man! If it was my partner and I believed he was innocent, like you obviously do, then I would have been there from day one despite the distance and cost!

Probably didn't want to hear the truth did you!?! 8) You put this *** on here on Friday night - I'm flattered that you are thinking about me on a Friday night which, to me, proves you need to get a life 9) If you are a real client then why not put more details on here ? 10) His Barrister said about me claiming Housing Benefit - IF you had been in court - you would have heard what I said. I would not have been able to claim it.

As I own my own home, the council would have thrown any claim out. This leads me on to say that when he was a 'Director' for Laguna Metals, he personally guaranteed MY house against a contract. Needless to say that this contract never happened (what a surprise). He took the money from this company without delivering what he said he would.

Then I had a debt company turn up at my house and I then had to take my mortgage statements to a court in Collumpton to prove to them that it was just ME owning the house and not him. 11) I had bailiffs turn up to my house asking for him. He owed rent, council tax and other utilities for a flat that he rented in King Square in Bridgwater. Now, he told the court that he was living with me.

He wasn't, he actually had this flat but kept it a secret. We were still together but this flat was where he took back various women. Two of them I know. At least you will know that he is being faithful while he's in prison.

12) I doubt you will write anything on here again.......and that is because you aren't really complaining as a client. We know who you are and you are a loser. I think you are sick for pretending to be someone who has lost so much at the hands of Andy when you heard a few things on that Friday of REAL people who have been made homeless because of him. Why would you do this, what an awful human being you are.

13) Let's see what Adele has to say about this when she reads all of this. I just want to forget about Andrew Smart, *** and Aste Shipping for the rest of my life. GROW THE *** UP, you're a woman in your 40's so you should have other things to be going on with!!!! CONCLUSION: *** is nothing but a horrible troll who obviously wants someone to read what she has put to cause me and my daughter harm.

I don't ever want to hear of Andrew Smart or you again. Leave us the *** alone!!!!!!!


I have just emailed Adele Shallcross who was the Detective that arrested Andy to find out how I can take this further as it is lie. Such silly things to put - only Andy, his family and my friends know me as Milly - no one who 'wanted shipping'.

He said in court that I claimed Housing Benefit - you cannot claim that if you own your own home like I do so that's a lie. No one who testified in court had anything shipped to France. Why did you only put this on here yesterday - because you made it up yesterday! Kelly, you don't know Andy and you never will - especially now he's in that disgusting Horfield.

By being a keyboard warrior isn't gonna change that. IF you had bothered getting your fat *** to court you would have heard all that was said. You know *** all. Grow up, lose some weight and get on with your life.

He hates fat people so good luck with that but he's desperate for visitors so would be happy for Jo Brand to go and see him right now.


This is Helen, this was a very very silly thing to put on here Kelly. The Police will be in touch as I will not let this be!!!!

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Peridot, Arizona
  • Helen elizabeth miller
Reason of review
Not as described/ advertised


Andy Smart/Andrew Smart/Carl Bartley from ASTE shipping and Aste logistics and was due in court on 4th January. Its been postpond til 20th June 2016. Hes now involved with a ginger freak called Mandy Gail Pritchard Skelton wos as egotistical as himself - in on it together if u ask me. If you wanna get hold of him contact her on facebook.. He is still liveing at 19 Priest Street Williton and living the life of riley off our money he stole. Laffing at us all, will never get money back from him and his frauds. How many times in prison!more times due
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What happened to the girl?


Did anything come of this?


Yes, he was sentenced guilty


i have been ripped 10500 pound


Good hahahahahhahaha


heard she may be going to jail for fraud!


What was the involvement with the women I know her

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Sheffield, England
  • Money ripped off
  • Something to do with carl bartley design
  • Didnt pay tax
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Ripped off!

Andrew Smart/Andy Smart/Carl Bartley.......he is the lead of Aste Shipping. He is now involved with Jasmine Butcher who works at Darts Farm, Topsham, Exeter, Devon, EX3 0QH. Telephone: 01392 87****, Fax: 01392 87****. If anyone who is owed money wants to get it back from Smart/Bartley - your best bet is to pay a visit to Darts Farm as he is putting all of our money into other things now and this Jasmine knows now where he lives as its his girlfrend.. Anyone who wants to see him - pay a visit to Bristol Crown Court on 8th April this year. He'll be there and will plead not guilty as he thinks he's innocent. What a joke. I'll be there and looking forward to meeting the little *** who took my money!!!!!
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  • Everthing
Reason of review
Poor customer service


i have sended containers to chile and i paid up front to aste shipping andy smart after reeiveing the money they shipped loaded my containers very late and when i asked for the orignal bill of loading they did not answe my phone and my emails as well also there office is shut down now andy smart andaste shipping own my money . now i heared some one is running aste shipping where is my money this company is fake . in my first shpment they provide me normal service after that they ripped me in second shipment if u need details u can conact m via email or if there is any lawyer who is reading this he can also contact me but i will pay after receving th money . najeeb_mughal83@***.com
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Hello, I'm guessing that you have now got in contact with Adele from Avon and Somerset Police? If not then you need to do so.

Smart is going to be appearing at Bristol Crown Court on 8th April regarding all of this. You need to chase this up if you havent done so already.


You best bet is to contact Adele Shallcross who works for Avon and Somerset Police. Andy Smart is currently on bail and has been charged with 9 counts of fraud, due for trial. She is the only dealing with it.

Her number is 01275 81**** - Portisead HQ near Bristol.

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Nara, Nara
New Reviewer


The person involved in this is Andrew Smart, hes at 14 Priest Street Williton but sometimes goes to 30 Northfields Bridgwater, 29 Brigg Close Bridgwater and 29 Brigg Close Bridgwater. Hes been on Rip off Britain hes on bail. Adele Sharcross at Avon and Somereset police 01275 81**** knows all about him. Make yours complaint to her, she will deal with it and needs to hear from more peoples that he's ripped off! He goes to SCAT college in Taunton on a Monday and Tuesday too as he's making more money by doing an internet course. He'll be ripping off more people under the name Karl/Carl Bartley
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I'm already in contact with Adele as Mr. Smart ripped me off with this company homes and cars movers...

Will get him one day.


That's good that you are in contact with Adele, his other company that he's ripped people off with is Aste Shipping which is listed on here plus his addres. He's going down big time at the end of this year.

No one likes him, he's *** everyone over, even his own family. He needs and WILL rot in jail!

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ASTE rip off merchants!

I have tried to reply to one of the posts on the ASTE shipping website but it won't let me so I have had start up a new complaint. I have had no dealings with Russell Edmunds. Ashleigh Duncan was merely Andrew Smarts PA - she was definitely not in charge and has, apparently, been left in a HUGE financial mess because of Smart laundering money through her account. Anyways, current location is 16 Adelaide House, King Square, Bridgwater. He is still on the loose owing me and god knows who else money and I don't think anything is gonna be done about it!
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Birmingham, England
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ASTE rip off merchants!

Update by user Apr 24, 2013

Mistake! Addresses I have now found out are 11 - 13 Cornhill Offices, above Costa Coffee, Bridgwater, Somerset, TA6 3BU and also offices at c/o Keys Estate Agents, Adelaide House, King Square, Bridgwater, Somerset!

Original review posted by user Apr 23, 2013
I Paid for Aste Shippings services upfront for containers. Now the so called company director has gone into thin air and I'm out of pocket with not much hope of getting it back. Apparently he does this frequently, been inside cos of it. No one answering Aste telephones. Just go dead. Been to London address, its just a registered office addres. Been told that his office address is 30 Cornhill, Bridgwater, Somerset not in London as he says. DO NOT DEAL WITH AS I AM NOT ONLY ONE WHOS BEEN RIPPED OF! I cant afford this loss. RIP OFF COMPANY SO BEWARE!!
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Andrew Smart found guilty of 26 charges at Bristol Crown Court on 14 August


On the 14th of August? A Sunday?

Didn't realise the courts had hearings over the weekend.

Obviously bored with your life and nothing better to do than poke your nose in where it definitely doesn't belong. Very sad indeed!!!


Update, if you hvent made yourselves knows to Adele Shallcross at Avon and Somerset Police then you need to do so. Smart is appearing at Bristol CROWN court on 8th April therfore in a lot of trouble.

Good luck to us getting our money back!!!!!

a load of us should go to the court lol but know that that wont help.


adele shawcross at avon & somerset police has contacted me and advised that Andrew smart of aste shipping is appearing at Bristol magistrate court - I think its the 7/7/2014 - my company were owed money which he was going to pay but only paid a small amount ,kept on saying he was paying but kept on going missing - never replied to my phone calls or emails


Anyone reading this regarding Aste shipping needs to get in contact with Adele on 01275 81****. He's been charged and will be putting on a plea in October so if you need to put your complaints to her, it needs to be done asap!!!! DO IT AND GET THIS SCUMM BEHIND BARS AGAIN!!!!!


Smart is being investigated by Avon and Somerset police he has been charged and bailed contact them


Anyone whose got problems with Andrew smart and aste nees to get in contact with the avon and somerset Police - they are currently investigating and will be very interested to hear from any1 with a complaint against this no good company! Call 101 and ask to be put thru to Portishead HQ and say you wanna report a crime if you've not done so already!


Andy Smart, MD (as he calls himself but apparently isn't qualified to even drive a trash van) is living in the west somerset area near Minehead. Living low, laughing in all of our faces.

Nothing will get done about us getting our money back. He's ripped us off, might as well face facts. All the below is a lot of lies, belived me. Everything is HIS doing, no one elses but the innocent are being dragged down.

Done some fishin, a person who I know has found out that hes linked thru his old address in birdgwater with his computer stuff. Now runnin under the name of Carl Bartley desings.

Not sure if that means we can find him from this though. And address would be ideal so I can go and say 'HI@!


Ok, this person was on BBC Rip Off Britain on Thursady just gone.

I am gonna go to the police about this as he has apparently done a bunk although he has been seen today in the suburb of Bridgawter. He is still around.

Have also heard he's done this before and it's what he does for a living. We are screwed unlesse we take it further!


Have met edmonds and this duncun women personally.

Both liars and frauds, seems that the edmonds took over ASTE's office and moved it right accross the road.

Accumilated as much money as possible (mine and whoever elses) and both did a very bad job of running with our money.

Have been to both offices and no one wants to speak to me just got given the run around.

On further investigation i have found that Edmond was owner of the new company Travson that seemed to take over our account and other customers from ASTE. However now he has dissapeared! can anyone shed some light?

I have spoken with administrators for ASTE also please email me beckymace79@***.com for more information.

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