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Horrible Customer Service

I KNOW ITS LONG BUT PLEASE READ!!! Please, Please, Please DO NOT GO to this facility; especially if you are natural! Let's begin shall we... I called this facility because my hairstylist cancelled on me at the last minute. After telling the beautician she told me that they were slow that day, so it would be okay to come in now. I thought to myself how awesome! Someone was willing to do box braids at the drop of a dime, and at the last minute! Well I was HORRIBLY WRONG! First, I arrived at the salon... and pulled on the door. The door was locked... So I waited another 10-15 minutes... gave the lady a call back... And NO ANSWER! So, I just sucked it up and took it as a loss. I ended up going to the McDonalds next door... Then, I notice a car pull up at the salon. That was the beautician! She then called me off of a new number... as I am looking at her walk in to the facility from next door! She asked me if I was still coming and that she was there the whole time...just in the back of the shop where she couldn't hear me! Meanwhile I am watching her from next door the entire time! I should of left then, but I gave her the benefit of the doubt and went back to the shop. MY EXPERIENCE WAS HORRIBLE! For starters I have long, extra thick NATURAL 3C hair! When she looked at me she said I'll comb it out but next time...come with your hair flat ironed...and if you come like this next time I'm going to have to charge you. I thought she was joking at first...but she was SERIOUS. First of all you DO NOT flat iron your hair before getting braids because you won't have any hair left when u take them out!!! It's too much tension on your scalp!! So anyway, she began pulling and tearing out my hair from the ROOT! Trying to DRY COMB my natural hair...Not carefully starting from the ends. I began to cry...and I got so pissed off, and they could see it because I was getting up to walk they started combing my hair better, and apologized...But one of them acted like she WANTED TO HURT ME! She pulled my hair so hard I lifted out of the chair...the other one took over bc she saw how rough she was handling my hair! Especially when it's dry! So after that they began to install the braids... I told them I wanted medium size braids...she started off putting it in that size...then turned me around from the mirror...I had two people working on my hair at once. Yanking me from side to side... One of the beauticians yelled at me saying "sit up straight..Put your feet straight!" Well I tried to do as she ask but I have a condition were my feet turn in and I had to wear braces on my legs as a child ... I tried to explain that, and it went completely ignored. I wanted to get up so bad! But I am pregnant and I needed the braids done so it would be more manageable! So I sat through it like a dummy! It only took 4hrs... But with all the yanking and pulling, and pushing me all over it felt like an eternity! Also during the whole process they acted like they didn't want to do my hair... And began huffing and puffing ! Then they started laughing and speaking in French...even though they spoke English the entire time... Then I heard her say a derogatory word in the midst of all of the French...and to top it all off one of them belched on the back of my head and didn't excuse themselves! After all of that it was finally finished, and they turned me to face the mirror! The braids were super small (I didn't want small braids), and they had completely braided every strand of hair across my hair line so tight I couldn't move my head! I felt like I almost went into shock from it being so tight! (Believe me I can take having my hair braided! It was so tight my husband said he didn't want me to sleep on them in fear of them popping off my scalp at night...and he was Serious! He even had to help me take my shirt off bc it was so tight... I had tears in my eyes trying to undress to get in the shower!) Well the Pros: Fast, an okay price, and the braids were very neat. HOWEVER CONS: apparently they don't care about YOUR HAIR...only the finished product, and *** POOR PROFESSIONALISM and CUSTOMER SERVICE... I hope this helps... I only went to them bc they had such positive reviews...well I am here to tell you as a lady who gets her hair done often, do not go! If you don't care about your own hair, or customer service then this is the place for you!
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