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Aqua Salon And Spa Augusta - Owner Review from Grovetown, Georgia

The owner Grace is very unprofessional & rude. She caters to clientele that she feels is important but I NEVER RECEIVED GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE FROM HER OR 2 OF HER FRONT DESK EMPLOYEES. ANGELA & SUZANNE(FRONT DESK) ARE THE ONLY 2 PEOPLE THERE THAT TREATED ME WITH RESPECT, COURTESY, AND PROFESSIONALISM. AQUA WAS IN BUSINESS UNDER DIFFERENT OWNERS BEFORE AND THAT IS HOW IT HAS STAYED OPEN SO LONG. GRACE IS A HORRIBLE BUSINESS OWNER & SHOULD TAKE/RETAKE CLASSES IN BUSINESS AND CUSTOMER SERVICE. SHE ALSO SHOULD REALIZE THAT SHE CAN'T TREAT PEOPLE DIFFERENT JUST BECAUSE I'M NOT A WEALTHY WHITE PERSON. I HAVE BEEN SPOKEN DOWN TO AND TOLD THING THAT A CUSTOMER SHOULD NOT BE SUBJECTED TO. I NEVER DISRESPECTED HER OR HER EMPLOYEES BUT SHE SURE TREATED ME POORLY. Anyways...... I had my lashes done by Angela in June and I had concerns about the way it turned out so I left messages but couldn't get a call back from either Angela or her. My lashes were not done well and for $200 I would think it is important to achieve professional work. When I did finally reach her (because I kept calling) she told me that Angela never received complaints so basically what I was saying was irrelevant. I had no complaints about Angela as a person.... my complaint was about the service received after my lashes were done. My lashes were crooked & some were stuck together. It looked like I had a split in one area (which I still hv the pics & email). She never even replied to my email either. .... which I was instructed to send by her front desk. Finally after NO APOLOGY... I scheduled an appt to come get them fixed. I PAID $200 TO GET MY INITIAL FULL SET SO I DID NOT WANT TO LOOSE MY INVESTMENT AND HAVE TO START OVER ELSEWHERE..... WHICH I SHOULD'VE BECAUSE I WAS TREATED LIKE ***. I went there SINCE JUNE with no further complications until this past weekend. I called Friday to try and get an appt for Sat because I had an important family event come up at the last minute. My lashes get done every 2 WEEKS and they never last very long no matter what so I was due anyways. I do have allergies so that sometimes contributes to them coming off quicker it what I was told. Nonetheless, I was given an appt for Sat @ 2:30pm. I informed Debbie that I had an important event & that I had a full day but I would shift my entire schedule around if she had anything available. SHE GAVE ME THE 2:30 APPT.... which was great..... but then right before they closed about 5:50 or so she called and very nonchalantly told me that she booked me for the wrong Saturday and had to cancel. I was upset about this because I stressed the importance of the appt and she waited until everyone else was closed so it was too late to call and find somewhere else to go. I asked her to please speak with Angela & explain the situation which she said she did and there was nothing that could be done. I even asked to leave a message to see if Angela could refer me elsewhere. No one called back.... and she then lied to her boss Grace and told her I was yelling at her. I was angry but I didn't yell or disrespect her. I told her it was bad customer service and that she called me with no remorse or regard and had no solution to offer. Most places would accommodate ESPECIALLY SINCE IT WAS AN ERROR ON THEIR PART... OR the tech would've worked something out. I was given an appt and they canceled it!!! None of this was my error..... Grace then proceeded to call me Monday and ask me why I didn't show up to my appt today which was initially scheduled for Monday and she was rude as usual..... I started off by TRYING TO TELL HER what happened Friday but she started out defending her employees error and telling me that there was nothing that could've been done that because my appt was made last minute it was pretty much not important. It shouldn't matter when the appt is made EACH CLIENT SHOULD RECEIVE RESPECT AND GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE. I HAD TO FIND SOMEWHERE ELSE TO GO WHICH I'M GLAD THAT I DID!! GRACE IS TOO BUSY BEING FRIENDS WITH HER EMPLOYEES THAT SHE CAN FIND NO ERROR. AND HONESTLY IF I WAS A WHITE WOMAN SHE WOULD'VE BENT OVER BACKWARDS TO ACCOMMODATE. I'VE SEEN THEM BEND RULES AND TECH'S STAY LATE JUST TO MAKE UP FOR AN ERROR MADE. I'VE EVEN HAD TO WAIT BECAUSE OTHER CLIENTS SHOWED UP LATE AND I HAVE BEEN TOLD JUST ABOUT EACH TIME BY ANGELA HOW SO MANY OF HER "REGULARS" MOVED AN APPT OR CALLED TO BE FIT IN AND SHE SIMPLY ACCOMMODATES THEM AND EVEN STAYS LATE!!! I GUESS I WAS NEVER IMPORTANT ENOUGH. I'VE WITNESSED THEM TREAT OTHERS DIFFERENT SO I CAN ONLY ASSUME THAT SHE CATERS TO HER TYPE OF CLIENTELE. IF THIS WAS NOT TRUE THEN I WOULDN'T HAVE SEEN IT OCCUR SO MANY TIMES. SHE TOLD ME THAT IT'S BEST I DON'T COME BACK TO HER SALON.... AND THAT WE HAVE HAD PROBLEMS SINCE I HAVE BEEN COMING THERE. ASIDE FROM MY INITIAL ISSUE WHICH WAS HORRIBLE AND I WAS TREATED LIKE *** I HAVE COME THERE AND TOLERATED THE PLACE. I REALLY ENJOY HAVING LASHES & I LIKE ANGELA SO I KEPT COMING IN EVEN THOUGH GRACE WAS RUDE & TALKED TO ME LIKE I WASN'T A PAYING CUSTOMER. I KEPT DOCUMENTATION OF OUR TRANSACTIONS & PLAN TO REPORT HER TO BBB AND VARIOUS OTHER BUREAUS. I HAVE PROOF SO SHE CANNOT DENY WHAT I AM SAYING. TRUTHFULLY, AFTER ALL OF THE NONSENSE I WOULD'VE NEVER STEPPED FOOT IN THERE AGAIN. I FOUND SOMEONE ELSE TO DO MY LASHES ON SATURDAY AND RECEIVED FIRST CLASS TREATMENT. AND SHE DID A BETTER JOB BY FAR. I WAS NEVER ABLE TO GET THE FULLNESS WITH MY LASHES THAT I WANTED BUT I DIDN'T REALIZE WHAT I WAS MISSING UNTIL I WENT ELSEWHERE. THE OWNER WILL BE THE REASON THIS PLACE DOESN'T STAY IN BUSINESS. BE CAREFUL IF YOU GO THERE & HAVE A COMPLAINT.... SHE WILL NOT CARE IF YOU DON'T APPEAR TO BE " HER TYPE OF CLIENTELE" I WILL NEVER RECOMMEND AQUA TO ANYONE.
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  • I would never recommend aqua salon to anyone
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Poor customer service