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Poor Quality & Poor Servive

We have a lift chair from Arrowlift installed last year and is constantly needing repair for example; it won't charge when it is engaged at the bottom or top of the stairs and its beeps intermittently or it does not go down or up most of the time, again intermittently. Right now the Lift chair does not work period, its DEAD. The service tech showed up & supposedly order some part for the lift chair. That was two weeks ago !!. I tried calling Arrowlift to see if the part was delivered to them. No Part. They say, "give it some more time, we will call you" They never will. I quess we just use the stairs manually and hang-on to the railing real tight. Trying not to fall down the stairs.
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Bad quality
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If "anonymous" would kindly call us at 763-786-**** we would be happy to address their concerns. We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service after the sale, as we have for over 30 years. Whatever the issue I'm certain it can be resolved.

Dean M Itc
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Arrow Lift: Warning to the Aged

Earlier this week Arrow Lift sent a "Repair Technician" to the residence of xxxxxxx of Elkhart Lake. xxxxxx is in need of his lift chair on a regular basis and his wife xxxx, recovering from a broken hip, has no other option but the chair for some weeks to come. The main Travel cable inside the track system of their unit jumped it's guide and ended up pinched and inevitably cut behind the main drive gear. Neighbors took the chair assembly apart to free the wire from the gear. When the cut was discovered they knew a new cord was needed and called Arrow Lift to provide the part and re-assembly. The lift was fully operational until the power cord was cut. Not rocket science as this is an older unit, I've seen them before. Arrow Lift's Technician : DID NOT as instructed, contact xxxxxx (A family friend and neighbor) before he arrived as he is handling these matters for the xxxxx's who are both well into their Eighties. Something I would think is fairly common in this business DID NOT inspect or service the unit in any way. I know exactly how the unit was I stopped in the previous day to inspect it. The chair unit and guards were removed from the track, and the broken section of cable was left exposed for the Tech to see. Entering the stairway wasn't even necessary to "diagnose" the problem. HE DID, however, take one look at it and informed The xxxxxxx that being an older unit, it is a "Pain to work on". I was later told by Arrow lifts office that this lift has not been manufactured for 5 to 7 years. They seem to feel that every 5 years, another purchase totaling thousands of dollars in a new lift PLUS installation should be considered acceptable! Let's not forget a service plan. HE DID leave Arrow Lift's phone number and information with xxxxxx and pitched a trade in program (My Guess, commissioned) on a new unit. I'm assuming the "Closer" would try to sell him one of Arrow Lift's service plans as well. REPEAT BUSINESS! (Commissions though denied, or "incentives of any sort" are assumptions made by myself and are not confirmed). I would think while taking a service order by phone, one would ask the customer what model chair will be serviced, allowing the Tech to bring the correct parts. If the lift is obsolete or deemed a liability you would at this time inform the customer that Arrow can not or will not service that particular model. Apparently this was not done as Arrow Lift would not have sent a Tech to the home if the model was one in question. I was repeatedly told over the phone that this was a diagnostic call (Not a service call). O.K.; Diagnose the problem, note the model, run back to the shop for that model's parts, and charge ANOTHER $180.00 trip charge? I don't see the logic. After Mr. xxxxxxx made it fully aware that he did not want a new chair, It is the repairman's job to...Repair. The work order is in his hand, the mileage is on his van, the customer did not fall for the bait and switch, and mostly, there are two elderly people who are immobile in their own home. If your guy doesn't want to work on the unit because it's not what he's used to, HE can pay the day's fuel and eat his own wages, NOT the customer. FACT: I was informed that Arrow Lift charges the $180.00 Flat rate diagnostic fee NO MATTER WHAT IS (Or Isn't) DONE at the residence. In essence It's a $180.00 fuel bill! FACT: I was informed to put a new track power cable on this unit would cost $1000.00!!! OPINION: Smells like someone found the perfect business preying on the elderly, remember the real kicker.... A $180.00 bill for the SALES CALL? (You CAN'T call it a service charge). Not acceptable in any way, shape, or form. A QUICK NOTE: Our parents did their job and Kept us out of harm's way. Now it's our turn to look out for them.
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This complaint against "Arrow Lift" was posted in St Louis, Missouri. Arrow Lift is a Minnesota based provider of stair lifts and elevators.

We do not manufacture product and we have never done business in Missouri. It would appear this customer has confused the name of their service company.


This incident happened in Sheboygan WI, and the Arrowlift service was from the Green Bay WI area. Not sure how it migrated to St Louis.

Any St Louis divisions of this company are not included in this review and should not be held accountable.


1. This unit was not installed by Arrow, we were servicing a unit installed by others.

Arrow is not a manufacturer. We are a retailer of several brands.

2. This review was posted by a neighbor who wasn't even present at the time our technician was at the home.

3. The original reviewer claims that we're taking advantage of the elderly, this simply isn't true.

We attempted to service a stair lift that was over an hour away from our facility because the original company couldn't. This chair was not installed by us and was no longer being manufactured. There simply wasn't any means to repair the chair as parts were not readily available. In those instances we can generally help customers by offering a reduced price refurbished unit that will be warranted and installed properly.


The homeowner in this case paid us for the trip charge and had no complaint.

This review was generated by someone not related to the customer. We've had multiple contacts with the homeowner without any need for further resolution.


1. Never said that arrow installed the unit.

I installed it 1 year prior. Arrow offers SERVICE and was the closest to our area. It is why they were called.

2. You're correct.

I'm the neighbor. I maintain the home and the property. My wife cleans the home. We manage the home and finances for the elderly man (his wife has since died).

It wouldn't make much sense to contact their son who lives 1300 miles away... Would it?

Your company was instructed to contact me before entering the home as I live right next door. Once again, probably a normal request when dealing with the elderly who are often easily confused. You did NOT contact us before arriving at the home.


3. An hour away... You took the job... and charged dearly for the windshield time.

Nobody forced you. All the more reason you should have ASKED for the model number over the phone if it might have been an issue.

News flash: After a trip to KW Electric (Sheboygan), and $140.00 I returned with a cut length of 5 wire cable that matched factory spec. The chair was running the same day.

Discontinued "part" or not; it was a WIRE. Not a common one, but by no means proprietary.

The chair was "NO LONGER MANUFACTURED"? Neither is a 2007 Ford Taurus, but a professional will fix it when it needs service without telling you to buy a new car.

Chair was from 2007. Why would we have trusted you to install a new one "PROPERLY", when you couldn't fix this simple problem. I'm a building contractor, and I did it! 4.

Once again; you're right. The home owner DID pay you... and would NEVER complain. He was confused and did not understand (back to #2) His answer to situations like this is to write the check.

It's why we are involved in his day to day dealings. The fact that I am not related to the customer has no bearing here as I was the one that contacted Arrow and set up the appointment NOT the home owner. I contracted the job. You did NOT have multiple contacts with him.

You called him prior to the service...

The rest were with ME. Figure it out guys.


I have the same problem with Arrowlift Chairs there product quality is bad (its always needs to be repaired) and they overcharge for service repairs, if you can get a service tech to show up.


What brand are you referring to? Arrow Lift is NOT

a manufacturer.


It is worth noting that this company has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Sounds like this person had unreasonable expectations.


I'm not surprised as a lot of aged people won't take the time or energy to file the complaints as it's not that easy without being computer literate.

The younger, computer savvy generation doesn't even know how the BBB works...

It's straight to YELP,Facebook, or sites just like this one. It's a little like KELLY BLUE BOOK... They've slowly given way to the numerous other (and more accurate) methods of placing a value on a vehicle.

Times are changing... ;)


That is so sad and is the reason my kids watch out for me. I'm blessed


Maddie, you are blessed to have family watching out for you and assisting you. Every day we're out in the field we see people who are on their own trying to decipher what is good, and what is bad information.

This entire string of comments is getting away from a few simple points.

First, if an issue comes up, we're human. Call us and let a manager know if necessary. Second, posting anonymous complaints does no one any good. It's too easy for competitors to falsely post comments about each other which does the customer "researching" no good at all.

Third, we're a family owned business and everyone here has parents. None of us intends to take advantage of anyone. We do our best and if there's a disagreement or problem, simply talk with us. Our reputation is how we develop new business so it IS important to hear about areas we can improve.

Lastly, don't confuse the correct answer with the answer you're hoping for. The stair lift industry is governed and guided by several authorities at the federal and state level. Each of these has standards that must be met for equipment, parts, installation and service. We can't sometimes just do what common sense says will work, or we risk running afoul of a code or rule that restricts us.

Sometimes it's expensive to repair complex, computer driven equipment.

Again, ask us if something doesn't make sense and we'll do our best to explain

My name is Brett and I work with Arrow in the Twin Cities. Phone is 952-253-****.

Since no one else will

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