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Resolved: Greed prevails over customer service

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Original review Jan 15, 2019
I contacted this company on or around Dec. 17 2018 to give us a bid on completely rebuilding my pool and pool deck. This job was going to cost roughly over 100k which is a lot of money to my wife and I. The owner of the company Joe Moreno was the person who came out to bid the job and take measurements. He told us, and I quote " it will take a few extra days due to the holidays to get the bid back to you" and that was it. Roughly 5 weeks later I receive an email, (after calling 2 times) that his company will not be able to work on our pool because they received a larger job for more money. He also actually admits that our bid and other pools bids were on hold until they found out if they had this other job. So, for 5 weeks my screen builder, irrigation builder, construction team are all waiting for the pool to get completed only to find out our project wasn't worth enough and what’s worse, is that Joe didn't feel it was important enough to take a quick minute to call us and let us know. He sends some weak, impersonal email, THAT HE DOESN'T EVEN SIGN, to let us know he just wasted 5 weeks of build time for us. All I can say is thank God I saw what a shallow and unprofessional company this is before they actually did any work for us. I'm going through the time and effort to share this only to prevent others from having to deal with such unprofessionalism. As a side note, I'm very curious as to just how much money it takes to actually get a phone call or a bid from this company? Greed and Vanity are very expensive I guess?
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Poor customer service

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You should not have waited five weeks. That’s your bad.