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Folks, Let me tell you the truth about armstrong steel. Most every one of the reps you talk to works for a commission. In that sense go into this deal just like you would if buying a car from the dealership. They will tell you non specific answers to quell questions only to continue a sale. "hurry up you only have until Friday before prices change" , "your building price is the price I quoted you can add extras later" Your deposit needs to be this ($1300) amount when it really needs to be a quarter of that ($200) will do. Lets get to specifics 32'x40' building going up in Carthage NC, no doors no windows just the farming. -$14,500 End cost of building color matched to code with trimmed openings (specifically not stated as an extra charge) -$19,221.00 Delivery cost were 891.00 + 250.00 fuel surcharge (not stated on original signing) When asked about the average erection of a building this size I was told $3500 by CARL (carl has no authority in giving prices but I didn't know that at the time) Total price of the erection will be $8,500 in addition to site leveling and concrete another 8k -Important in order to meet code these buildings cannot be put on pillions of blue stone to save money. All said and done this was the biggest mistake we have ever invested in. Period Total cast for this project will be $38,500. Lesson Learned = Be careful what you get into these people are salesman taking advantage of the hard working American. Total projects costs are never advertised because most customers would not commit. In addition what ever your building costs you off the line figure on doubling it by the time it is erected on your site. DOUBLE YOUR BUILDING PRICE FOR FINAL COSTS ************************************************************************************************ Quick summary from my last review, I am currently deployed the building is still not erected on site because Armstrong did not send Eve trim, attaching strips and screws to complete the building. So currently you can drive past my house for the last 25 days and see a work site, steel building and no roof. Great job once again Armstrong. This company has been contacted by my wife a dozen times and our contractor 15x. They continue to push us off saying the parts are being shipped and will be delivered. On the delivery date nothing is in the mail. Our next course of action is to get with base legal with the Air Force and start legal action against these clowns. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!! Now I see Armstrong Steel decided to join Ripoff Reports Verified safe program in an attempt to hide their bad business dealings.
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I signed the contract for the building on February 24,2021. I just received the blueprints via email on Jan.11, 2022, and the shipping agreement on Jan 12, 2022.

Then on Jan 24th,2022 after talking to her on the phone, she sends me a email for verification of purchase which had a $31,520.21 increase on it over and above the original price that they agreed to in the contract. I told her on the phone that was ridiculous. More than a 100% increase from the price we agreed on. Then on Feb 1st,2022 she sent me another email said she was able to get the increase down to 21,013.47.

I told her I was not going to pay that either. She said if I cancel the order I will loose my $7,280.00 deposit. Then she said the price of steel is going down a little and maybe in 6 months it might be cheaper. I was thinking that if they would have stuck to their contract of delivery within 3 months then there would not have been any steel increase.

Also does it cost $7,280.00 for a email of my cookie cutter blue prints, after a year of waiting on them? I tried reaching out to Andres the client relations manager and got nothing from him as well. Is this not Fraud? Here is a link to the BBB and some of the complaints on there.

Some of which are very similar to mine. Armstrong Steel Corp | Complaints | Better Business Bureau Profile ( Please do your research before signing a contract with this company!!!!!!!!!!

User's recommendation: Do not buy from Armstrong Steel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think we should call Tom Martino!


very true , this company is a total ripoff. Do not purchase from them unless you want to waste your time and money and buy a lawsuit .

they will not deliver , Period . Delay after delay after delay they will demand more money due to an increase in the price of steel. I have waited nearly 10 months after payment and still nothing .

I will be filing suit. Michael Riese

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