Steve B Cau
map-marker Melbourne, Victoria


Privacy not respected and destroyed by Shireen Brown Clay Modellor and Nadia Sirianni Shopowner and belly dancer teacher. Self centred, manipulating liars, narcissists and police informers thus stool pigeons, dogs, rats, narks, con artists you name it!!!
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  • Shireen brown manipulating liar and con artist that worked there

Preferred solution: People alerted to low life’s!! Namely Shireen Brown & Nadia Sirianni beyond belief the nasty horrible low life’s these manipulating liars are!!!!! Narcissists and Police Informers are all Shireen Brown And Nadia Sirianni will always be nothing more!!!

User's recommendation: Go online don’t go to the shop that makes me vomit!!!

map-marker Melbourne, Victoria

This shop makes me personally vomit!!!

I rate this place as the worse shop in the universe. The Clay Modeller that worked there is FRAUD, paraniod MANUPILATING LIAR, Narcissist like the shop owner confirmed by independent assessment. The Clay Modeller that worked there and shop owner no concern for any customers privacy, have camera directly at the change rooms. If this was male they would be persecuted. so why is it acceptable for this sick shop owner who does noes not mind her own business. These two low life inhumane creatures take pleasure at destroying innocent peoples lives. Clay Modeller that worked there and Shop Owner are Police Informers thus RATS, SNITCH, STOLIE and low life sick individuals with no life with intent to destroy others. The direct result of their Manipulating Lies is guy dangerous armed with knives with my life in danger of European appearance with pink polo shirt, new black shoes, who I gave directions to turn right where the tracks meet, turn right SEVEN ELEVEN is 800m on your left towards KEW you want to go to. Due to these NARCISSIST & POLICE INFORMING LOW LIFES AGAINST INNOCENT PERSON, certain people abused their authority throw me under train due to these 2 inhumane creatures. As result I did not make phone call that would saved 3 lives. HOPE THESE SICK NARCISSIST POLICE INFORMERS are proud of themselves their wrongful actions have contributed to the death of 3 people.
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User's recommendation: Better to get COVID-19 then go to Artocracy. If you do directly look in the eyes of the shop owner i rate million times worse then dog mess.


Shireen Brown Clay Modellor and Nadia Sirianni Shop Owner of Artocracy are self centred manipulating liars and Low life Narcisisists and police informers thus are rats, snitches, stolles and the the lowest of low I ever ever come across in lifetime. I rate Shireen Brown and Nadia Sirianni million times worse then dog mess.


Agree 100%


This review is 100% correct!!! Shireen Brown and Nadia Sirianni are known Narcissists and Police Informers thus rats, pigeon stools, exceptional lower then low life’s who are trillion times worse then dog mess


This review is 100% true and correct!!! They are the most nasty & horrible one has and will ever come across MAnIPULATING LIARS and STOOL PIGEONS & NARCISSISTS is all Shireen Brown and NAdia Sirianni will forever and always be fitted to their profile!! Along with low life police Informers title that is their characters ti a tier which links them as dogs, rats and con artists!!

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map-marker Melbourne, Victoria

False accusation

Camera directed straight at change room. Told by manipulating liar the sales person it was not on and my privacy would be respected. The deceit, dishonesty and several lies by this sales person a Clay Modeller borders on disbelief. then shop owner supports the manipulating liar
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Preferred solution: Shop closed down

User's recommendation: Avoid shop like you want to avoid Covit-19