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map-marker Yuma, Arizona

Can't get into nursing portal no longer have email address to send verification for password

I want to renew my license I cant get signed in to nursing portal because my password is wrong. It wants me to put in email associated with account to send verification to but I no longer have access to that account! Trying to get help getting in with new email! Please help me
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Beware working in AZ as a nurse !

The board of nursing is very corrupt, unfair , biased, and are quit the liars! Do not work in AZ if you value your career , reputation, and livelihood! My license was revoked for posting on facebook, nothing that had anything to do with nursing but as a public safety message!!! The board loves to order psych evals with their crooked Drs, and take nurses down. Very old tactics, crazy unstable . when that is what they are and mostly mormons ! which means they let mormon nurses off with nothing !! beware!!!! Most nurses know about this corrupt board. azstateboardofnursingcorruptionwatchdogs. beware forewarned , the president is a real trip, thinks all women need to be 'obedient
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Reason of review:
ripped off

Preferred solution: full apology and license

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AzBON .. can somebody help me ???

No body at this place knows what they are doing … can you help ? I am an APRN