Deetra Yqn
map-marker Riverdale, Georgia

Want to cancel order!!!!!

When I ordered one price was stated but when I put my card info in it charged me another 20$!!! The price supposed to be 29.99!!!
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map-marker Charlotte, North Carolina

Over charged for product. Charged $49.99 and $29.99.

I was charges twice for the TV advertised shower head system. It was advertised as being $29.00 with free shipping. I was charged $29.00 plus an additional $49.99. I contacted my bank (Bank of America) and was told that I wont have a problem getting my money back but to contact first and if they dont refund my money, Bank of America will reverse charges.
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User's recommendation: Do not trust Tia company and if you really want it, you can order it through another company (such as Amazon) for $10.00 more with free shipping.