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Kids in neiborhood

All i got to say is that alot of these kids are baba kids and have no respect well all i got to say is when my 14 month old son get older and im still living here which i dought and a older kid comes in my yard and smacks my son the parent will be informed and if they dont do anything about it then i will be wooping someones *** il be *** if i let people run my family over i will tell someone quick talking to me like alot of people are complaining about at arrington. about three weeks ago i was at a friends house and got a phone call that a kid had accidently hit one of out companys car that was parked on the side of the drive way luckly the kid was ok but the bad part was that my neighbor had heard someone crying and looked outside and seen the mother grap the kid and bike and just walked home without saying anything to us about the damage or anything luckly i wasnt home because they wouldnt of walked home they would of waited till the cops got here but cops were called but she had already went inside now from were i come from thats just dirty but i bet it wont happen again.
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This manager melissa is telling all the children to physically fight and its and awful place to liv

When i moved in to arrington estates in henderson i left jackson looking for a nice quiet neighborhood to live in within 3 days of being there the new land lady melissa confronted some children had told a lie on me i had never spoke to the chldren from that point on she has been very racist and awful mgr . All the children out there are constantly fighting physically because she refuses to do anything about it they come in my yard and hit and kick my child and all she says is well tell your child they must fight? What really I must teach my child to fight in which to live in those houses. Her daughter is the ring leader of the bunch she is awful she drives around the neighborhood yes she drives and she is like 11 her mothers car and stick her tongue out at people her mother is in the car with her thinking this is all funny. She rides her bike around calling other children filty names which i will not quote here but she lets her. She has told all the white people to get rid of their dogs yet she has 2 dogs which run loose most of the time tearing up the garbage not to mention the dog *** everywhere. In my opinion she has taken the word neighbor out of neighborhood and it is not like living in the hood and she tells us we cant tell the children that hit our children to get out of our own yard? Well I bet the police can tell them. This would be such a nice place to live if she was gone and her child as well her child goes home and lies and gets her mom to put a complaint in their file on whomever they lie on that day. She is unprofessional and down right ghetto. I cant wait to get my child to a safe place to live for this is not. I feel like this week will be the week i have to get the police involved for no one should promote child bullying and physical fighting withing a community
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if its one thing I can say about Melissa is that she is not racist. All the children fuss all the time they are all spoil including Melissa's daughter.

But she has been nothing but fair to all the children an treat them all well she even done a summer food program for them on her on free will. She does say if someone hits you to hit them back. I do believe all parents tell there children that though. She does not promote bullying she is quick to get on to the children and tell their parents but some parents feel as though their child does no wrong.

Her daughter is one of the most respectful children in the neighborhood.

There was one incident where the children were jumping on a trampoline and her daughter fell on a child an gave him a nice knot on the head but it was an accident even though their mom wasn't happy about it. Her dog barks alot that would be my only complaint.


While my son is only 14 months old and I do not know about the issues at hand, I do have several complaints about this property. I have lived here one year this coming August and fortunately until now have had no problems with Melissa.

BUT, I haven't had any issues with my property until now either. My complaint isn't so much with Melissa, nore with her rude employeer My air conditioner went out on a Friday afternoon. She was very quick to send the heating & air people out who informed me that my unit was out & it would be monday before it could be replaced. When I called Melissa and told her this, and she called her supervisor and asked what they could do for us since we have a 14 month old and the high over the weekend was 93...

They responded that they had sent the A/C people out and it wasn't their problem.. That we should have had renter's ins.. I'm sorry but I don't know of any renter's ins that would cover us renting a room when the unit that THEY own tears up! We weren't even offered a fan to help!

The next day, I took a pic of the thermostat in my house and it was 92.. Seriously!! Long story short, here it is Wednesday and I'm still sitting here with no air.

Luckily my lease is up August 1st and we will be able to move. My complaint is more with Melissa's boss and not her but either way, the company needs some serious restructuring!!


this place is awful! my child was actually hit in the head by the managers daughter who is 13 and my child is 5 and left a goose egg on his head.

she is rude and racist. its very said considering the houses themselves are cute and the neighborhood could have amazing potential!

she will not give a number to contact someone above her, shady business is what it sounds like! she needs to be removed!


Yes I live across the street from this place and have watched in decline from the peaceful neighborhood that it used to be to the "hood" it has become now. It has been worse the last year.

They have a real problem with bullies over there. My child rides the bus with some of the kids that live there and tell me how they hit and call names and threaten other kids.

they are like a gang over there. So sad.


yes i heard about that place what a nightmare

rita Hvs

She wont give the home office phone number out when asked because she know she is in the wrong

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James S Itx
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Arrington Estates Rental community in Henderson TN

I have serious issues with Lynn Foster and the maintenance man over Arrington Estates, managed by L & W Management. Ms. Foster and the maintenance man are constantly harassing residents of Arrington Estates, and now employers of residents. The most recent issue includes my place of employment being called. I park my work vehicle on the road for 3-4 hours at a time while home. I have spoke with the local police and they said it was perfectly legal and fine to park there. It does not block access to any residence and it is not on Arrington Estates property. It is on a PUBLIC road. After the maintenance man called the police and they told him he couldn’t have it removed because it was fine being there, he proceeded to call to have it towed. After finding out he couldn’t have it towed unless the cops told him to because it was on a public street, he proceeded with calling my place of employment to cause problems. As long as any vehicle is on public property, it is not the responsibility or business of Arrington Estates or L&W Management to be concerned about where it is. Arrington Estates and L&W Management do not own the public road and should not be causing problems with my job. Again, the vehicle was legally parked on a public road and has been given the okay by local police to park there. This is not the only form of harassment from both Lynn Foster and the maintenance man of Arrington Estates. There have been numerous letters stuck in the door, one of which tells me that our lease will not be renewed and another of which states that children should ride their bikes in the road, not the yards. That suggestion alone is a huge liability issue. There have been two page long complaint sessions addressed to all residents that are very rude in tone and add restriction not found in original lease contract. It is no wonder so many residents are moving out of this rental community.
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I have not been Manager of Arrington Estates since July 3,2009. I was fired because Owner (Dale Lancaster) hired a SNAKE IN THE GRASS management company (Guardian Asset Manmagement).

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