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Since I've become disabled w/ no landline, had to apply.Sucessful. Due to impairment, requested phone w/larger screen. I was promised... *AUG 2016*, my name would be placed on the waiting list when the newer *smartphones arrived* in a few months, i would received. Not only was I not notified when they appeared on their website, but when I called last month, they just couldn't get their lies straight. Again, promised a phone, and still no...
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Peter Adams got washed in the washing machine in his pocket so I applied for a new phone through SafeLink for him.I am his room mate and he doesn't know how to do anything online so I signed up for him. When he received the phone through SafeLink he had no service where we live, so we called and cancelled the phone. So we reapplied with Assurance and were told that the phone would be here in 7 to 10 business days. It has almost been a month now...
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One, when I reported my phone stolen they never sent a new one to replace it and kept giving excuses.So I bought one off amazon. Second, my service was cut off abruptly because they said that I have moved out of state and have to reapply with all the info as before, but the thing is I have never moved since I got this phone. and they say there is no recourse, even if it wasnt my fault. How can they truthfully say my stuff was cut off because of...
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I have been with Assurance Wireless for over three years. Then the new smartphone came out. So I apply for one then they sent me another Basic Phone. Nothing was wrong with the old one. So I call them up and got a smartphone. I couldn't answer the phone or get data. When I call them for or exchange this phone for new. She told me she couldn't, because I already got a replacement for the year. Now when I try to apply they are giving me the...
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Anonymous If you haven't go it resolved, email them OURTEAM@VIRGINMOBILEUSA.COM and demand an explanation in writing. If you don't get satisfaction, call 311 (may be different number i...

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