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I've drunk different variations of Arnold Palmer half and half for almost three years now and I love it most of the time. But I really hate the visible specs floating in it, and when I poured my can into an actual glass it was really hard not to noticed the floating pulp or whatever. I assume it just part of the tea or something but it's just kinda gross. I almost just wanna run it through a fine strainer. However, I really like the taste and...
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I liked
  • Many variations of arnold palmer
  • Taste
  • Price
I didn't like
  • Goop
  • Ingredients
  • Floating specs
I had a big can of Arnold Palmer half and half from Walmart. I actually bought a bunch of them. I was drinking it, about half was gone when I went to sleep. The next morning I dumped it out in the sink to find a huge blue glob in it at the bottom. I almost didn't see it because it came out a little bit after the rest of the liquid did. I am extremely disgusted by this and I will never drink this again. While drinking the can, and many others,...
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I was drinking a glass of their half and half.I felt something sickening on my tongue and immediately spit it out. It was a weird jelly-like thing similar to brown and white mucus. When I examined my glass further, I found my glass was full of them. Some up to 2 inches in length. GROSS! I have no idea what they were. I'm totally disgusted. I will never drink any of Arizona's products again! Review has to be 100 words??nasty, nasty,nasty,...
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yuckystuffyo it's mold. sorry but sure. that's what happens when their is an imperfect/defunct seal, or when some physical action is imparted onto the can/plastic bottle, causing a break (...


Anonymous Just had the SAME thing happen in their fruit punch. They quickly offered me a check for $40.