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I paid $344.50 for an out of warranty service contract to Assurant for my 10 year old refrigerator that stopped the water from coming out of door! They sent service guy from LG to fix it. After ordering part, he comes back and puts in new part which fixes issue of water in door! After he leaves, I find out that water is now not going into ice machine! After several tries of ordering part to fix that, I am told that there are no parts available... Read more

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Assurant Solutions is an unethical company that should investigated for nonpayment to rightful claims. Would not accept claim on broken watch band that caused watch to stop working when it fell off. Happened first time I wore it. Policy stated it covered "accidental damage." Read more

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I've paid Assurant for coverage on my kitchen appliances for 10 years. My GE dishwasher started leaking. I called Assurant and and they arranged for GE repair. The GE repair man was here 3 times over six weeks and could not fix the leak. He declared it unrepairable. I called Assurant to determine next steps. The sent me an email stating that the damage was caused by the GE repairman and refused to cover any costs. The email quoted a paragraph... Read more

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I ordered a phone after mine was stolen. i had to call in to change the shipping address. the first thing i told the girl (Ashley) at assurant was that I NEED TO CHANGE THE SHIPPING ADDRESS. she asks me to confirm my name address and last four of the social once i do this she says okay done. i'm like done with what? shes like i sent out the phone. how if you don't even have my debit card info. she tells me oh you have one on file. so basically... Read more

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I broke my Samsung galaxy s7 edge screen and I found out that my Samsung protection plan is actually handled by the terrible company Assistant. All devices are refurbished Cons: 1st device the screen wasnt properly attached to the body. There was a small gap above the power button. I had to return it as I was scared that the waterproof feature was compromised. 2nd device had a bad IMEI, since the devices are refurbished they don't bother to... Read more

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  • Nov 07, 2016
  • by anonymous
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Just paid 175.00 to replace my galaxy 6splus edge. On top of the monthly insurance and was sent a galaxy s5 refurbished. That is not what a replacement. When I called customer service they just said send it back if you dont want it. Terrible b ait and switch tactics im cancelling the insurance and tmobile. Im done! After 12 years of loyalty

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My experience with this company is horrible. The Good Sam program that CW sucks you into purchasing by misleading you about how quickly claims are settled and you can take it anywhere to get it fixed and they will pay. This is a load of hog wash... Assurant delays and denies claims right from the start... I had to wait for over 5 days for this company to send out an inspector in Maine this delayed my repair of the coolant system by 8 days. ... Read more

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they keep drafting out of my bank account after we purchased other obamacare marketplace insurance and refuse to refund premiums totaling over $1500. they are terrible to work with and customer service is a joke . not even the department of insurance or the bbb has any control over their practices . i was told to hire a lawyer to fight them and try to get my money back . after speaking with customer service and no less than 18 emails later im... Read more

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I purchased Renter Insurance with Assurant via Geico. I've had them for some years now. A few days ago I went to the store and the bathroom mirror in my apartment had fallin from the wall crashed destroyed a custom make up holder with the make up in the box ruined glass everywhere. Assurant said they covered things falling but it had to be like a tree. I am like are you serious? I am paying for a personal content policy which is everything... Read more

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First off, don't waste your time on this insurance plan or so called equipment plan.They make it nearly impossible for you to get your phone on time.!!! I have already had to wait three days, first they had MY INFORMATION WRONG and somehow I am the one who has to wait, to wait because of their mistake! Secondly, they sent me someone else's information through email which makes me feel unsafe to send them anything via email. This company is... Read more

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