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They're being paid by section eight and still trying to evict me

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These people have been tormenting me since I moved into this place. There was a shooting the day after my birthday right across the street from me. And you know why these things have occurred? It's because they rent to their family and friends. Drug dealers, people who are subletting their apartments, and those people are bringing their cronies over here to sell drugs. They do whatever they want to do. I am so traumatized by the shooting because my nephew was shot on his 21st birthday. Every time I have asked them for repairs, the response I get is that they don't have a maintenance man. Oh well, it's cold and everything's on backlog. I have never ever missed a payment on rent. I was forced to put in a 90-day notice to vacate because I was told that pit bulls weren't allowed on the premises. When I asked Dixon in the office, her response was absolutely not. I didn't mention any names, I simply asked a question. She thought I was asking for the pit bull for me, but when they rent to their friends and families, it's okay for them to have and do anything they want to do. I'm left wondering why is that so? While I'm doing everything I'm supposed to do, they can explain reasons away and make excuses why they can't make repairs.

Why can't they give you concessions when all of your food has spoiled? You let them know prior to your food spoiling that it's not being kept cold, and they wait until you leave, and then there's a storm. When I got back, there were maggots in the refrigerator. Kenya told me to gather my receipts together and they would offer a concession. That was only done because I was able at that point in time to reach someone at Intercal, which is the management company. They have not offered a total carpet cleaning, and this is something that is promised when you renew your lease. That never happened until my apartment flooded over the MLK holiday. No one was available to respond.

Why do these women always have some excuse to make things more difficult? Can you imagine being somewhere for three years and constantly being taunted? They have caused me to miss numerous doctor's appointments. They told me that they would get me a chairlift if I provided letters of accommodation from my doctor. I provided them with two of the letters and they still refuse to do that. They claim it would introduce liability. But isn't it also a liability to have a worn-out carpet that has pulled away from the stairs, creating a tripping hazard?

It's hard being a disabled 60-year old woman and they cannot accommodate me like they said they would. They have plenty of apartments, houses, and townhomes that are single-level, but my doctor's accommodations aren't good enough. They prefer to accommodate their friends. This is why there is crime constantly happening on Waldburg street.

I'm really disappointed with their attitude. It's foul to how they have treated me, showing no respect at all. I'm warning you, do not move here. You will be harassed if they don't like you, and I don't care if they don't like me. That's their problem, not mine. They have not provided me with a safe, quiet, or clean place to stay. There are hazards all around this place. Please do not repeat my mistakes and get mixed up with these people.

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Preferred solution: Full refund


" I was told that pit bulls" Why do you recipients always have money for boo ties, pit bulls, and everything else but still have the government paying to keep a roof over your head? People who have to pay their own housing costs have to go without the extra stuff.


Far too long to read.

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This review is from a real person who provided valid contact information and hasn't been caught misusing, spamming or abusing our website. Check our FAQ

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Poor management

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I don't know what's going on with these people here you put in maintenance request. There are always explain the way blah blah blah.

We're down maintenance man. Can you please bear with us? Time goes by? Nothing is anything happens.

You try to reach corporate witches, integral property management. No one answers the phone and if they do. It's just business as usual, you get no kind of satisfactory recourse. All these people is concerned about is raising the rent.

And this is supposed to be like a 55 million dollar conglomerate that has these apartments and other apartments and senior apartments. All these people have no respect for seniors they don't consider. Giving you extra time to do things because you're all disable and don't function as a normal body. Individual would I often have to call Georgia power because the lights are out around the area on the sides of the buildings.

Everyone should know that lights deter criminal activity. There is all kind of nonsense going on in this community. Drug sold all up-and-down the block. People come and buy at 2 or 3 in the morning.

In their car bump in their music. They're not people who live here. They're visiting someone. Although they're in their car, they're still disturbing the peace.

Who wants to hear music like that? Waking you up at 3 o'clock in the morning.

When Corporate comes out they don't do anything they see, but they don't see. I have to ask for them to trim the trees by the mailboxes, so you don't have to duck in Dodge Spanish malls that has spiders and chickers in it. I had been bitten underneath my eye.

And then the thing whatever bit me went in my the last of me. My neighbors are being very problematic. This girl is up letting her apartment. They don't seem to mind.

She's always got people over there living with. She had surgery, but she seems to be fine enough to keep running men that sell drugs and block me from getting in my driveway because. They got their little cronies coming over here. This doesn't make any sense.

The lights are out around these places on the outside across the street. They did repair the light. But I think those kids on the corner apartment over there on wall. Burke off in his road.

Keep putting the light out because they wanna do illegal. Things and stuff they have no business doing this is why there is no lighting over there. You point these things out to management, but they just explain it away, oh, we don't have we're down maintenance men right now. Can you please bear with us?

What is the problem? They are maintenance man to steal only have one good maintenance man that I'm aware of at this time. And I don't know his name. But he drives a great truck.

That's the only guy I know. That does a good job. And when he tries to do something, he's constantly getting calls from. The guy who's over them about can they go do this?

Can you go do that well? Why would you do that when he's in here? Trying to do repairs that need to be done. Long before the man got here and they bring this straw.

C*** around have Mexicans to deliver it and de straw stuff has. Bugs, well, not only do they have bugs. The neighbor pointed out that they are Mice, I was wondering what these little holes words in the ground that occurs often after they've put this stuff around the bushes which serves no purpose at all. But I haven't for insects and rodents right now.

There is a dead mice on my lawn. I didn't know what it was. It just looked like that something was out there. Furry, but now, since the rain has worse the white.

Against which was molder whatever grows on rodents away. You can tell that it is a mice. The pool has not worked since I've been here every time. You turn around this broke that broke.

You get lost in the mix because it's so many things that goes on. I ordered a clean air machine, a humidifier, so that makes my utility bill go. But I need some clean air in here. In order to avoid to keep running to urgent care and all the emergency room with Bronco.

Issues, all these people know how to do is raise your rent. And ignore whatever else you need, they don't respect. Handicapped people as being a class of protected people. They have made me miss doctor's appointments when I tried to give them my appointment card.

But I black out my doctors.

Name, they reject that. But the number is still there where they could call and check is such a sickening situation. I have to call the power company and tell him. Hey, we don't have any lights on the street.

I don't know what is wrong with these people other than you know.

The only thing I could think of is that. They keep the cost of maintenance down so that they can get their little promotions and drive their flying cars. It's a real sad situation. And then when you call the Secretary of State you're just as pitiful, people answer in the phone don't know what they do.

Don't know the mission statement of the company or agencies they work for. And then you keep complaining to the management company about this or that that needs to be done. Then the harassment start. This woman who hasn't worked since I've been here.

But they sure advertise it is being one of the amenities that they have when they run out these places. No people come and pick up the trash trash off the lawn. It's no grass and I'm falling on the lawn twice. Is some type of netting or plastic netting or something?

And that shouldn't be exposed. Is roots growing up out of the ground that you can trip? Going to your car or getting up out of your car? It's all kind of dangerous situations around here.

But they don't want to do anything about it. Just keep going up on the rent. Keep putting BS notes on your door about this and about that. If you're asking people for more money then why don't you people fix up a person's place?

Savannah landlord-tenant law states that everybody deserves a safe, quiet and reasonable place to stay in. And I hope I'm quoting that right. But I know it has to be safe. And it has to be quiet and they don't enforce any of these things.

It's just business as usual round table. Talk every morning about how they're not gonna do things or how they can't do things. It's a sad state of affair. I ask for accommodations for my disability nope they can't do it.

I was told if you get a letter recommendation sure we could do that for you. They have different rules for different people and I know this because, after I got the letter for recommendation. Oh, no, we couldn't possibly let you get a chair Lyft to go up-and-down the stairs because. It would be a liability if you fail.

I mean, really oh no. We can't get you into a flat unit. Because we have different units, we have ones that are low-income. We have wins that are this that and the other and we have other ones.

So, but unfortunately we don't have anything available for you at this time. It's absolutely absurd. I've never seen anything like this in my life. Mode issues just leaking issues.

Foundation cracking studs coming out. The wall water moving between the wall anticipations palmetto bug investigations. But they're only gonna do so much. Which equals a lot of nothing, everybody needs a place to live.

You asked in to cut the trees down so we won't scrape your car and you think they address that issue no, they will not I am sick and tired of not being able to get in or out of my driveway because people are blocking it whose name is not on the list. They're just here visiting other people. They're just coming over visiting people who aren't on the lace. And Lord of ring to sell their drugs and just to create a problem and disturbing the peace over here for the tenants that live here.

Why don't they go in their on hood? And so they're own drugs? Why bother us? It's really ridiculous.

Then they said that they had a police that. Lived on the premises well that police car has been gone. And then they said that he even walks the premises. Well, I've never seen that I've never saying it is so d*** frustrating to pay your get and you get nothing but a hard way to go.

They don't care if you're sick and don't feel good. They'll sent somebody over when you have a really, really emergency like flooding. Aint nobody gonna answer that after hour or number? God forbid if you get locked out of your place.

Nobody's gonna answer and I just can't believe that some of these concerns have been addressed to integral. And these people are sitting around eating their big fat steaks and sending their kids to ivy league schools and making sure they live in near $500000. Just don't understandbut.

Who do you complain to? When nobody seems to give a d*** about anything.

Does taking place in this world today? People have their kids running up-and-down the street. When there is a playground, people have their relatives. Children over wreaking have it nothing's done about this stuff.

You get reported a million times and they're not gonna do with all the around thinking about it. If you could find a better place to stay. I would recommend it and go through that apartment thoroughly and check everything out before you move in. Because you will be one miserable individual.

Yes, I am but where do I have to go?

Where can I go? That's reasonable I wish somebody would tell me

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Preferred solution: Be more professional

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Strange people hanging around

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They rent a family and friends and then they give them new carpet new everything then they can't afford the rent then they have to evict them but before that happens these people are subletting the units that they rent to the family and friends and then it's just a whole lot of people slinging drugs that I haven't seen you got new neighbors every time you come out your door but they can't accommodate me a handicap disabled woman I just got to get the *** out of here I'm so tired of being aggravated I'm tired of being mistreated by these people I'm tired of my blood pressure being elevated I'm sick and tired of my ledger being not right saying that I'm late on my rent I don't know if they're embezzling money or what is going on I just want to get the *** out of here because they don't have any respect for a person who is disabled no reasonable accommodations all they do is put nasty grams on your door always harassing harassing you about this that in the third and they want to raise your rent every time your lease is renewed but you don't get no new carpet cleaning offer to you and that's what they're supposed to do and everything is such a urgency but it wasn't urgent when my kitchen in my apartment flooded out over the MLK weekend no after our people to answer the phone then when I have flooding prior to that no no after our work person comes this place is going to *** in a handbasket I wish I know who the corporate people was but they won't tell you I know intrical management and they're just as bad and you mean to tell me all these apartments and they couldn't accommodate a reasonable accommodation for me so I couldn't get a stair lift they promised that if I get a doctor's letter saying a recommendation that I needed that that they would Supply it but all they do is give you pet responses and you know somebody needs to come in and clean out that front office from Dixon damesha Kendra and now this new person from Veranda it is just ridiculous I can't wait to get out of here it's just no peace people living like heathens the place isn't lit up properly and take some 2 to 3 years to get to some repairs birds live in the side of the walls holes in the ceiling I mean the whole nine yards I mean one building the roof caved in and then they did the repair cuz he had no choice but what if the roof had a came in and it was people in their units hopefully not please reconsider before your thinking about renting at this place cuz they put on a real nice face and a facade when you coming to rent from them but once you get here you will be harassed to *** you get nuts and I get knots in my stomach I have no peace and then one particular time the neighbor before the ones that I have now okay they are making all this noise and I just asked them please can you just keep it quiet a little bit because it just got off the road and I'm tired and I need my rest very nice letter they got worse so then my next letter I got belligerent and they took that letter to the management and the management was aware of this but I guess they were friends with them too and did nothing about it but give me a lease violation so they're on some Power Trip somebody please find out who corporate is I'll find out but if somebody can help with the situation or give me some advice because I don't have any choice but to move that's the only way I'm going to get rest and peace and then The Veranda is a senior building and a harassing people over there could you imagine being old or having old parents in the senior building and somebody's just constantly putting notes on your damn door about this or that you can't do this like you're a soldier in the Army give me a freaking break just give me my peace and they're they're in their feelings because they strive to fly five stars for what and they're mad and they're coming after me because I give bad reviews on them and everybody has a first constitutional right to freedom of speech but they're taking it personally and I really don't care just leave me alone and let me get out of this place that's all I want to do

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Preferred solution: Peace and for them to leave me the *** alone so I can move of here and get my ledger late stuff is on that ledger and it's fraudulent because I have every receipt since I've been here I would like to know who corporate is.

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Pitbulls Out of control Neighbors thier kids.and roaches

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I am disabled and also a senior I called the office and just asked if pit bulls are allowed on these premises" oh absolutely not I was told by Ms Dixon "now according to my neighbors the dog isn't going to be here very long when I lived in another state a friend of mine's friend own pit bulls attacked her son and try to eat the Child Alive I am very traumatized by these dogs the child end up losing his arm ended up with over 200 bite marks in his face. I believe this made national news national attention neighbors her the child screaming because the little boy scaled The Back Fence and these animals are very territorial creatures they unhinged when they heard the police siren they shot one dog going down the street and the other ones had to be another ties and she had the nerve to have a litter of pitbulls in the bathroom I love all little puppies but you can tell this animal is going to grow to be a beast.

It says in my lease as well as Savannah landlord tenant Rule books I have a right to a safe quite and a clean environment at this point I can't really think of the other rules/ laws. And that is quite the contrary but when you the tenant knows the manager from childhood allegedly you have no confidentiality. And this certainly explains why my neighbors up and down this block or out of control okay I pay rent here like everyone else does I've been here for 3 years and it's no excuse and that explains why when I moved in doing covid I didn't get no painting done in my apartment I didn't get nobody to clean his apartment it was broom swept clean but it wasn't a sanitized type of clean and they didn't put down new carpet it's always something around here now this past Sunday the kids are sitting on the utility box they're sitting all over my car now I have a battle with roaches because you know they like a dog food and just nastiness the front porch is just off the chain neighbors need to respect their other neighbors it's not like you have your own private house and you can live how you want to but we live in too close proximity of each other for this to be going on it's in sanitary and his father I try to Live and Let Live but this is out of control and then you take it to the office or when this review is posted they are going to reply as usual come by the office what sets to do with me to go by the office when you have no contractuality because all professionalism Etc is right out the door I'm based on the fact that everyone in Savannah just about is related and have known each other I am disabled and I have no intentions upon anybody's dog number one not being on a leash and running all about is attracting other kids because they like puppies when I go to the situation by open up my door well the puppiy outside so naturally the kids are going to be all out here doing the most parents ain't what they used to be some of them they don't look out the door and see what their kids are doing it is just ridiculous I have a concussion and when I did stop by the office I got retribution and I stopped by to pay my rent and sign the lease but Kendra small got really pissed off because of a Google review they cannot block My First Amendment right to Freedom of speech now if acting like you want to take this out to the street as professional down I just don't know I don't call it professionalism I call it just tell a whole bunch of Lies give Pat responses and give thier friends you know favor like I said before I'm a single disabled woman but by no means am I a fool everything for me is labor intensive it's totally unacceptable when I try to make an attempt to clean the front of the porch the stuff is in bed at in the cement now if Dawn dishwashing liquid don't do it I don't know what well when I brought it to Kenya's attention that the place needs to be Power Bars all we have to look at it just like they have to look at everything and very seldom does anything get done if at all and I want the world to know about when I'm experiencing over here just in the event if something happens to my safety it's been put out here on social media or whatever you want to call this platform I just want to pay my rent have a safe environment and not be harassed by the management team but it seems as though that's not going to happen.

My recommendation is that if you are looking 4 a decent place to live then you might as well bypass this place cuz this is absolutely purgatory. If I could give them a minus one as a rating it sure will be a fitting rating

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Preferred solution: Professionalism at his finest

Gina P Zsu

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Bad business/ Unprofessional

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All they want Unprofessionll they don't wanna do repairs. I am disabled for God's sake.

Everybody needs a place to stay And disabled people are a protected class of people.

I asked them for more than enough time if they need to come in here to do repairs or whatever I want to be present. They have made me miss doctor's appointments with their shenanigans.

I'm moved on COVID In this place was not thoroughly cleaned before I moved in. Here it was not painted holes in the walls above. The washer and Dryer So I stuff chucks in the holes that has not been repaired made a whole list of things that needed to be repaired.

And all I get is, oh, we don't have enough maintenance men. Please bear with us.They have a Pat response for everything. The carpet moves away from the stairs. There's no way that this carpet was cleaned Because if so, it was smell like it was cleand you could see where it had been clean because the machine would have left those type of impressions in the carpet..

Hard to live in here, but when your back is against the wall. And you need a place to stay. You have to take what you can get, and they take complete advantage of that. Oh, we didn't like the way the vendors were treating our customers and treating us, so we got rid of them always a freaking excuse.

You can't get anybody at corporate. You try to email them something. And the same You can't send a proper email to them because.

It won't go through.Where you can see the wood tripping hazarads When I call and talk to miss Dixon about the carpet. After my kitchen flooded out All I get is, we're at the mercy of the vendors.

I have had a concussed head for a while. The reason I can't feel better cause this place appears to have black Mold. Every time you look around This is broke that is broke or it's breaking I called.

Cause my refrigerator my stuff was going bad. I went out of town and they had some type of storm in Savannah and when I got back.

All my food went bad. They tell you, oh. We'll give you a concession. Just get your receipts when I get the receipts.

500 dollars, worthThe So call concession.has been reduced down to a mere couple of 100 of dollars. I had good food in my Refrigerator this Italian food that I had brought back from Florida. How am I supposed to get a receipt from that? You could call the after hour number.

Guess what nobody answers.

They wait till things get really bad. in your unit before they fix stuff. i.eThey put blinds up, but they left the old brackets. The blind fell On its own, they said, oh, don't worry about it.

We'll put another one up. But no, they have not all they do is send notices around. They gonna do the blind inspections and you will be charged for it! And then they want to charge you above and beyond the cost of the blinds.

I haven't ruined the blind. So why should I have to pay for something They didn't do because they want to save money?.They sent out Fake flyers that they're gonna do this. That they're gonna do that? And you cancel appointments.

Because I have the right to be in my apartment. when they come in And I want to be here. but yet and still all they do is say you don't have to be there while we're coming into your apartment. That just seems to me that they want to be in your apartment.

Where you're not here for whatever reason from what.I understand one of the maintenance. Men was fired for stealing They can't keep good maintenance men they run them off. Currently there's only one good maintenance man!I They can't keep receptionist. Because they run them off too My credit card has been compromised so many times more than I.

Care to think about because They let all these new people in your files. They're not protecting your privacy. They want to dump the work that they dont want to do off on them, and these people leave with all your pertinent information.! WTF?

I had nice sheets, towels.

Designer clothing that has been destroyed because Rust has gotten on it because instead of replacing the dryer. Some idiot thought it was wise to paint the dryer, who does that? And when I realize what where is this rust coming from? Well, it was becaause the paint had wore off the dryer.

I didn't even ask for a concession because I'm not gonna get one, they're gonna explain it away, so finally When I got another washer and dryer. I can't say that it was new because it was new, it would've been in the box. I've seen them replace people's carpet up-and-down. This block dishwashers new everything.

And then the people turn around and move and trash And they have to go in there and redo the apartment. I'm never late on my rent. How do they think that makes me feel? They don't make life easier.

They make life a lot harder. And with all the everyday things that life presents death in the family and so forth, they don't care. They did get a washer and dryer And then the one maintenance guy who's now I guess it's maintenance supervisor but just was a regular maintenance guy, it's gonna say. Well, you can go ahead and clean that up.

I'm not gonna clean clean up somebody filth that was here before I moved here! If I can help it but I have had to.I am disabled once again. They are in and out my apartment more than any guests or family members they are the ones who are constantly in this apartment wants to see how I live but they can't address. You know, water moving through the ceiling.

You know, patchwork at repeatedly been done. So you know I have to live with. Is the ceiling gonna fall in on me?

Everything Seems to be a facade. They said that they would repair the screens.

But, oh, it was doing COVID. And everything was on back already, and they couldn't get. The supplies and COVID was a good excuse for them.That was a big excuse for them.

No, we're since removed from Still no screen on the window. So when I go to the bathroom out of a warm bed?

Guess what? I have cold air coming down on my back.

So many things, it's just hard to explain everything. It's ridiculous down and. Some things they are always threatening you with least violation, but they're not.

Abiding by their terms of their own lease. They false advertise oh, they have swimming pool etc.That's wh pool aint been up and working since. I've lived here .when it's time to renew your lace. You're supposed to be offered a carpet cleaning.

The carpet is dead all the way down to the padding it's DONE! For god's sake, I refuse to even put my food in these cabinets. Because they stink and I want my food smell like that or my pots and pans

I asked for reasonable accommodations and a studio. That would be okay but then when I get the doctor to get my letter together.

Which I'm trying then. I'm told by miss Dixon that. Oh, I'll have to wait till my lease is renewed. No, if I can't do stairs and it'll be coming rough for me.

Then why do I have to wait? Because they want to rent The apartments for words then what i'm currently paying no mind you I'm moved in here in March couple years ago I believe it is November and they're already putting a note on my door about restnotification. I have anything gotten a letter from the social security disability of administration that how much my? Cost and liver rays increases gonna be.

But they've already gotten their calculated. This calculated that let me know if my rent's gonna be increased.

I know, yeah, I have to have another inspection. I used to model so I have the last lot obulls. They don't have enough space as long as things are organize.

I don't understand what the problem is. I've had to put some things in storage. But who can afford that and guess what the rats ate up some of my stuff? So it's been one problem after another.

Then When they see that they've gotten a bad review somewhere, oh, we're sorry to hear that Stop by the office and we'll be glad to Talk with You.

I don't know how much more of this I can take, really? I'm really at wits end. They they care about my pocketbook and how they can hit me up for additional money. I asked them for little simple things like.

Can you please have them to trim? The trees are cut it so I won't scratch up my car. Cause it's overgrown the day I got bitten underneath my left Eye because the Spanish mall's has spiders in kickers and God knows what else is in there and something bit me.

So now I gotta go to urgent care. Because I still feel something moving around in my Eye.

IDon't move here

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Preferred solution: A peaceful place to stay them to stop harassing me. Because they get text right off for tax credits. So they just play The Game. I would like peace. And for them to realize that I am disabled. And they are supposed to be accommodating to that.

Gina P Thq

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| map-marker Tampa, Florida

Harassment from landlords the police and gunfire shots in the morning

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Ashley at Midtown I have no idea what's wrong with people in general but it's like the floodgates the *** is open up all these teenagers people so letting their Apartments the next thing you know friends and families are joining their you come out to your house you got new neighbors you know they ain't on the lease so the apartments are being rented out to one person and then they let their family and friends come in then the management rents to family and friends I'm trying to get some rest on my birthday after a terrible start and I came in from out of town for a medically emergency and I'm sleep this past Sunday which would have been April 28th at 3:00 in the morning gunfire and my block thank God doesn't like ugly and he's not too fond of pretty I was told that they didn't have any accommodating townhomes for me but they got apartments from here to Atlanta in between but she's moving she Kendra is moving one of her friends and two a flat townhouse and I have a medical accommodation as well as my other neighbors to the left of me that we need no stairs but it's who you know not what you know isn't that the truth I'm tired of paying my rent on time to these conglomerates and on the constantly the one who's being harassed if I say something needs to be repaired they're coming for me and so they really coming for me now because I post stuff like this and they don't appreciate that well I don't appreciate the things that they do either

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Ashley at Midtown?? Is that supposed to be the name of the apartment where you live???

Gina P Zsu

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Sick Place

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When I moved into this place. No carpet with shampoo if it was a shirt and smell like ithere were not even any shampoo marks on the floor every time I turn around, something is leaking.

Breaking et ceterall they wanna do is keep raising my rent and fixing nothing. So I had a situation with water leaking from the heater/air conditioner. Area

Area they can't really keep.

Good maintenance man. They have one that I know of and he's excellent at what he's over here.

Trying to address the flooding issue. Because no one answered for the uncall. He did everything he could it's good he wet VAT. Did.

He cleaned out the furnace as much as possible. He brought AD humidifier. He pulled out the even the heavy wet back. Well, the carpet had gotten wet the old nasty tattered carpethat's dead down to the padding.

I asked them if they would have someone to come in and clean his filthiness. And that hadn't menden. They said that they would get vendor out to do this. Then Stanley, who is now a maintenance supervisor I told him about the situation he said he would get a vendor to come and take care of these situation so since nothing has been done about it.

Because they always come up with well. We don't have enough maintenance people. Will you please work with us? All the screens on the window may have been back.

Ordered cause of covid we can't get them in two and a half years and still No screen on the windows. Now let me try to stay on point. Because the holidays are very rough for me. I have seasonal depression number 1 number 2.

I'm disabled okay? So I keep that I'm neglected to the emergency room for bronchial issues. I took it upon myself to buy a clean air humidifier. And I purchased the one that you can just disengage the filter and wipe.

I pulled that filter out yesterday morning I was livid I'm tired of having to go to the emergency room. Are urgent care because of continued bronchitis already have CO. P. D.

So when I went by the office and showed miss Dixon.

This this the pictures that I hand told her something needs to be done. She goes in the back said she called Mr. Stan end to come in tomorrow at 9 o'clock. I have an appointment tomorrow.

I will stop by at 9 o'clock but I can't sit down and have no meeting with them is unnecessary. I don't like meetings ever since. I have not had counseling as a profession. I cannot stand sit down in a meeting.

It's nerve wrecking to an addition. I lost my brother last December. You're talking about the holidays being triggers for me. Idit is in 2003 I lost my favorite nephew on his 21st birthday.

Buried Christmas Eve and they want a meeting. No, all they need to do is stop with the nonsense and get the job done. This place is sick and and when I told miss Dixon that I had pictures.

Oh, she don't need to see the pictures. Mr.

Stan needs to come and look or look at what he should have came over here. And seeing what the condition of the unit was with this water. But he's constantly calling the guy who's trying to work over here and get things together as much as he could within his power to ask him about other jobs. I'm i'm sick of my head always hurting.

I'm sick of being sick. I try not to be bother with these people book because it turns into a witch hunt! They always to come in my apartment. always want to come in and see this and see that.

But they totally disregard repairs. That need to be made for the most part Until it gets really bad.. really. Bad And even then it still may or may not be addressed.

Ok I just tried to add some photos that I've taken. So you can see what I'm breathing in the junk. That's coming out the vent sysi'm feeling some type away because the lack of accommodation. A lack of recommendation from my so they know what needs to be done from my moving checking.

I feel this is just a power struggle thing.

Babe, I never in my life. Had to sit down and meet with. Have a meeting with a maintenance man, you tell him what's wrong and they get their butt Uber here and fixit so everything remains to be seen but if they want to look at something, they could look at how many times I've been to the hospital emergency or urgent care with continuous bronchial issues. It's a sad state of affairs really so so I will as I stated.

Go to the office at 9 o'clock.

And I will let him know that I have appointment. And I don't have the time to sit down with him this morning.

They said they was gonna get a vendor and hear the fix it, fix it. It's just that simple.

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Preferred solution: A clean safe place to live without being harassed

Gina P Zsu

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Excuses excuses

stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full

They do not want to do maintenance repairs. My kitchen flooded as a result.

The carpet needs to be shampoo because it got wet as well.

When I first Move there were leaves in the kitchen vent.

I have brought things to their attention, but all they do is give you Pat responses and we're going to we're going to do, we're going and it never gets done. Now I have COPD. The water was leaking from the. Air conditioning / heater The maintenance man did a very good job and cleaning up the furnace but I told him that they need a professional vendor now when he took off then and vacuumed out, it appeared to be nothing but black mode which can kill you from the spor's.

No I don't know what kind of foolish mistake. I've got going on but the pool hasn't been. Working in years and use COVID as a reasand the excuse for them not to put screens on the windows. I am sick and tired of going to the hospital with sinus infections because they don't want to repair anything we sign up least they're supposed to offer you car pickling but these people have a story.

For everything instead of getting to the root of the problem.

Besides the drug activity.

And all the other things that will not make a place to stay a happy home. I paid my rent on time I've never late, I've seen them put new carpet in other apartments. I've seen the paint of the apartmeit's and I'm about to set up it. I have a concuss head and I wonder if the medicine really doesn't work cause if you've got nasty ness blowing down.

And the air quality is very poor then I could pose a big problem you try to reach corporathey, don't give you a good number to reach corporate and they get text credit. Something really needs to be done and I'm tired of the promises. I'm sick and tired of the promises. To an addition, they can't keep a good maintenance team, they can't keep.

good receptionist and they don't stay for long. But while they're here, they're all in your files And my credit card has been compromised.

A lot Too many people have access to your file. Then when they leave, they've got all your pertinent information.

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Preferred solution: Carpet clean or repaired in vents 2 b cleaned

User's recommendation: Reconsider before you move here

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