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Bring it back !!!!

Have been using Primitene Mist and pills since it first came on the market. Made it thru 20 years of military service using these products. Now am stuck with the junk, that the Doctor has to prescribe, everything that has been give by my doctor is not working. Bring back the one thing that has saved my life, the Mist !!!!! works great, and is affordable,easy to use, and used to be readily available. Who is profiting from keeping this product off the market ?,Doctors,the big companies who sell the prescribed inhalers, and the stockholders. Please Save me from having huge medication bills every month !
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Not as described/ advertised

Preferred solution: Bring it back on the market,fight the tyrants.

claude k Tqj
map-marker Columbus, Ohio

Primatene mist inhaler

took inhaler off the market before having a suitable replacement available. I suffer from COPD and their inhaler worked better than albuterol inhaler that I used before. Now I am forced to obtain a prescription for the albuterol(proventil) and I must go through a doctor for that. many people do not have a regular doctor and even if they do, it increases their out of pocket expense. Pfizer,Armstrong pharmaceuticals and the FDA are all derelict in this problem and should hasten to develop and market a over the counter inhaler (emergency inhalers ) as soon as possible for the good of everyone involved!
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I've been doing a lot of research on this. It seems Armstrong had from 1989 to 2011 to develop something and didn't. Then made a butt-load of soon to be not legal for sale product, and then pressed (and ultimately blamed) congress to get them an exception to sell it...


I have used an Epinephrine inhaler for over 20+ years. I can afford the Albuterol inhalers, so cost isn't an issue.


I think that Attempted Murder charges should be filed against the FDA and Armstrong, the manufacturer of Primatene. I firmly believe that Armstrong has NO INTENT to produce any kind of Epinepherine inhaler, and/or the FDA has NO INTENT to ever let one on the market in the US again. CONTACT YOUR US SENATORS, US REP's, the FDA, ARMSTRONG (ps their petition is one sided, designed to bring $ to ARMSTRONG, not help asthmatics.

CONTACT the Health and Human Services Department CONTACT your local TV station. We shouldn't just lay down and suffocate without a FIGHT!!!


Lets see also the precription albuterol that was a generic in areosol form and been simply redesigne dinto a powder but still albuterol is now a NON Generic.. That is like taking a generic Asprin crushing it and saying now that it is crushed it is no longer a generic..

BULL ***.. All they changed was the delivery method..

Pharasutical Companies need their *** sued.. :(


Albuteral inhalers DO NOT WORK . Primitene mist DOES WORK let's take it off the market so millions suffer....

great idea.

Kill the asthma sufferers so the small amount of CFCs don't harm the ozone. Might as well kill all the cows cause they *** and kill the ozone.


I was thinking about crushing the tablets and inhaling them. What do you think?


I've had light asthma most of my life. Used Primatene Mist a couple times a week and never had any major issues.

Now, Albuterol makes me worse, after the first day I end up using it 5 times a day as my asthma attacks become regular. I'm suffering, smothering, and miserable.

I need Primatene Mist. Armstrong, please help us.


Facinating that the self righteous *** that run the United States government would be so arrogant they would remove the only over the counter option asthmatics can use to breathe...THE ONLY OPTION AVAILABLE.What kind of sick *** removes THE ONLY OPTION AVAILABLE WE USE TO CATCH OUR BREATH ?? I hope you *** know what it's like one day to wake up with nothing to help you catch your breath because you have no health insurance.May the sick,selfish,money grabbing jerks get what;s coming to them one day.

Robert L Gjy

I've used Primatene Mist for over 25 years and to leave us with nothing when the removal of this product has been in the works for years, amounts to murder. There was plenty of time to develop another method of dispensing this product so it doesn't damage the Ozone layer.

What about all the inhalers that require a prescription, nothing wrong with them.

Oh, could it be the issue helps the Pharmaceutical companies and doctors??? I haven't found anything that brings up the Phlegm, help, I'm choking and the doctors just smile.


Yeah, I too used PM for years and am not forced to suffer.

Although the Albteral works for me I spent a night in an ER to get it and after this one runs out I am sure I will be back in there again soon.


I have used Primatene Mist for over 20 years, I have also spent many days and nights in the ER when my inhaler ran out . I have been prescribed many many different medications to help treat my asthma , but out of 20 years of experience Primatene Mist was the ONLY one that work and was readily available over the counter, Now that you have taken it off the market over some BS reason, I am currently smothering to death, THANKS FDA,.

I think I am going to file an attempted murder charge on The FDA and with todays lawyers I will win.

You are indangering my life every minute that Primatene Mist is not available to me. GIVE ME BACK MY MEDICATION !!!!!!!!!

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map-marker Coral Springs, Florida

Armstrong Pharmaceuticals

C'mon guys,bring back PRIMATINE MIST. I'm DYING WITHOUT IT.You are making me and others suffer.If you can't breath,life sucks.You've had more than a year to come up with a propelant that big brother says is O.K.,what is the problem? PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE HURRY,like I said,I'm dying.Doesn't anyone care.Do you need people to field test the NEW PRIMATINE MIST? If so,I gladly volunteer.I need help breathing. Does anyone care.The dipsticks running the show don't seem to.I await your reply!
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map-marker Columbus, Ohio

Suffocating In Columbus, Ohio

I am a single 58 yr old mom/ also raising a grandson--living on $300 per wk/ no insurance/no child support. My fifteen year old son has asthma, Primatene Mist Inhalers had been a life line for us. Now there is nothing but a Dr--seeking a mandatory full physical every year ($150.00) up front, and will give prescription for a little albuterol rescue inhaler---for $60.00 each, by the way, those are addictive! Or we can take the baby and sit indefinately in an ER...Now we really struggle. I had to call the emergency squad twice last night. Thanks.
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AngryAtYou B
map-marker Stone Mountain, Georgia

Armstrong Pharmaceuticals stopped producing Primitene Mist

Primitene Mist was the last over-the-counter drug that was more affordable than many of the prescribed medicines by doctors. The company that makes Primatene Mist, Armstrong Pharmaceuticals, said in July that it was "actively finalizing its internal development" of an HFA-propelled epinephrine product. No one knows how long this will take. Meanwhile, asthma sufferers with no insurance and no doctor will have to suffer because Armstrong Pharmaceuticals has been dragging their feet for over ten years for the development" of an HFA-propelled epinephrine product. Hydrofluoroalkane(HFA) Is this a conspiracy that involves the government, drug companies, and doctors? In my opinion, YES!
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Please bring Primatene Mist back in some shape or form. The new Asthmanefrin that is being sold over the counter is a pain to keep clean-rinsing in vinegar and distilled water every day.

The filter clogs way too easily and it's expensive to buy the starter kit and the refills-$80. Can't the company who makes Primatene Mist come up with something to help all of us asthma sufferers? I would think they are losing millions of dollars in revenue from those of us who have no health insurance and relied on Primatene Mist to breathe.

Please help us-there are millions of us that need this to live. And I'm sure the ozone layer is being affected by a lot more than Primatene Mist users.


well really how long does it take to change the gas in a little bottle? which could be the same as whip cream cans LOL

it about the money and paying off the US government.


It's disconcerting to read how many PM users are so totally clueless in how the drug development process works. This whole thing is SOLELY the result of EPA crusaders having their dirty work carried out by the FDA.

"Why is Armstrong taking so long with the HFA inhaler?" you ask. Again, the blame lies solely with the FDA - their clinical study requirements throw a monkey wrench into the development process, slowing the process down to a crawl and burdening the company with million$ and million$ of cost to develop it. Armstrong would LOVE to have a replacement on the shelf already (their studies are done), but again the FDA is dragging their feet in approving it, as they do with approving every other new drug product that's been introduced in the last 40 years. (Why? They claim that it's all in the interest of keeping YOU safe, because they are convinced that we are all idiots.)

The issue of development is another thing. It appears that many people here think that you simply have to put some epinephrine in a bottle with a magical propellant and it "just works." Sorry, it just doesn't work that way. To get a single item that both functions properly, delivers the legally required dose EVERY TIME, and doesn't make you *** when you use it requires dozens of iterations or trial combinations. The technology (equipment) necessary to generate these items is highly specialized and unGodly expensive, so they have to create partnerships with companies specialized in developing and producing them.

Quite simply, this isn't just putting a new tire on the car... it's reinventing the wheel.

You want to complain to somebody? Complain to the FDA or your congressman - they're to blame. Not Armstrong.


I would like to thank all the (so called experts) for keeping me safe from a product that actually worked with ouy a prescription. thanks to them my asthma is worse and it is hard to breathe.I am laidoff without health insurance and cannot afford the doctors solutions to this problem. these same experts are probably protesting the war,but killing asthmatics


Armstrong Pharmaceuticals is playing Russian roulette with the millions of asthma sufferers. I shutter to think that they are in this business for profits alone.

But what goes around, comes around. Just as the banks abused their power and is now paying for it, the same will befall Armstrong Pharmaceuticals.


Not sure what really prompted the removal of Primatene Mist from the shelves, but it is not a solution to anything. I notice that there's a link in the main group of Armstrong links on Google for Albuterol. Were Primatene Mist OTC sales cutting into potential, and more profitable, sales of the prescription inhaler?

Whatever, PM should be put back on the market with a propellant that doesn't harm the environment, or the product should be provided by a company that is more concerned about making a useful product available to the general public.

I've had asthma for 57 years, though my younger years were the worst, and now it mainly a concern during allergy season. I CAN imagine how scary it is for some parents with a young child who is struggling for breath but for whom they have no medication. There are literally millions of families who have no insurance or other means to pay for a visit to a doctor to get a prescription to then go buy a drug they can't afford. Primatene Mist is important to have available.

I don't remember hearing one incident ever that would justify taking PM off the market. I have used it for years with 0 adverse affects and when allergy season is done, it stays in the medicine cabinet without any any need for it other than for breathing assistance.

I'm going to start writing to my senators and congressperson. I'm going to send an e-letter to the White House. I don't have a personal thing with Armstrong Pharmaceuticals. I'm glad there is a comment thread provided to accept my opinion and those of others. But PM is a useful product needed and used by many and it's not right to withhold it for reasons that don't justify the inconvenience and even harm.

I would recommend that others who read this also contact your political representatives and the White House in addition to Armstrong Pharmaceuticals at info@***


I have used Primatene Mist for 40 years,never ever had a problem.When I used prescription inhalers I had to use it more frequently,suffered from nervousness,heart palpitations.Never ever had this reaction to Primatene Mist.I think it is horrible that the only over the counter inhaler can no longer be purchased,


Please hurry with the HFA-propelled epinephine product as with most people its like breathing through a juice box straw, ventalin etc. just doesnt cut it.,again please hurry !


I wish someone could explain to me how this mist product hurts the ozone. The product is released into the mouth and inhaled.

How does that adversely affect the ozone? I doubt people are going around squirting it into the air.


Taking this product off the market is another example of Big Brother government. Yes, I need it handy, because there are times I have a sudden attack and Primatine worked FAST.

I have an RX inhaler, but it is too expensive for my income. Give it back!

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Rosa H Jts
map-marker Palm Bay, Florida

Armstrong Pharmaceutical took of the shelves the inhailer primatine

A hate the fact that armstrong pharmaceutical took of the shelve the primatine inhailers millions of people count on that medication for there asthma, especialy if they can not afford to go to the doctors almost all the medication for asthma requires a doctor rx and if you can not go to the doctor, that means that pretty much you are scrood. Like myself I dont have insurance and I can not afford to pay a doctor out of my pocket.thats why I was depending on primatine and now that they took out I dont know what to do. Thats why I am so pissed off please bring back my primatine.
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Allen Wkx

As someone with asthma I understand what you are saying, but I think they took it off the market for the very reason you give, people used it instead of seeing a doctor. And Primatine is not really the best med.

for most people. Yes docs are expensive but there are also low cost or free clinics.

Asthma can be just too serious to NOT be seeing a doctor for it. Find a way to see a doctor.

map-marker Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Frankie Vero

I am so disappointed that Primatine Mist has been discontinued, tt was an over the counter asthma relief drug that I could afford but no I am now left with no options. I hope who made this decision understands the finanical impact it has made on thousands and thousands of people who are either un-employed or not financially capable of paying for a $ 120.00 to $ 220.00 doctor's visit just for an inhaler. I hope they are faced one day with NO OPTIONS! This is our government being ***! They are only hurting the poor & middle class. I can see the future impact on hospital emergecy centers, they will now be providing indigent care for $ 1,000.00 dollars which could have been resolved for a minimum cost of $ 20.00. Please let me know who and where I can file a complaint on behalf of myself and others.
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Yes your right, it all about big Pharmaceuticals companies selling the high priced *** and paying off the politicians, FDA and others. You would think it would have a co2 replacement out but then they would have to pass testing all over again, *** the ozone what good is it if I can't inhale

Margaret B Jmv
map-marker Los Angeles, California

Taking away needed over the counter meds

The over the counter meds that really is taken away. we that have asthma and copd used primatene mist to help us. The meds that we get from the doctor do not work as fast as primatene and there are some bad side affect that we can not deal with. now that primatene mist is no longer available we are force to use whatever we can get, which is not good. tell us when primatene will be back on the market. with primatene we can buy it over the counter which is a good. we do not have to wait for a doctor to give it to us.
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