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ARDEN SHOES : FRAUD Company, I bought my shoes 2 months ago, and the quality is terrible

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The shoes were amazing at the time, but after a few wears (less than 2 months) the fur has started shedding and the glue has started coming off leaving the shoes looking bad. Have emailed them about it and was told that I can't have a refund or a remake because they have a generous refund/remake policy because they can resell the shoes!

This is a fraud company.

Do Not ! I repeat Do not buy Arden shoes....

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Reason of review:
Bad quality
map-marker Chandigarh, Chandigarh

Very Bad experience..

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This case is with reference to harassment that I have been going through on account of a glitch in a purchase preposition that I made from Arden shoes (

Prior to purchasing a pair of shoes from Arden shoes (, I was a bit skeptical about the appropriateness of the foot size that I would receive. My skepticism was addressed by ....

In a way that they assured me of an exchange in case the size ended up being inappropriate. As it turned out to be, the shoe size was too big for me and I communicated the same to Arden shoes ( the very day I received the shoes. There was a lateral delay on the part of Arden shoes ( and Gati courier service in collecting the faulty package from my premises.

On receiving the parcel, the Arden shoes ( rather accused me of using the shoes when I had just worn the shoes for less than 2 minutes to check their size. As a consequence of their faulty accusation, they now refuse to refund my money or send me a smaller sized shoe.

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Reason of review:
Poor customer service

Preferred solution: Full refund

map-marker San Antonio, Texas

Horrible Customer Service Review

Horrible customer service no wonder they are foing out of buisness

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map-marker Orland Park, Illinois

False Advertising & Rude Manager at Orland Park

I was looking online and noticed ArdenB was having a sale on a couple items i liked and also noticed they had free shipping, so i decided to order some items . On their website they were advertising "Free In store returns or exchanges". Once i finally received my items (after 2 weeks), i did not like the a shirt i ordered , it fit wrong and it was not as i imagined, so i went to the Orland Park location to return my item. That is when the employee told me that she can not refund me my money, only merchandise credit or exchange?? Not to mention i just received the item the same day, unworn, tags still on, with invoice in hand. This was not mentioned anywhere while i was ordering and then she stated the reason she cant refund me the money is because the card number was not available on the receipt. ***, my card number was on the receipt. i decided to not argue with this rude untrained ignorant worker and just leave because it was not worth the stress. I called customer service and told me they will refund me the money and apologized for her rude behavior. & here is the return policy stated on the website

"Online Purchases Returned In Store

Online purchases returned to the store will follow the in-store return policy using the invoice generated date.

See below for details

In Store Return Policy

Store returns are accepted within 30 days of the purchase date.

Store returns made within 14 days of purchase date will be refunded back to the original method of payment.

Store returns made between 15 and 30 days of purchase will be accepted for merchandise credit or exchange only.

Items must be unworn, unwashed and undamaged with tags intact.

All lingerie (intimates), jewelry, swimwear, CD's and clearance purchase are final sale and may not be returned or exchanged.

Except as provided by applicable state law, store credit, gift cards and the purchase of B. Rewarded Cards are not redeemable for cash, non-transferable and cannot be replaced if lost or stolen.

Original receipt and valid photo ID is required for all returns/exchanges.

Arden B.reserves the right to limit the number of returns."

As someone who works at the same mall this lady works in, the customer service experienced was embarrassing. & ArdenB should better advertise their return policy, as well as learn to train their employees. I regularly shop there & spend a good chunk of cash there monthly on work, school, and dressy attire. I have however, decided to switch to a better company.

Thank You :)

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Asa Sgz
map-marker Suffolk, Virginia

Went to return and shop

So I went into Arden B yesterday to return some items I bought online and possibly shop. I like their online store a lot because of the coupons you can use and great deals.

Some of the things I got in the mail didn't fit, so I wanted to exchange. Unfortunately, in store, my size was not available. I understood I couldn't get my money back on the 2 items without the receipt, but didn't get why they MADE me buy something in the store!!! I got a store credit for the one item I did have a receipt for.

The service was horrible. Everyone that worked there was SO mean .. giving me dirty looks and rolling their eyes at me. I work at Express and I know we would NEVER treat customers like that, even if they did have 3 returns.

It was really ridiculous! The girl who checked me out was retarded .. it took her about 20 minutes to get everything done .. she made so many mistakes I had to tell her to correct the wrong prices etc.

So pissed. I ended up getting a shirt (that was probably 50% off online) but I just wanted to get out of there!!! I lost $50 there instead of getting a credit like I wanted to. They are unprofessional and do not give customers what they want.

I know that at Express we would let someone buy a gift card (store credit) if they didn't have a receipt. It was obvious they didn't want to lose money on the day - but that's their problem, not mine!!! I am NOT shopping there again.

Online is nice, but the store is GHETTO. I am so done with that place, I even blocked it from my computer because I am not going in there to exchange anything again.

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Berdell Zwl
map-marker Jacksonville, Florida

Arden B. customer service

I bought a dress online and in their online it stated that the dress was

20% off and on the top of their website it stated that an extra 30% off

Would be added and .99 cent shipping. I of course wanting a good deal

For the dress, ordered it and when I checked out and my credit card was

Processed I saw that only the 20% off and .99 cent shipping was included!

So my order came out to about $60 dollars. It was a Sunday and I called

On Monday first thing. The customer service person was nice but was

Hesitating on giving me the extra 30% off. According to him online the sale

Was only 20% off the dress and no extra. How could that be when I

Had seen the 30% off additional online. So he we t to his manager and she said

She would honor the extra 30 percent of so I would be refunded about $14

Back. She said it would take about a week. A week passes by and nothing

No refund. I called back and they told me the same think it would take

A week to refund it. In total 3 weeks passed by and every time I called

That manager had to process it. I was so upset that nothing was

Being done and each time I card I had to re explain my situation.

Finally on the 4 week when I called I was promised that I would finally

Get a refund I got and ema saying I was being refunded $5! Stinking

Dollars they don't know how to do math or what? Where would they

Come up with that. I so tired of calling and explaining my situation

And having them tell me they will process the return. They did it wrong

The first time. I'm returning the *** dress. And not shopping there


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map-marker Birmingham, Alabama


Yesterday, I went into the Galleria to shop the 70% off sale at ArdenB. I heard from a friend that there was still a good amount of cute dresses.

I skimmed through the racks and everything i picked up looked tattered. I was disappointed because I love ArdenB. Been a customer for years and I often take me daughter to WetSeal to shop. I tried to ask for assistance, but the manager was too busy yelling at an employee to help me!

A tall girl at the cash register tried to calm her down and she snapped at her, then stormed past me. I can see why they're closing.

HORRIBLE management and ripped clothes! Ugh, I miss old ArdenB!

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SMH, I have had bad experiences at Arden B. in the Galleria as well.

Their associates are very poorly trained and none of them seemed to be on the same page regarding purchase and return policies.

And in my opinion, their prices were just too high for such low quality garments. They were bound to close; that store was ALWAYS empty anyway.

Keneshia Ych
map-marker Austin, Texas

Arden B Deceptive Return Policy / Poor Customer Service

I recently had a very frustrating experience with Arden B over return policy.

I purchased a jacket at Arden B in New York while I was on vacation. I decided I did not want the jacket anymore and decided to return it, unworn with tags, to my local Arden B in Austin, Texas, aware of the 7 day return policy. I purchased the jacket on a Sunday (9/21) and took it to the store to return the next Sunday (9/28) believing I was within the 7 days (28-21 = 7; one week is considered 7 days; Sun to Mon = day 1, Mon to Tues = day 2, Tues to Wed = day 3, Wed to Thurs = day 4, Thurs to Fri = day 5, Fri to Sat = day 6, Sat to Sun = Day 7). The "co-manager" at the store said that I was past the 7 days because you had to count the day of purchase as Day 1, so their policy would not allow her to accept the return as by their calculation we were on day 8. The way to calculate return days was not explained to me at the time of purchase, was not printed on their receipt which just says "within 7 days" nor is posted in either Arden B store I had been to.

Admitting that the policy was confusing and it was a terrible situation, she said she could only offer store credit or exchange for my jacket. I proceeded to call the New York store from which I purchased the jacket, and the sales associate said the jacket is returnable as I was still on day 7. Going back again to my Austin Arden B, the Co-manager said that she could not accept the return and had to stand by her policy (direct instructions from corporate) but I could speak to another manager the following day.

The following day, out of curiousity, I called Arden B online customer service and I stated when I made a purchase (9/21) and asked if by returning by Sunday (9/28) I was still within their 7 day policy. The customer service agent said that yes, I could return the jacket.

I proceeded to call the Texas Arden B to speak to the other Manager. She asked if the other co-manager had "explained how to count the days". I found that to be quite insulting. Of course I know how to count, but the point was that the policy was unclear and that most people would assume a Sunday to Sunday was 7 days. She then claimed that she had to call customer service to get an authorization code to accept the return as her computer would not allow it, and if she could get that I could return the jacket. She said she would call me back and let me know what customer service said. As I had not heard from her, I called her again in 30 minutes and she made no mention of this code, but said that I had brought to her District Manager's attention different policies across districts and that I could bring in the jacket to return.

I took the jacket to the store an hour later. I walked up to the Sr. Manager who was standing behind the cash register and told her who I was. There were two cash registers. She said that the other sales associate behind the other cash register would help me after she rang someone up, who walked up about the same time as I did. The Manager then walked to the back of the store, helped someone in a dressing room, and finally only navigated her way back up front to sign my return. I waited for 5 minutes for the other sales associate to ring up the other customer. The Manager should have promptly returned my jacket at the open register and apologize for the situation rather than pretty much ignore me and offer no customer service. As I expressed my frustration to the other sales associate and stated that they should have a sign clearly stating how they calculate return days at their register, although she was empathetic, the Sr. Manager was no where in site to hear any of this. I asked the sales associate who processed my return if her computer did not allow returns past 7 days. She said no, they can overwrite anything, unlike what the Manager had told me. When I asked the Manager "was no one at the store yesterday when I came to authorize this?" her reply was merely, the other manager was "new". After everything was processed they both looked at me and said "you're good" as my signal to leave. No apology in person from the manager garnered.

In short, their policy needs to be clearly stated at their cash register and on their printed receipts - ie returns must be made within 7 days, with your purchase date counting as day 1. As a national chain, their policy needs to be consistent from store to store and through their online store. If it the policy is not clear, they should quickly honor a one day difference on what could be considered 7 days instead of making a customer return to the store 3 times wasting valuable time. Their customer service is terrible and is a sure way to lose customers. Their return policy is clearly engineered to make money, and if they treat customers this way with no flexibility on an unclear policy and little apology on situations like these, they will lose customers as they have lost me.

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I can understand the frustration this customer feels. Clearly, her experience shows that they do not have standardized training and knowledge disseminated for all their employees because each has a different answer for the same issue.

This is a business, if you want to make money, you have to treat your customers right.

If not, they can always go elsewhere and you will lose your customers, Arden B. Loyalty does not spring forth out of thin air.


A popular store will bend the rules to keep a customer happy. Apparently, they are not a good store.


They do post it on the receipt and at the register... Maybe as a customer you should have read your receipt. Most stores even explain it to you as you're cashing out.

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Before you get smart, maybe YOU should read the receipt. It does not define 7 days.

Arden B apparently uses a date calculation that is not common, so they need to make that crystal clear.

And as a former mananger in retail, I can tell you that most associates are young and lazy and don't want to work, so they don't take care like they should. I have watched my OWN associates NOT explain the return policy to customers, so don't assume that she was told.

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No other store does this. They count it as a week. I won't be purchasing from them again, not because I don't like the store, but because of their rotten customer service and procedures.


I don't know how I ran across this I find it very entertaining...I guess just another way to waste some time on my lunch It seems the "pissed consumers" find this a place to vent their bottled up anger and hostility!

I bet most of the "pissed consumers" on this site probably have never worked in customer service. I have..and I will say it takes someone with a lot of tolerance to put up with angry customers like the ones on here. I worked for a similar chain like Arden and we too had a strict return policy. the company would place the rule down of the return policy, but there were always those few spoiled women who just thought they should have their way....and so my poor managers would have to listen to the customer practically yell at them and say nasty words to them all because they were following their company's policy...the company who hired them to do just that.

Remember, there are always two sides to every story, and I would probably say that the "pissed consumers" probably feel they are right..and those representing the company feel they are right. We live in such a world where everyone feels they must prove their points to the world in order to seek some type of revenge on someone they don't even know. This is sad. And the even sadder part of it is that I bet the ones writing hateful things on here and degrading the characters of others they don't even know, have not EVER wrote something great about a really good customer service experience they've had.

If people quit EXPECTING things all of the time, then they would never be let down. Customer service and respect go both ways. If you are not respectful of others, then they will not be respectful of you. Customer service is not about being yelled at by an angry customer and then wearing a big smile.

People in cust service are people too and they have feelings. It is not their job to put up with angry customers. At least I wouldn't. Don't judge until you've walked a mile in someone else's shoes.

anyhow,,,I've got to get back to work...I don't know why I'm wasting my time on here! lol


To CK: My point was they shouldn't have made it so difficult to return an item if their policy is unclear and fluctuates from store to store/online. I wasted a lot of time going back and forth with them.

Also, the second manager lied to me about how her computer did not even allow returns after 7 days. They knew I was unhappy and when I came in to return the jacket they pretty much ignored me rather than trying to offer good customer service.


I'm sorry to hear this. I have been a client of arden b in austin since the store first opened about a year ago.

Everyone there has been very friendly and cooperative with me, and I've never had a problem making my returns. It seems your money was given back, so I think it's really horrible that you would be so judgmental of the managers there and expect everyone to roll out the red carpet for you. It's a return, of course they're not going to rush to give you your money back, especially when they have a paying customer in front of them.

I understand the situation could have been handled differently....I just want to say that the store treats me great when I come in..they know my name and have the best customer service I've seen in any store in Austin. I guess you can't make everyone happy...God bless and I hope you are able to get rid of your anger...

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SMH @ CK, you sound like you work for Arden B...wanting decent customer service is not asking to have the "red carpet" rolled out. If the manager was not doing anything besides letting a customer in a dressing room (which takes, what, 30 seconds?), she should have done the return.

Period. Passing the buck was unprofessional.

Also, Wet Seal (corp. that owns Arden B), needs to be explicit about the return policy.

Contrary to the other commentor, 7 days is NOTTTTTTTT clarified on teh receipt. All it refers to is "within 7 days." I know; I went through a similar situation with Arden B. I spent most of my young adult life working retail, as an associate AND as a manager, and I know what you should and shouldn't do regarding customers and store policies. The reality is, Arden B shouldn't be able to enforce a policy that is NOT CLEARLY STATED.

It's up to corporate to give stores the appropriate signage to make that clear. And ALL the staff needs to be properly trained.

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-699629

*clearly explained* is what I meant, not clearly stated.

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